45 Parks and Rec Quotes That’ll Always Be a Hit for Fans

If you love Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope’s hilarious interactions, you’ll for sure enjoy this collection of Parks and Rec quotes!

Parks and Recreation is an iconic satirical mockumentary sitcom with over 100 episodes. Fans love it not just because of the main characters’ funny quips on life; it’s also adored because of its side characters, writing style, and everyone’s chemistry!

The show follows the life of Leslie Knope as she tries to convince her boss, Ron Swanson, to fill the pit beside her best friend’s house that threatens the community’s safety. Even though he eventually approved the project, Ron was still an anti-government libertarian.

This becomes the foundation of the series’ hilarious plot and scenes. But, let’s not forget about the rest of the cast, as they, too, are funny and comedic in their own right!

Read on to find the best Parks and Rec quotes. Revisit your favorite scenes with characters like Leslie, Ron, Andy, Ann, and more!

And don’t forget to check out these Ron Swanson quotes.

Best Parks and Rec Quotes

1. “I’m fine. It’s just that life is pointless, and nothing matters, and I’m always tired.” – Andy Dwyer

2. “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. It doesn’t matter. But work is third.” – Leslie Knope

3. “Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I, too, will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously. That’s impossible.” – Andy Dwyer

4. “Time is money; money is power; power is pizza; pizza is knowledge. Let’s go!” – April Ludgate

5. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I read that one on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.” – Andy Dwyer

6. “It’s like I always say, ‘When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma’s jewelry, and go clubbing.’” – Jean Ralphio

7. “I think you’ve got several options. They’re all terrible, but you have them.” – Chris Traeger

8. “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” – Ron Swanson

9. “I have never taken the high road. But I tell other people to ‘cause then there’s more room for me on the low road.” – Tom Haverford

Inspirational Parks and Rec Quotes

10. “No one achieves anything alone.” – Leslie Knope

11. “Sometimes you have to make the hardest climb to see the most beautiful sunrise.” – Leslie Knope

12. “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.” – Andy Dwyer

13. “I’m big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.” – Leslie Knope

14. “Winning is every girl’s dream. But it’s my destiny.” – Leslie Knope

Short Parks and Recreation Quotes That’ll Forever Be Iconic

15. “Everything hurts, and I’m dying.” – Leslie Knope

16. “I am a goddess—a glorious female warrior.” – Leslie Knope

17. “Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards.” – Ron Swanson

18. “All I need to do is focus and stay calm.” – Leslie Knope

19. “One person’s annoying is another’s inspiring and heroic.” – Leslie Knope

20. “Windows are the eyes to the house.” – Andy Dwyer

21. “Horizons are dumb. Never broaden your horizons.” – April Ludgate

22. “I regret nothing. The end.” – Ron Swanson

23. “Treat yo’ self.” – Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle

Parks and Rec Quotes on Love

24. “If you don’t believe in love, what’s the point of living?” – Ron Swanson

25. “When you love something, you don’t threaten it. You don’t punish it. You fight for it. You take care of it. You put it first.” – Leslie Knope

26. “I don’t know. But I know how I feel, and I want to be with you. But I’m done steamrolling people.” – Leslie Knope

27. “The things that you have done for me; to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy—go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you, and I like you.” – Leslie Knope

Parks and Rec Quotes About Friendship

28. “You know my code. Hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries.” – Leslie Knope

29. “Friends: one to three is sufficient.” – Ron Swanson

30. “The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.” – Ron Swanson

Relatable Parks and Rec Quotes About Work

31. “Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot.” – Tom Haverford

32. “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk from all other responsibilities in our lives.” – Leslie Knope

33. “Boss man, I wanna go home early. Oh, hold on, actually, hang on. Yeah, no, I wanna quit and never come here again.” – Mona-Lisa Saperstein

34. “I don’t want to be overdramatic, but today felt like a hundred years in hell and the absolute worst day of my life.” – Leslie Knope

35. “Now go find your team. Get to work. Whatever that work is that you find worth doing. Do it, and find some people to love who’ll do it with you.” – Leslie Knope

36. “If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair.” – Chris Traeger

37. “So it’s been three months of no work. No meetings, no memos, no late nights, nothing. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.” – Leslie Knope

Funny Parks and Rec Quotes to Make You Laugh All Day

38. “Put some alcohol in your mouth to block the words from coming out.” – Ron Swanson

39. “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that is lying about being milk.” – Ron Swanson

40. “Jogging is the worst. I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?” – Ann Perkins

41. “I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.” – Leslie Knope

42. “I’m like an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room, it’s like, okay, he’s in there.” – Tom Haverford

43. “I would like a glass of red wine, and I’ll take the cheapest one you have because I can’t tell the difference.” – Leslie Knope

44. “One time, my refrigerator stopped working. I didn’t know what to do. I just moved.” – Tom Haverford

45. “And you can trust me. Because I don’t care enough about you to lie.” – Jennifer Barkley

Which Parks and Rec Quotes Made You Laugh Out Loud?

When we think of government work, we almost immediately think it’s boring and repetitive. However, with Parks and Recreation, we get to see a whole new side to it.

It takes on a hilarious and satirical approach that allows us to better appreciate what goes on behind the government’s closed doors. Though a comedy, we still see some aspects of power play, influence, and more throughout the show’s many episodes.

But, whatever happens, Parks and Rec will always be a comedy that will remain locked in our memories forever. Ron’s love for breakfast and meat, Leslie’s determination and quirks, and the rest of the cast’s quips on life and work undoubtedly bring light and color to our day.

So, to ensure you’ll always have your go-to pick-me-up, keep this list of the funniest Parks and Rec quotes in your bookmarks! You’ll never know when you need something to cheer you up, but remember that our collection will always be ready to give you your daily dose of comedy!

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