20 Kingpin Quotes on Pulling Yourself up After Every Fall

If you love sports movies with insightful lessons, these Kingpin quotes are absolutely perfect for you!

Life always has its way of knocking us down—not just once but many times. Even when we are already at our lowest point, life can often kick us to fall even further. Sometimes, with everything we are going through, it feels so right to be miserable.

That’s what Roy Munson felt in the 1996 sports comedy movie, Kingpin. He has a passion for bowling like no other and was on the verge of being at the top. But, everything falls apart when he loses his bowling hands because of a rival bowler named Ernie McCracken.

This unfortunate turn of events led to Roy losing his career and passion. More than anything, he also loses interest in living a happy and content life. He stayed in the dark for a long time until he met Ishmael.

With the help of Ishmael, Roy finds a reason to get up and try again. He finally understands that dwelling on the downsides of life will just make him more of a failure. So, if you want some lessons from Roy and the other characters, start by reading this collection!

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Best Kingpin Quotes

1. Roy Munson: “You two know each other?”

Ernie McCracken: “It’s a small world when you’ve got unbelievable t*ts, Roy.”

2. Ernie McCracken: “It all comes down to this roll. Roy Munson, a man-child with a dream to topple bowling giant Ernie McCracken. If he strikes, he’s the 1979 Odor-Eaters Champion. He’s got one foot in the frying pan and one in the pressure cooker. Believe me, as a bowler, I know that right about now, your bladder feels like an overstuffed vacuum cleaner bag and your butt is kinda like an about to explode bratwurst.”

Roy Munson: “Hey. Do you mind? I wasn’t talking when you were bowling.”

Ernie McCracken: “Was I talking out loud? Was I? Sorry. Good luck.”

3. Waitress: “Tanqueray and tab.”

Ernie McCracken: “Keep them coming, sweets. I got a long drive. Do me a favor, will you? Would you mind washing off that perfume before you come back to our table?”

4. Ernie McCracken: “The Munson.”

Roy Munson: “Big Ern. Long time.”

Ernie McCracken: “I’ll say. Probably a year for every topping on the table. I heard a horrible rumor. Oh, creepy! I’m sorry. You know, for the first couple of years, I felt responsible. How you been otherwise?”

Roy Munson: “You know, in the last 17 years, a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t thought about what I’d say to you if I ever ran into you again.”

Ernie McCracken: “I bet! Hello.”

5. Roy Munson: “Just because you’re familiar with the missionary position doesn’t make you a missionary.”

Claudia: “Look, Mr. Munster, you’re not exactly the smartest guy I ever ran across.”

Roy Munson: “Oh yeah? And who are you, Alfred Einstein?”

6. “The world can really kick your *ss. I only have a vague recollection of when it wasn’t kicking mine.” – Roy Munson

7. Bowling Priest: “You see, bowling for money, that’s my only vice.”

Cocktail Waitress: “Here’s your drink.”

Bowling Priest: “Thanks sugar. Okay, two vices.”

Ernie McCracken: “That’s still very good.”

Bite-Sized Kingpin Quotes That Will Catch Your Interest

8. “Sometimes a bowler just has to face the music.” – Ernie McCracken

9. “Who you calling a psycho?” – Roy Munson

10. “He said handsome, not handless.” – Claudia

Iconic Kingpin Quotes to Escape Your Boredom

11. “Pressure? Yeah, there was some pressure. I mean, I didn’t wanna lose to a guy with a hook.” – Ernie McCracken

12. Roy Munson: “Hey, Herbie! How’s life?”

Scranton Wino: “Taking forever.”

13. Man in the Bowling Alley: “Come on, boy. Bowl!”

Roy Munson: “The name’s not boy. It’s Roy. Roy Munson.”

14. Roy Munson: “Yeah, sure, Thomas can raise a barn, but can he pick up a 7-10 split?”

Ishmael Boorg: “God blessed my brother to be a good carpenter. It’s okay.”

Roy Munson: “Yeah, well, he blessed you, too, and I’ll give you a clue what it is. It’s round, it has three holes, and you stick your fingers into it.”

Ishmael Boorg: “You leave Rebecca out of this, mister!”

Roy Munson: “I’m talking about bowling! Your future.”

15. Claudia: “Ishmael likes me.”

Roy Munson: “I promise you, you’re not his type.”

Claudia: “Oh, I’m his type. I’m every guy’s type.”

16. Ishmael Boorg: “You really should try to quit, Mr. Munson. They say it’s bad for your heart and your lungs. It quickens the aging process.”

Roy Munson: “Is that right? Who’s done more research on the subject than the good people in the American tobacco industry? They say it’s harmless. Why would they lie? If you’re dead, you can’t smoke.”

17. “Look, I’ve done a lot of creepy things in my life, but I’m not gonna get into a fistfight with a girl.” – Roy Munson

Kingpin Quotes for Everyone Who Loves Bowling

18. Roy Munson: “Hey, I hope you don’t mind—I got up a little early, so I took the liberty of milking your cow for you. Yeah, it took a little while to get her warmed up. She sure is a stubborn one. Then, pow—all at once.”

Mr. Boorg: “We don’t have a cow. We have a bull.”

Roy Munson: “I’ll brush my teeth.”

19. Ishmael Boorg: “What are you doing, Mr. Munson?”

Roy Munson: “Flossin’.”

Ishmael Boorg: “Flossin’? Where’d I get ‘Munson’ from?”

Roy Munson: “The name is Munson. What I’m doing is flossing; this is called floss, cleans your teeth, you oughta try it sometime.”

20. Roy Munson: “What about a gross of fluorescent condoms for the novelty machine in the men’s room? I mean, those are fun even when you’re alone.”

Lancaster Bowl Manager: “Yeah.”

Roy Munson: “You get it?”

Lancaster Bowl Manager: “Yeah!”

Roy Munson: “This is like the hula hoop of the ‘90s. People go nuts!”

Lancaster Bowl Manager: “No! Look, we don’t even have a novelty machine in the men’s room anymore.”

Roy Munson: “And you call this a bowling alley?”

How Many Times Are You Willing to Get Back Up After Being Knocked Down by Life?

We must understand that facing challenges and experiencing failure is inevitable as long as we are alive. We cannot even choose what problems we would experience because that’s out of our control. In Kingpin, Roy Munson was already quite successful, but he didn’t expect that life was still holding a card that would make him crumble.

He had a lot of struggles to face, and at times, he succumbed to them. However, despite everything, he still found a reason to get back up in the end. So, let’s use his mindset as an inspiration to never give up on the life we want to live.

No matter how many times life brings you down, always choose to stand up. You might feel like you’re not getting anywhere—even with all the effort you’re shelling out. Though that’s the case, continue rising every time you fall because it’s all part of the process; eventually, you’ll succeed!

With that, we hope this list of Kingpin quotes was able to motivate you to keep on rising even though life will push you deeper into the ground. Remember that life is full of struggles that we need to endure to understand the real essence of our existence!

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