60 Harmony Quotes for a Peaceful and Happy Life

Realize how beautiful life can be through these harmony quotes!

To have harmony in life, the social, emotional, physical, and personal aspects of one’s life should exist in perfect unity.

When a person has unity within himself and extends it to others, peaceful coexistence exists. It also follows that peace and tranquility will surround a person when there is harmony in his life.

But, people are all unique and have different opinions and values. Living in harmony, then, is not as easy as it seems. We must learn how to overcome and live with others’ differences to move through the world successfully.

So, to help you out, check the list we’ve prepared below.

We’ve rounded up our favorite quotes to help you find your greatest happiness through a life lived in harmony with others.

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Best Harmony Quotes

1. “Harmony is one phase of the law whose spiritual expression is love.” – James Allen

2. “Harmony with oneself is what brings happiness, and harmony with the elements around us means harmony with the universe.” – Ezekiel Umo Ette

3. “He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” – Marcus Aurelius

4. “When the mind and body are in harmony, the mind works better.” – Caroline Prohosky 

5. “Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body, and soul measured in tender peaceful moments.” – Melanie Koulouris

6. “Harmony is something we must have with others, but it must start inside us first.” – David DeNotaris

7. “Harmony is when the sum is greater than the parts. A happy exaggeration.” – Jane Siberry

8. “To live in harmony means to live in moderation, not excess; to live with simplicity, not complexity; and to slow down, know oneself, and make wise choices.” – Brian Luke Seaward

9. “The key to living in harmony with others and living in harmony with oneself is a delicate balance of mind, emotion, intellect, and heart, tempered through experience.” – Bottrell

10. “If you learn to make harmony with your past, then there is no mountain you can’t conquer in life.” – Anurag Prakash Ray

11. “A life in harmony with nature, the love of truth and virtue, will purge the eyes to understanding her text.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

12. “Harmony cannot thrive in a climate of mistrust, cheating, bullying, and mean-spirited competition. Success through intimidation and violence is temporary at best; its trifling gains only create new problems.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Meaningful Harmony Quotes to See the Beauty of Life

13. “Harmony between two individuals is never granted—it has to be conquered indefinitely.” – Simone De Beauvoir

14. “The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore.” – Cyril Connolly

15. “Life blossoms when it is in a state of harmony and balance.” – Angie Karan Krezos

16. “Always aim at complete harmony of thought, word, and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts, and everything will be well.” – Mahatma Gandhi

17. “When you are in harmony with yourself, you are balanced, centered, and aware.” – M. Wallace

18. “Happiness exists on earth, and it is won through prudent exercise of reason, knowledge of the harmony of the universe, and constant practice of generosity.” – Jose Marti

19. “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” – Sallust

20. “As difficult as it may seem, the secret to living in harmony is accepting others just as they are.” – Ellen Jaffe Jones

Short Harmony Quotes That You Need to Remember

21. “Be in harmony yet be different.” – Confucius

22. “It is impossible to achieve harmony having only wealth.” – A. Joy Lee

23. “Strive for balance. Then shall you find harmony.” – Anonymous

24. “Beauty is being in harmony with what you are.” – Peter Nivio Zarlenga

25. “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.” – Alvar Aalto

26. “If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.” – Confucius

27. “Learn to be in balance and harmony with who you are.” – Anonymous

28. “Invisible harmony is better than visible.” – Heraclitus

29. “Happiness is mental harmony; unhappiness is mental inharmony.” – James Allen

30. “Harmony: a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things.” – Anonymous

Harmony Quotes That Tackle Love and Peace

31. “Harmony is pure love, for love is complete agreement.” – Lope de Vega

32. “Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmony.” – Rumi

33. “And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.” – William Shakespeare

34. “We must all live in harmony, equally; love each other unconditionally; pull each other up; and be judged on the content of our character, not the color of our skin.” – Donna Hill

35. “Music is an expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of harmony in life.” – Stephen Gaskin

36. “To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.” – Pauline Hanson

37. “Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” – George Washington

Harmony Quotes for a Fulfilling Life

38. “Pleasure is nature’s test, her sign of approval. When a man is happy, he is in harmony with himself and his environment.” – Oscar Wilde

39. “One must marry one’s feelings to one’s beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life.” – Napoleon Hill

40. “When we become a part of something more than ourselves, we must learn to live in harmony and peace by respecting the people and environment around us.” – Sheri A. Sutton

41. “When we practice living in harmony with our world, we become wiser about choosing our battles. We learn where we can use our energy to make a difference and where we need to let go.” – Anonymous

42. “The key to living in harmony is compassion and mercy.” – Wayne Dyer

Harmony Quotes That’ll Fill You With Wisdom

43. “The life ahead can only be glorious if you learn to live in total harmony with the Lord.” – Sai Baba

44. “Everything in the world is conducted by a gradual process. This seems to be the great principle of harmony in the universe.” – William Godwin

45. “Just as light brightens darkness, discovering inner fulfillment can eliminate any disorder or discomfort. This is truly the key to creating balance and harmony in everything you do.” – Deepak Chopra

46. “We should choose simple ways of living—to live in harmony with nature by adopting simpler technologies and using natural resources innovatively.” – Sonam Wangchuk

47. “The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.” – Peace Pilgrim

Great Harmony Quotes That Are Worth Reading

48. “One who cannot live in harmony with others is regarded as an ignorant fool, even if he happens to be very learned in various matters.” – Thiruvalluvar

49. “You are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself. People are afraid because they have never owned up to themselves.” – Hermann Hesse

50. “With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.” – William Wordsworth

51. “In studying ourselves, we find the harmony that is our total existence. We do not make harmony. We do not achieve it or gain it. It is there all the time.” – Maezumi Roshi

52. “Beauty is not something you can count on. Usually, when people say you are beautiful, it is when there is harmony between the inside and the outside.” – Emmanuelle Beart

53. “Beauty: the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole.” – Leon Battista Alberti

More Harmony Quotes for Everyone to Read

54. “It is the harmony of the diverse parts, their symmetry, their happy balance; in a word, it is all that introduces order, all that gives unity, that permits us to see clearly and to comprehend at once both the ensemble and the details.” – Henri Poincare

55. “Today I choose to be at peace; I choose to be happy and to be in harmony with all creation; I will have only acceptance and love all who cross my path today.” – Delia Delia

56. “Action gives power. Entire harmony pervades the universe of God.” – Ellen G. White

57. “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” – Rabindranath Tagore

58. “Love, care, kindness, and harmony are very important factors for survival when you experience hardships.” – Ruey J. Yu

59. “Men live on the brink of mysteries and harmonies into which yet they never enter, and with their hand on the door latch they die outside.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

60. “What is important to a relationship is a harmony of emotional roles and not too great in disparity in the general level of intelligence.” – Mirra Komarovsky

Did This Collection of Harmony Quotes Make You Realize That Life Is Beautiful?

Harmony is the alignment of what we say, think, feel, and do. Being in harmony with our surroundings and the people around us is essential. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the first thing we should master is cultivating harmony within ourselves.

We should never lose touch with our souls and what makes us who we are. After all, it is only by being in harmony with our true selves that we can extend the same to others. When we’re out of sync with ourselves, we will never be able to move toward a meaningful life.

To be in harmony with ourselves, we need to take a step back and take the time to understand our preferences. After that, we should also reach out to others and try to understand that our differences are also our strengths. We can build each other up for success if only we live in complete harmony with each other!

With that, we hope you were able to gain a better understanding of just how important it is to live a harmonious life. Work together with others, and live life with more purpose!

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