25 Anastasia Quotes on Finding Home, Love, and Family

You’ll relate to these Anastasia quotes if you’ve ever felt lost and like you didn’t belong.

At the height of political unrest in Imperial Russia, Anastasia’s life gets turned upside down. Her family ended up getting killed because of Rasputin. Only she and her grandmother could escape the palace, but they later separated due to the onslaught of fleeing people.

Anastasia lost her memories and grew up in an orphanage. When she was of age, she journeyed back to St. Petersburg to find herself. On the way, she met two men trying to create the perfect Anastasia to present to her grandmother in Paris for a reward.

Not knowing her true identity and their end goal, she agrees. Their journey led to countless mishaps, but Anastasia also slowly regained her memories. Together, they found friendship, love, and Anastasia’s lost family.

Read on if you’re curious about how they resolved their conflicts. We’re sure you’ll better understand the plot if you read through to the end of this list!

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Best Anastasia Quotes

1. Sophie Stanislovskievna Somorkov-Smirnoff: “They’ve eloped. Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending.”

Dowager Empress Marie: “No. It’s a perfect beginning.”

2. “I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess.” – Anastasia Romanov

3. “Men are such babies.” – Anastasia Romanov

4. “On the wind, across the sea, hear this song and remember. Soon you’ll be home with me, once upon a December.” – Anastasia Romanov

5. Dowager Empress Marie: “Young man, where did you get that music box? You were the young boy, weren’t you? The servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine, and you restored her to me. Yet you want no reward.”

Dimitri: “Not anymore.”

Dowager Empress Marie: “Why the change of mind?”

Dimitri: “It was more a change of heart.”

Anastasia Quotes for a Glimpse Into This Timeless Movie

6. “This is for Dimitri. This is for my family. And this? This is for you. Dasvidaniya.” – Anastasia Romanov

7. “Grandma, it’s me. Anastasia.” – Anastasia Impostor

8. “Oh, Anastasia. My Anastasia.” – Dowager Empress Marie

9. “I’d give her a ha. And a hi-ya. And then an ooh-wha. And I’d kick her, sir.” – Bartok

10. Dimitri: “I accept your gratitude, Your Highness, but I—I don’t want your money.”

Dowager Empress Marie: “What do you want then?”

Dimitri: “Unfortunately, nothing you can give.”

11. Dimitri: “I was the boy in the palace—the one who opened the wall. She’s the real thing, Vlad.”

Vladimir Vasilovich: “Then that means our Anya has found her family. We have found the heir to the Russian throne. And you—.”

Dimitri: “Will walk out of her life forever.”

Vladimir Vasilovich: “But—.”

Dimitri: “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”

Anastasia Quotes to Revisit

12. “There was a time, not very long ago when we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. The year was 1916, and my son, Nicholas, was the Czar of Imperial Russia.” – Dowager Empress Marie

13. “I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear whatsoever.” – Anastasia Romanov

14. Anastasia Romanov: “You think you’re gonna miss it?”

Dimitri: “Miss what? Your talking?”

Anastasia Romanov: “No! Russia.”

Dimitri: “Nope.”

Anastasia Romanov: “But it was your home.”

Dimitri: “It was a place I once lived. End of story.”

15. Anastasia Romanov: “And to think that could have been you.”

Dimitri: “If we live through this, remind me to thank you.”

16. Dowager Empress Marie: “You’ll stop at nothing, will you?”

Dimitri: “I’m probably about as stubborn as you are.”

17. “Dear Grandmama, wish me luck. We’ll be together in Paris again soon.” – Anastasia Romanov

18. Dimitri: “Look I think we got off on the wrong foot—.”

Anastasia Romanov: “Well, I think we did, too. But I appreciate your apology.”

Dimitri: “Who said anything about an apology?”

More Anastasia Quotes for a Good Laugh

19. Anastasia Romanov: “I’m not afraid of you.”

Grigori Rasputin: “I can fix that. Care for a little swim under the ice?”

20. Vladimir Vasilovich: “She certainly has a mind of her own.”

Dimitri: “Yeah. I hate that in a woman.”

21. Anastasia Romanov: “Dimitri, do you think I’m royalty?”

Dimitri: “You know I do.”

Anastasia Romanov: “Then stop bossing me around!”

22. Anastasia Romanov: “I never cared for Stroganoff.”

Vladimir Vasilovich: “She said that like a Romanov.”

23. Grigori Rasputin: “I will kill her. Crush her at the height of her glory.”

Bartok: “And we’re back to the crushing. Sir, I’m begging you, please, please forget the girl and get a life!”

Grigori Rasputin: “Oh, I’ll get a life, Bartok. Hers!”

24. Dimitri: “Here, I brought you a dress.”

Anastasia Romanov: “You brought me a tent.”

25. Grigori Rasputin: “No one can save you now.”

Dimitri: “Wanna bet?”

Did Anastasia’s Story Inspire You in Any Way?

In the movie, no matter how tough it was, Anastasia held on to hope because she knew in her heart that her family was waiting for her. She eventually found a home in her grandmother’s arms after years of separation.

She might have unintentionally been part of a scheme, but when she realized the men’s goal, she immediately ended it. This alone speaks volumes about what kind of person Anastasia is. 

In the same way, the men, Dimitri and Vladimir, built a genuine friendship with Anastasia. They started on the wrong foot. However, remember, it’s never too late to change and improve!

Dimitri also fell in love with Anastasia. No matter how much of a reward was waiting for him, he turned his back on it because Anastasia’s happiness was enough for him. In addition, he didn’t want a lie to be part of their relationship.

These lessons are all told through a fictional story of Anastasia’s life. Nonetheless, they are all morals we can apply and live by in real life. With that, we hope we were able to present you with relatable pieces of wisdom through this list of quotes.

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