30 Han Fei Quotes on Law, Government, and Virtue

Han Fei Quotes

If you’re interested in Chinese history and philosophy, these Han Fei quotes will be right up your alley. Han Fei is considered to be one of China’s greatest legalist philosophers. Unlike people who believed in Confucianism and had faith in the benevolence of leaders, he believed in a government that abided by laws. For him, … Read more

70 Sun Tzu Quotes on War, Leadership, and Discipline

Sun Tzu Quotes

These Sun Tzu quotes will awaken your inner warrior and give you strategies that’ll help you deal with life’s adversities! Sun Tzu was a legendary historical and military figure in ancient China. His surname is Sun, and Tzu is an honorific title that means “master.” Because of his many outstanding contributions, he’s regarded as one … Read more

120 Libertarian Quotes That Foster Free Will

Libertarian Quotes

These Libertarian quotes will give you knowledge about economics, politics, and freedom. Libertarianism is a political philosophy that prioritizes liberty. It implies that the government’s power over the people should be reduced. It’s a pretty old concept that arose from the liberalism movement of the 1800s. We’re sure the quotes in this list will give … Read more

150 René Descartes Quotes on Truth, Doubt, and Logic

Rene Descartes Quotes

If you’re looking for René Descartes quotes to help you find the solution to your problems, then this is for you! René Descartes was a great mathematician, philosopher, and writer. He introduced skepticism as a significant element of the scientific method. This is an approach that uses doubt as the starting point in solving a … Read more