20 The Good Dinosaur Quotes on Overcoming Your Fears

Read through these The Good Dinosaur quotes that’ll inspire you to break your limitations and live life to the fullest!

The Good Dinosaur is about the thrilling journey of a fearful apatosaurus named Arlo, who dreams of making his mark. A mark is a mud print that can be achieved if someone does something big and grand. Among his family, he’s the only one who’s still unable to leave his mark.

Arlo went on a dangerous adventure to fulfill his dream of making his own mark and became friends with a human named Spot. It was an unusual friendship, but they nonetheless made the most out of it!

Their journey together also taught Arlo many things that ultimately led him to overcome his fears.

Fear is everywhere. You can’t escape it, but you can always choose to go through it and overcome it. So, if you want to be free from your fears like Arlo, read through to the end of this list!

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Best The Good Dinosaur Quotes

1. Arlo: “I’m done being scared.”

Butch: “If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.” 

2. Poppa Henry: “Arlo, it’s up to us to protect our home.”

Arlo: “But I’m scared.”

Poppa Henry: “Sometimes you gotta get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.”

3. Arlo: “I miss my family.”

Spot: “Huh?”

Arlo: “You don’t understand.”

4. Arlo: “Spot needs me. I blamed him for what happened to you but it wasn’t his fault. That’s why I have to help him. Because I love him.”

Poppa Henry: “I knew you had it in you. You are me and more. Now, go take care of that critter.”

5. Forrest Woodbush: “That creature protected you. Why?”

Arlo: “I don’t know. I’m going home. Do you know how far Clawtooth Mountain is? Good idea. We want him. Wha—why?”

Forrest Woodbush: “Because it’s terrifying out here! He can protect me, like my friends. This is Fury. He protects me from the creatures that crawl in the night. This is Destructor. She protects me from mosquitoes. This is Dream Crusher. He protects me from having unrealistic goals. And this is Debbie. Yes, we need him.”

6. “You think you can mess with me? I’ve seen the eye of the storm, and I forgot what fear is! I’m not afraid of anything!” – Thunderclap

7. “The river is not something to mess around with, Arlo. Be careful.” – Poppa Henry

The Good Dinosaur Quotes That’ll Inspire You

8. “You gotta earn your mark by doing something big for something bigger than yourself. Someday you’ll have made your own mark and I can’t wait to see it.” – Poppa Henry

9. Arlo: “My name’s Arlo.”

Thunderclap: “I’m sorry, I just—I used to have a name like that once. But that was before I started following the storm!”

Arlo: “The storm?”

Thunderclap: “The storm swept me out. I was afraid for my life. But the storm gave me a relevation, and I wasn’t scared anymore!”

Arlo: “You mean a revelation?”

Thunderclap: “No! A relevation! Okay? I was at a real low point, you know? And the storm swept me up to a real high point! And then left me at a higher elevation!”

Arlo: “Wow.”

Thunderclap: “Yeah, wow! That’s when the storm gave me my new name, because what do we say?”

Downpour: “The storm provides!”

Thunderclap: “The storm provides. You can call me Thunderclap.”

10. Ramsey: “You hurry on back to your momma and don’t stop for nothing!”

Arlo: “Thanks, I sure appreciate it, you looking out for me.”

Butch: “You’ll be alright. You’re one tough kid.”

11. “Listen, kid, you can’t get rid of fear. It’s like Mother Nature. You can’t beat her or outrun her. But you can get through it. You can find out what you’re made of.” – Butch

Iconic The Good Dinosaur Quotes to Relive Your Favorite Scenes

12. Forrest Woodbush: “I name him, I keep him. Killer.”

Arlo: “Stinky!”

Forrest Woodbush: “Violet.”

Arlo: “Spike!”

Forrest Woodbush: “Lunatic!”

Arlo: “Spot! Spot! Come here, Spot, come here!”

13. Poppa Henry: “I think we went far enough today. Let’s get you home. Run, Arlo!”

Arlo: “Poppa! Aah!”

14. Arlo: “Butch, how’d you get your scar?”

Butch: “I don’t know if you’re ready for that story.”

Arlo: “I can take it!”

Nash: “Oh yeah, you gotta tell him pa!”

Ramsey: “That’s a good one!”

Butch: “It was 100 degrees in the shade. I walked for five days with no water, then I saw it—a pretty pond. I bent down to take a drink when these crocs launched out of the water! One croc bit me on the face, ain’t no way I wasn’t; it’s supper! Except for one thing. I wasn’t ready for dying that day. I bit one croc in half, tail-whipped the other, and the last one, well, I drowned that croc in my own blood.”

15. Butch: “I got a job for you.”

Arlo: “I’m not really good at jobs.”

Butch: “I need you to keep on the dodge and sidle up the loblolly past them horn-heads, just hooting and hollering to score off them rustlers. We’ll cut dirt and get the bulge on them.”

Arlo: “What?”

Ramsey: “He just wants you to get on that rock and scream.”

Arlo: “Uh, but what’s out there?”

Butch: “They’ll come right at you. You hold your ground. Don’t move.”

Arlo: “Don’t move? What if they have claws and big teeth?”

Butch: “Don’t overthink it.”

16. Ramsey: “Looks like he’s the cutest thing.”

Arlo: “He likes you.”

Nash: “Imagine that, Ramsey. Even with your stinky face!”

Ramsey: “Nash! Boundaries! This is my personal bubble.”

Nash: “Nah, that ain’t your bubble. This is your bubble!”

Butch: “Nash! Get out of your sister’s bubble.”

The Good Dinosaur Quotes for All Avid Fans of the Movie

17. Momma Ida: “You’re a poppa.”

Poppa: “You’re a momma.”

18. Momma Ida: “Did you just put your mark higher than mine?”

Poppa Henry: “What? No! It’s just the angle you’re looking at.”

Momma Ida: “The angle, huh?”

19. Poppa Henry: “Yesterday you said that footless friend was the worst.”

Arlo: “He’s only got one foot.”

Poppa Henry: “You don’t have to like them, Arlo. You just have to feed them.”

20. “I am still gonna steal the life out of you. But before I do, can you find me some more? Will you take me to the berries?” – Arlo

Did These Quotes Inspire You to Break Free From Your Self-Imposed Limitations?

Everyone fears something. In the movie, it is not just humans who have things to be afraid of but also dinosaurs. Dinosaurs already have all the strength and power, but they still have fears; how about mere humans like us?

Like Arlo, we are born with the concept of limitations in our minds. Often, we prefer calmness to chaos and a straight line to a crooked one. But, we must understand that as long as we keep living within our comfort zones, we will never reach our desired destination.

We must dare to explore a new and unusual path in order to live our life to the fullest. Stop letting your fear control and limit you from achieving greatness! 

You must break your limits and get out of your comfort zone. By doing so, you are already making a ladder toward your dreams.

With that, we hope these The Good Dinosaur quotes were able to motivate you to explore greater heights. Go and chase your dreams without worrying about your fears!

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