70 Zapp Brannigan Quotes to Hilariously Start Your Day

Zapp Brannigan Quotes

Explore the best annoyingly hilarious Zapp Brannigan quotes to learn about his overflowing self-confidence and charisma.  Zapp Brannigan is one of the main characters of the American science fiction sitcom Futurama. He is the vain and incompetent military officer of the Democratic Order of Planets and Earth’s Government. One of his iconic features is how … Read more

90 BoJack Horseman Quotes on Life’s Greatest Adversities

BoJack Horseman Quotes

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50 Over the Garden Wall Quotes on Fantasy & Hope

Over the Garden Wall Quotes

This compilation of Over the Garden Wall quotes will take you on an unforgettable magical adventure of a lifetime. Over the Garden Wall is a cartoon miniseries made out of 10 short episodes. The episodes follow Grerg and Wirt’s journey in an enchanted and strange forest called The Unknown. As they get lost and try … Read more

70 Gravity Falls Quotes on Family & Being Yourself

Gravity Falls Quotes

These Gravity Falls quotes are must-haves to help you stay grounded in the face of adversity. Gravity Falls is about 12-year-old twins, Dipper and Mabel, who are sent to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan in the mysterious town of Oregon. The two kids learn secrets about their town, family, and even themselves … Read more

70 Kim Possible Quotes to Help You Fight Through Anything

Kim Possible Quotes

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30 Peppa Pig Quotes Filled With Fun, Sass, and Adventure

Peppa Pig Quotes

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40 Dora the Explorer Quotes for a New & Exciting Adventure

Dora the Explorer Quotes

These Dora the Explorer quotes will make you nostalgic about your favorite childhood cartoon show. Dora the Explorer is a Chris Gifford-created American educational animated series. It is centered on a young Latina girl who enjoys going on adventures, solving puzzles, and learning things around her. Her talking backpack and a monkey named Boots accompany … Read more

60 PAW Patrol Quotes From the Adorable Rescue Team

PAW Patrol Quotes

These top 60 PAW Patrol quotes will serve as a reminder of the value of teamwork, helping others, and doing the right thing. PAW Patrol’s plucky pups are rescue dogs in training, led by 10-year-old Ryder. Each pup is inspired by a real-life job, such as a firefighter or a construction worker. Through this, they … Read more

100 Bob’s Burgers Quotes on Life, Fun, and Family Bonds

Bob's Burgers Quotes

Take a bite out of these Bob’s Burgers quotes that will not only make you laugh but will also satisfy your hunger for life wisdom. Loren Bouchard created the animated comedy sitcom, Bob’s Burgers. The show is set in a family-run burger restaurant where Bob, Linda, and their three children have fun making burgers and … Read more

30 Linda Belcher Quotes on Family & Being a Supermom

Linda Belcher Quotes

We’ve gathered our favorite Linda Belcher quotes to show you a silly mom’s deep love for her children! Moms work tirelessly to support their families and make them happy at all times. Though she’s a comedic character in the series, Linda Belcher is a reminder to appreciate the sacrifices our moms make for us. Raising … Read more