40 Cry-Baby Quotes on Fighting for Love

If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp, make sure you don’t miss out on this list of the best Cry-Baby quotes!

Cry-Baby is a 1990 musical romantic comedy movie about teens who rebel against the uptight social norms of their day. The movie was directed by John Waters, known for making cult films that poke fun at society and the stereotypes it upholds.

In the movie, Wade Walker, played by Johnny Depp, is known as a crybaby for his tendency to cry over anything and everything. This was the main reason behind his nickname, “Cry-Baby.” Walker is a bad boy who falls in love with Allison Vernon-Williams—a sweet and innocent girl.

Instead of going smoothly, their love story is messed up when Allison’s strict grandmother, Mrs. Vernon-Williams, learns about Wade’s past as a juvenile delinquent. Allison’s grandmother did everything to stop their relationship because she believed Wade was not good enough for her granddaughter.

Despite all the ups and downs, the couple showed how love is powerful enough to overrule the law. Love is blinding and can lead a person to do anything in the name of love. So, if you’re interested in their story and how it ends, read our complete list below.

Let’s begin.

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Best Cry-Baby Quotes

1. “Now, I can’t let the right thing stand in my way. Someday, baby, I’ll know better. Right now, making her pay.” – Wade Walker

2. “I may be a Drape, but I love your granddaughter. And if that’s a crime, I’ll stand convicted, ma’am.” – Wade Walker

3. Allison Vernon-Williams: “What’s the matter, Cry-Baby?”

Wade Walker: “Everything’s the matter!”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “It’s just the thunderstorm. Heat lightning. It’s sexy.”

Wade Walker: “It’s not sexy! Electricity makes me insane!”

4. Wade Walker: “You’ll be queen, and I’ll be your king. But if you leave my hive, you’re gonna feel my sting. ‘Cause you’re my queen.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “You’re the king.”

Allison Vernon-Williams and Wade Walker: “A king queen.”

Wade Walker: “A king Cry-Baby with my queen by my side.”

Allison Vernon-Williams and Wade Walker: “And if you mess with us, man, you’re gonna cry, baby, cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.”

5. “What a sad vision of today’s youth. The juvenile authorities have had it with Drape gangs.” – Judge

Romantic Cry-Baby Quotes for Fans of Love Stories

6. Wade Walker: “Kiss me! Kiss me hard.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “I’ve never given a French kiss before.”

Wade Walker: “Watch, it’s easy. You just open your mouth, and I open mine, and we wiggle our tongues together. And it feels really sexy.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “I won’t get mononucleosis, will I?”

7. Wade Walker: “Allison, I’m sorry to get you locked up! But tonight, well, you were the coolest date I ever had!”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “But Cry-Baby, who was that girl? Why didn’t you tell me you already had a lady friend?”

Wade Walker: “That Lenora ain’t nothing to me! I swear on my daddy’s grave! I’m burning inside to touch you, baby!”

8. Allison Vernon-Williams: “Oh, Cry-Baby, your fingers feel so good!”

Wade Walker: “I’ve been saving it up for a girl like you.”

9. Allison Vernon-Williams: “I wanna let you, but I can’t, for my parent’s sake.”

Wade Walker: “They’re both dead.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “I’m an orphan!”

Wade Walker: “I’m sorry, Allison. But no wonder we’re together, honey. I’m an orphan, too.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “You are?”

Wade Walker: “Yes! And orphans have special needs.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “Just on the outside of the shirt, okay?”

Heart-Wrenching Cry-Baby Quotes for People Who Love Drama

10. “I’m so tired of being good.” – Allison Vernon-Williams

11. “They beat me and kicked me, all because I love you.” – Baldwin

12. “Mommy and daddy took separate planes for safety, you know, in case one plane crashed, I’d still have a living parent. But Cry-Baby, both planes crashed, and I never saw my parents alive again.” – Allison Vernon-Williams

13. Milton Hackett: “Allison Vernon-Williams, the decision is yours.”

Belvedere Rickettes: “You sang with the Squares. Now sing with the Drape!”

Baldwin: “We’ll get married and live in Suburbia. I love you, Allison.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “I don’t want to hurt you, Baldwin.”

Lenora Frigid: “I had my baby. Isn’t he cute? I’m a Square now. Wave to Allison.”

Mrs. Vernon-Williams: “You may be a Square Lenora, but you’re still a tramp. Allison, pick the man who loves you the most.”

Cry-Baby Quotes That Zoom in on Diversity

14. Baldwin: “We’re Squares, Allison, and Squares got to stick together.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “Yeah, but Drapes are people too. They just look different.”

15. “Let’s all put on a folk hat and learn something about a foreign culture!” – Maggie Woodward

16. Mrs. Vernon-Williams: “Baldwin, please be a gentleman and call off this race. It’s too dangerous!”

Baldwin: “Mrs. Vernon-Williams, you were born a Square, and you’re gonna die a Square. You’re coming with me!”

Short Cry-Baby Quotes That You’ll Never Forget

17. “The only place you’re going to sing is in jail.” – Judge

18. “Let Jesus Christ be your gang leader!” – Mr. Hackett

19. “Heavy hangs the head that last night wore the crown.” – Mrs. Vernon-Williams

20. “Woo-wee, you caught me in my birthday suit, butt-naked!” – Belvedere Rickettes

Funny Cry-Baby Quotes That’ll Lift Your Mood Instantly

21. Judge: “Mrs. Malnorowski, there is no smoking in this courtroom.”

Mrs. Malnorowski: “I pay taxes on cigarettes, don’t I? And what do I get for those taxes? Happiness? Hell no! I get tuberculosis!”

22. “You wanna learn about America, Inga? In America, we like boys! We like hot boys! Boys with roaming hands and rushing fingers!” – Wanda Woodward

23. Wade Walker: “I can sing pretty good.”

Mrs. Vernon-Williams: “Well, not good. Haven’t you ever heard of the English language?”

24. Hateful Guard: “What’s that on your face, blubber boy? A booger?”

Wade Walker: “Are you blind? It’s a lonely teardrop!”

Hateful Guard: “Now, ain’t that cute? It ought to go real good with your new haircut.”

Wade Walker: “I ain’t gettin’ no haircut!”

25. Pepper Walker: “That’s my little snare drum.”

Susie Q.: “And, Ma, I swiped six hubcaps like a big girl!”

26. Lenora Frigid: “Wanna see these gunboats? I give, Cry-Baby. I give a bare second on the first date.”

Wade Walker: “Use your mentality and cool down!”

Wanda Woodward: “Yeah, Lenora, your bosoms ain’t nothin’!”

Mona Malnorowski: “Better watch it, bozo! You might catch a cold!”

Pepper Walker: “My brother wouldn’t touch your t*tties with a 10-foot pole. He likes his women bad, Lenora, not cheap!”

27. Judge: “By the way, that’s a shame about your face.”

Mona Malnorowski: “There’s nothing the matter with my face. I got character!”

28. Hector Woodward: “Hi, Wanda honey.”

Maggie Woodward: “You were on the radio.”

Wanda Woodward: “Would you just get me the f*ck out of here?”

Maggie Woodward: “What’s ‘f*ck’ mean, Hector?”

Hector Woodward: “Oh, Maggie, it’s just a teen nonsense word Wanda uses to make herself feel all grown-up.”

Maggie Woodward: “Your Honor, could we take Wanda the f*ck home?”

29. Wanda Woodward: “Think Cry-Baby’s got blue balls for the chick?”

Mona Malnorowski: “Allison’s a Square, Wanda. Cry-Baby, don’t dig Squares.”

Pepper Walker: “No, she’s a Scrape—part Square, part Drape. I think she’s pretty.”

Cry-Baby Quotes That You Will Love

30. Wade Walker: “That’s right, Allison. My father was the Alphabet Bomber. He may have been crazy, but he was my pop. Only one I ever had.”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “God. I heard about the Alphabet Bomber. Bombs were exploding in the—in the airport and barber shop.”

Wade Walker: “That’s right. All are in alphabetical order. Car wash, drug store—I used to lay in my crib and hear him scream in his sleep. A, B, C, D, E, F, G—boom! Boom!” 

Allison Vernon-Williams: “But your mom—.”

Wade Walker: “My mother tried to stop him. She couldn’t even spell, for Christ’s sake, but they fried her too.”

31. Belvedere Rickettes: “Today’s a special day for me and your grandmother. We’ve been together 10 whole years.”

Ramona Rickettes: “I’m just so proud of all my Drape children! Oh, Wanda, you sure are pretty in those tight clothes, all painted up like trash!”

Wanda Woodward: “I wish you and Belvedere were my parents.”

Ramona Rickettes: “Now Milton, boy, you are everything a man should be—you’re young, stupid, and mean!”

Milton Hackett: “We’re gonna play some cool music for you tonight, Ramona.”

Ramona Rickettes: “And Hatchet-face, oh honey! You’re just like me. Now, you put the T in tough! So hard you could’ve been eating nails for breakfast! But that’s the way a woman’s got to be these days.”

Mona Malnorowski: “I’d kick a Square’s *ss for you in a minute, Mrs. Rickettes!”

Ramona Rickettes: “Oh, this is the best gang my grandson could ever have!”

32. Ramona Rickettes: “Cry-Baby, when you were a boy, you had to be the man of this family.”

Belvedere Rickettes: “But I taught you how to dress, didn’t I, Cry-Baby?”

Wade Walker: “You sure did, Uncle Belvedere.”

Ramona Rickettes: “Yeah, well, you’re the future now, boy. You’re the only future for this god-forsaken family. And I want you to go out there tonight and sing, boy. I want you to sing your heart out! You can show him now, Belvedere. This took a lot of hubcaps, Cry-Baby.”

Wade Walker: “Grandmother, Uncle Belvedere, you’ve made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore! And guess what? I met a girl!”

Cry-Baby Quotes to Remind You of the Movie’s Most Unforgettable Scenes

33. Judge: “I see that your parents haven’t taken the trouble to come to get you.”

Mr. Malnorowski: “Oh, yes, we did. Are you happy now, Mona? Huh? You finally did it. You put your own mother in an iron lung.”

34. Wade Walker: “I’m gonna sing tonight and thought she might like to hear it.”

Mrs. Vernon-Williams: “Baldwin, mind your manners.”

Baldwin: “This is what we think of your kind of music.”

35. Mrs. Vernon-Williams: “Stop this insanity!”

Wade Walker: “I got some new rules, sucker! How ’bout you and me on top of the car?”

Baldwin: “I’m man enough, you big crybaby!”

Wade Walker: “That’s Mr. Baby to you! Fellas of the press, this chicken race tonight is for my daddy. And I’d like to sing something in his memory. Something hill-billy—something colored! Something my daddy would have loved!”

36. Pepper Walker: “Hey girls, what do you think? Let’s give Allison here a bad girl beauty makeover. You game?”

Allison Vernon-Williams: “Sure! Think I got what it takes?”

Mona Malnorowski, Wanda Woodward, and Pepper Walker: “Whoa ho ho!”

Wade Walker: “You got it, Allison. You got it raw!”

37. Allison Vernon-Williams: “How dare you hit him? You don’t own me, Baldwin. I have the right to hear Cry-Baby sing.”

Baldwin: “Don’t get all worked up, honey. The punk got what he deserved.”

More Cry-Baby Quotes and Lyrics That’ll Make You Sing Along

38. “Well, I ain’t here ’cause I drive too fast. And I’m too young to have a criminal past. Some good behavior would be alright. But I don’t seem to qualify. I’m just out for a little fun. But I’m guilty until I’m 21. I guess I’m doing time for being young.” – Wade Walker

39. “The woman wants a Cadillac, and she doesn’t want no man. I used to have a woman say she loved me so.” – Wade Walker

40. Wade Walker: “High school hell cats.”

Pepper Walker, Mona Malnorowski, Milton Hackett, Allison Vernon-Williams, and Wanda Woodward: “On our own.”

Wade Walker: “High school hell cats.”

Pepper Walker, Mona Malnorowski, Milton Hackett, Allison Vernon-Williams, and Wanda Woodward: “Almost grown.”

Wade Walker: “Come on, pick a fight. We wish you would. I love being bad cause it sure feels good. Oh-oh!”

Did These Cry-Baby Quotes Show You How Powerful Love Can Be?

Love is indeed complicated, but it is also beautiful in many ways. This is proven by the couple, Allison and Wade, who did everything just for the sake of love. Allison and Wade showed that even if the world is against you, if you love someone, you have to fight for them!

Wade didn’t stop loving Allison despite all the challenges and people who hindered their relationship. He used all his strength to show her family that he was suitable for her and that they should be together forever. Even though he was misunderstood and ridiculed by everyone because of his culture, he continued to prove everyone wrong.

Always fight for your love! Even though the world is against your relationship, you must be strong and not lose hope. In the end, everything will be okay as long as you believe in yourself and the power of love.

With that, we hope this list of Cry-Baby quotes was able to give you some valuable lessons about love, relationships, and diversity. Feel free to revisit this list whenever you need some wise words to fight for your love in the future!

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