20 Hinata Hyuga Quotes on Love & Doing Your Best

Check out these Hinata Hyuga quotes we’ve compiled and travel back to your favorite Naruto episodes!

Hinata Hyuga was raised to be the heiress of the Hyuga Clan—a family that held tremendous power and influence because of its Byakugan.

But, Hinata was timid, physically inept, and deemed too kind by her father to be the head of their family.

When it was time for her to enroll in the Academy, she was bullied because of her unusual eyes—the mark of the Byakugan.

But, despite being a stranger to her, Naruto came to her rescue. This is where her love and admiration for Naruto began.

Her simple crush on Naruto became her motivation to do better. It took time, but she became braver and more confident about herself.

In the end, she was able to cultivate her ninja skills successfully and was able to build a relationship with Naruto.

Indeed, Hinata teaches us about the power that love can bring. If you want to know more about her story, read through to the end of this list!

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Best Hinata Hyuga Quotes

1. “You make mistakes. But because of those mistakes, you get the strength to stand up to them. That’s why I think you are truly strong!”

2. “I used to always cry and give up. I made many wrong turns, but you—you helped me find the right path. I always chased after you. I wanted to catch up to you. I wanted to walk beside you all the time. I just wanted to be with you. You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I’m not afraid to die protecting you! Because I love you.”

3. “To other people, I might not have changed at all. But I feel like I was able to change.”

4. “Therefore, stand up together with me, Naruto. Because never going back on one’s word is my ninja way too!”

5. “In my eyes, you’re a proud failure. When I look at you, I get an intense feeling in my heart because you’re not perfect, because you fail.”

Hinata Hyuga Quotes That’ll Highlight Her Love for Naruto

6. “Naruto, I have always watched for many years. Why? I don’t know why. But whenever I look at you, I feel more courage within me. It makes me feel like I can accomplish something if I try; it makes me feel like I am worth something.”

7. “It’s because now the person I’ve admired for so long is finally watching me, and in front of him, I can’t bear to look uncool!”

8. “Was I able to change myself, even a little, Naruto-kun?”

9. “Naruto, I’ve always been chasing after you. Even now. But once this war ends, I’m going to stop once and for all. Because next time, I will be by your side, holding your hand, walking with you! Please wait for me!”

10. “I’m here because I want to. This time I will save you, Naruto-Kun.”

Motivational Hinata Hyuga Quotes to Keep You Moving

11. “Failure is not an option.” 

12. “I no longer want to run away!”

13. “Stay strong, and don’t break your word.” 

14. “I knew you could do it.”

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Hinata Hyuga Quotes to Remember

15. “I’m a terrible big sister, aren’t I?”

16. “You’re wrong, Neji, because I can see that you are suffering more than me. You are the one who is confused and suffering inside the fate of the head and branch families.”

17. “Neji just said that your life is not just your own anymore. Do you understand what he meant? Your words and desire to not let your comrades die. Neither of them are lies! What inspired Neji and carried him this far were those very principles! It’s not just you, Naruto; we all hold those same words and feelings within our hearts. They’re what bind our lives together and make us comrades. If we all give up and discard those words and feelings now, Neji’s sacrifice will have been for nothing. And that is when your comrades truly die, for you are no longer comrades then. That’s how I feel.”

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More Hinata Hyuga Quotes for All Naruto Fans

18. “Naruto-kun, you achieved that.”

19. “I won’t let you lay another finger on Naruto!”

20. “‘Just shut up and come with me?’ No way. No way. So suddenly—.” 

Did These Quotes Help You Understand How Love Can Also Be a Source of Motivation?

The responsibilities and expectations people have toward us can get intimidating. There might even be times when we’re too afraid to try. But, sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration and motivation to keep us going.

This is something we were able to see through Hinata Hyuga and her quotes. She didn’t have confidence in herself and her capabilities, and that’s why her family and classmates cast her out. But, when she got to know Naruto, she understood that so many positive things were on the other side of her fear.

She took her love and adoration for Naruto as a source of inspiration and motivation. You might think a simple crush isn’t enough to change things. But, in her journey toward improvement, she slowly learned to love and trust herself more, too!

Hinata Hyuga became more aware of the powers she possessed. Through her training, she learned how she could use her talents for good—for her loved ones and friends.

Indeed, love pushes us to become better versions of ourselves. The journey can get quite challenging, but as long as you hold onto the piece of inspiration that’s keeping you going, then all will be well in the end. Whenever you need a reminder of this fact, reread this collection of Hinata Hyuga quotes!

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