25 Infinity Train Quotes on Facing Your Problems Head-on

These Infinity Train quotes will satisfy you with iconic lines from the series, so brace yourself!

Infinity Train is a series about a mysterious train, with each car containing a new and out-of-this-world environment. For people dealing with emotional distress, the train’s portal opens. Once inside, the characters must thoroughly think about their troubles and grow emotionally to get out of the train.

Each character in all the series’ seasons will give us the courage and inspiration to confront our problems more effectively. It makes us realize that avoiding our problems leads to endless mental exhaustion. On the flip side, if we have the courage to face it, we can act accordingly to solve it.

Indeed, Infinity Train opens our minds to the fact that all pain can be treated and healed as long as we dare to face them.

So, read this list to find the motivation to face your problems head-on!

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Best Infinity Train Quotes

1. “The sun is going to burn out one day. Enjoy it while it lasts.” – Sad-One

2. Simon Laurent: “I don’t believe you! You’re lying!”

The Cat: “I never lie.”

Simon Laurent: “You lie all the time.”

The Cat: “Well, I never lie when I’m telling the truth.”

3. The Cat: “That’s right. Step right up. There we go. Say, I didn’t catch your name.”

Randall: “Randall?”

The Cat: “That’s a strong name. A strong name for a strong man.”

4. “It’s not about the desti-something, it’s about the whatever.” – Kez

5. Grace Monroe: “What would I do without you?”

Hazel: “You would die until you’re dead.”

6. Glad-One: “I’ve been helping since the start!”

Sad-One: “I think it’s a pretty powerful message.”

Tulip Olsen: “Aw. One-One, right now, I gotta take care of this. So you stay here, and no more writing, okay?”

Glad-One: “Aye-aye, Captain! Off!”

7. Min-Gi Park: “If you would have just listened to me, to begin with, we could have just—ahh! Whoa.”

Ryan Akagi: “They’re all dead?”

Min-Gi Park: “So, waiting didn’t work. You can mess up even if you stand still. It’s my number, too.”

8. Tulip Olsen: “Hey, Atticus? Thanks for sticking with me through all this.”

Atticus: “A king needs to avenge the wrongs committed against his kingdom. Turning a blind eye to what that monster did isn’t an option.”

Tulip Olsen: “But, you don’t need me for that. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on, stuff that you don’t have to deal with.”

Atticus: “Tulip, everything we have dealt with—we have dealt with as a team. I have never questioned our alliance or friendship, the latter of which I value more.”

Tulip Olsen: “Thanks. You’re a good boy!”

Atticus: “I’m a good man.”

9. “This number keeps going down, and if it reaches zero, I’m done for it. I just want to find a way off this train, and you said you know the conductor. You have to help me before I die.” – Tulip Olsen

10. Ryan Akagi: “You still want to play with me? After almost leaving you to die?”

Min-Gi Park: “You didn’t leave me to die. You had a bad thought. I have those all the time.”

Infinity Train Quotes for Those Who Love Meaningful Cartoons

11. Glad-One: “We can still have fun.”

Tulip Olsen: “Not when you have things to do. You work first, so you get to enjoy the fun later. I help my dad fix the go-karts, and I get to drive them before he resells them. Work first. Okay, sometimes there was pizza during work. And hose fights. But all of that was still under the work umbrella. Ah, it was 115 before! Oh, no, no, no, no. Did I do something wrong? Did I lose a point? Am I being timed?”

Sad-One: “I’ve seen that happen before. When it reaches zero, you’re gon—.”

Glad-One: “You’re gone forever!”

Sad-One: “I was talking.”

Tulip Olsen: “That’s it? Nobody told me this number was gonna change. Nobody said anything! Now, I’m gonna die on this stupid train ’cause there isn’t a stupid rule book!”

Glad-One: “You rule in my book, Ms. Tulip.”

Tulip Olsen: “Ugh! I don’t have time for this!”

12. Tulip Olsen: “What are you gonna do while I’m at game design camp? Die of boredom, probably?”

Mikayla: “Ugh, yes! Way to abandon me in my time of need.”

Tulip Olsen: “Sorry, Mikayla, but Oshkosh calls. I’m the coding hero Wisconsin needs.”

Mikayla: “I don’t think they want their coding hero to stink up the whole state with her onion breath.”

Tulip Olsen: “Hey! It’s not my fault I have a sophisticated palette.”

Mikayla: “You have a gross palette.”

13. Simon Laurent: “You’re an infection! A rot! A poison! I won’t let you take what’s ours!”

Grace Monroe: “Simon, you’re in a lot of pain. I understand that!”

Simon Laurent: “Another hollow apology, Grace?”

Grace Monroe: “No. I’m not responsible for your problems. I don’t owe you anything.”

Simon Laurent: “You owe me everything!”

14. Gears of Joy Randall: “Ah, expensive taste. Hold the sponge! Now, that’s a handsome-looking flower.”

Glad-One: “You mean my personal heartfelt gift, that I picked out for my personal heartfelt friend?”

Gears of Joy Randall: “Ah, sounds valuable!”

Tulip: “Oh. I mean, it’s not really for sale.”

Gears of Joy Randall: “Too late. Now that I’ve seen it, it’s the only thing I want.”

The Cat: “Oh, the price we pay for the things we desire most.”

15. Tulip Olsen: “I’m so sorry, I gave you to The Cat. I was just scared I would never get off the train, and you made me think I was gonna die, and that doesn’t make it okay. But you care, and you’re a good friend, and I appreciate that, and that makes me care, and I just, uh, and, I just—I’m sorry.”

Glad-One: “It’s okay, Ms. Tulip. I knew you’d bounce back. Just like when your parents hatched you.”

16. Amelia Hughes: “You know why you’re here, don’t you?”

Grace Monroe: “To get the highest number?”

Amelia Hughes: “The whole point of the train is to work through your problems. The worse you do, the higher your number goes. Until you get it down to zero—you’re trapped.”

Simon Laurent: “Lies! The train is our right!”

Grace Monroe: “Simon, stop!”

Simon Laurent: “No! She’s brainwashing you, Grace! She said it herself! She’s working with the false Conductor!”

Grace Monroe: “Simon, listen to me. She was the false conductor.”

Simon Laurent: “Wha—? Well, even if she was, she’s lost her way!”

Amelia Hughes: “Whatever ‘way’ you think I’m on was never my way! Have you ever considered that you’ve been wrong? Ha, of course not! You’re a child.”

17. Min-Gi Park: “Ryan, you can’t just—ugh! You have to think before you do things.”

Ryan Akagi: “Lorraine said to jump. And now I’m up here by the cookbook, and you’re down there like a chump without a cookbook.”

Infinity Train Quotes That Deserve a Spot in Your Must-Read List

18. Min-Gi Park: “We’re being chased.”

The Cat: “Aren’t we all?”

19. Tulip Olsen: “Hey, I can help you if you talk to me.”

Mirror Tulip: “That’s funny, coming from you.”

Tulip Olsen: “Huh? Well, what is that supposed to mean?”

Mirror Tulip: “I have to do everything you do, remember? You’re always in your room, ignoring everyone. You never ask for help.”

Tulip Olsen: “I’m not ignoring everyone. I can just handle my problems myself. That’s completely different!”

Mirror Tulip: “Skipping texts from Mikayla? Pretending you couldn’t hear Mom because, ‘Sorry, I was just so busy making my game!’ Just go away, Tulip! That’s what you do best!”

20. “Teamwork begins with two people trusting each other. But you? You’re no person.” – Simon Laurent

21. Mirror Tulip: “Look, it has nothing to do with you. It’s just—okay. So I used to have this friend named Tulip, and we did everything together, but as we grew up, I didn’t have much in common with her anymore. But, um, my parents thought Tulip was perfect and wanted me to be exactly like her, so I had to stop hanging out with her so I could be free.”

Jesse Cosay: “Why would you do that to your friend? That’s crazy.”

22. The Cat: “There’s still the issue of my payment.”

Tulip Olsen: “Payment?”

The Cat: “Even with my craft, it will take a week, maybe two, to get to the conductor. That’s a lot of sales I’m missing out on.”

Tulip Olsen: “I have $12.42. But, one of the pennies is Canadian.”

The Cat: “Money doesn’t have much value to me. I’ve always been more interested in the peculiar and unique. You know, I could take the little white ball off your hands. In exchange, I will speak to the conductor about getting you to—where was it again? Wisconsohn?”

Tulip Olsen: “One-One? You want to take One-One with you?”

More Infinity Train Quotes That’ll Never Get Old

23. Amelia Hughes: “Every passenger is important. Their well-being and progress are what the train is all about. All aboard the growth train. Toot-toot. Sincerely, your conductor, One-One.”

Hazel: “You’re weird.”

Amelia Hughes: “Yes, I am!”

24. Tulip Olsen: “Maybe we can escape out the door. How do I unlock it?”

Atticus: “First, you put your paw on the handle.”

Tulip Olsen: “Okay.”

Atticus: “Then you turn it.”

Tulip Olsen: “Got it. That’s how all doors open!”

Atticus: “My people have been working on this technology for decades!”

25. Tulip Olsen: “Ugh!”

The Cat: “Why look at that! Awake already.”

Tulip Olsen: “You tried to trap me?”

The Cat: “Can one really be trapped when reliving such happy memories? Perhaps you want to sit down again, and give it a closer look?”

Tulip Olsen: “I saw everything I needed to see.”

How Do You Cope With Emotional Issues and Psychological Traumas?

Infinity Train is an incredible series that tackles the emotional aspects of life and can appeal to viewers of all ages. Each season has a different plot, but they all revolve around how we can heal emotionally.

For instance, in the first season, Tulip Olsen suffers stress from her parents’ divorce. Instead of facing the problem, she chose to run away, which led her to the train. But, Tulip’s journey on the train makes her recognize her emotions and confront the issues.

Tulip realizes that running away from a problem will give our minds more chaos. Unlike in the series, we don’t have a train to provide us with the exact healing process because we all have different coping mechanisms.

So, we must take the lessons we’ve learned from the series and remember that running away from our problems will not solve anything. Yes, dealing with emotional stress may hurt a lot. However, you need to go through the process of pain to move on.

Don’t forget that the healing process starts with facing your troubles. If you want to move forward, be brave, take action, and meet everything head-on.

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