25 Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes to Bring Out Your True Beauty

Let go of your insecurities with these Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes that’ll help you overcome your self-doubts!

A lot of women have the desire to be the most beautiful girl in the world, especially those who want to be beauty queens. But, what can you do to make yourself one of the most attractive women in the world? No matter what you think, we hope you won’t be as superficial and catty as the characters in the movie, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

We may think that Drop Dead Gorgeous is a comedy movie, but as we keep watching, we will realize its dark storyline. It all starts with the main characters, Amber Atkins and Becky Leeman, two best friends who are rivals when it comes to the title of Miss Teen Dream.

Pageants are usually events filled with fun, humor, and wisdom. However, the pageant becomes a deadly competition when the contestants realize that someone will do anything to win.

The excitement the contestants feel then turns into fear and anxiety. If you’re curious about how the story unfolded, check the complete list below.

Let’s begin here.

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Best Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes

1. “And so, dear Lord, it is with deep sadness that we turn over to you this young woman, whose dream to ride on a giant swan resulted in her death. Maybe it is your way of telling us to buy American.” – Priest

2. “To live in a country where you can take an ugly old mountain and put faces on it, faces of great Americans who did so much to make our country super great. Well, that makes me Rebecca Leeman, proud to be an American.” – Rebecca Ann Leeman

3. “My mom gave me this 9-mil for my 13th birthday. Yeah. I’ll always remember what she put on the card, ‘Jesus loves winners.’ That’s why no matter what I do, I aim to win.” – Rebecca Ann Leeman

4. Amber Atkins: “My mom never hid the fact that my dad chose his career over us. What was it she always said?”

Loretta: “Once a carnie, always a carnie.”

Amber Atkins: “Mom still cries every time she sees a tilt-a-whirl or a fat lady in a tube top.”

5. Loretta: “You are a good person. Good things happen to good people.”

Amber Atkins: “Really?”

Loretta: “No. It’s pure bullshit, sweetie. You’re lucky as hell, so you might as well enjoy it.”

Iconic Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes That Will Capture Your Heart

6. Amber Atkins: “Mom! Mom! Mom!”

Firefighter: “You family?”

Loretta: “Oh no, she’s just screaming ‘Mom, Mom’ ’cause she’s got Tourettes. She’s Annette’s kid, dipshit.”

7. “Maybe other people think I can’t win a beauty pageant, but other people didn’t think I could beat out Becky Leeman for president of the gun club either, and I did. It’s just like Anthony Robbins says, ‘I’m a winner. Nobody can stop me but me.’” – Tammy Curry

8. “I am reaching the point where I would kill someone for the nicotine under their fingernails.” – Annette Atkins

9. “I can sum up our entire philosophy with this glass. I can look at it and say it’s half-full, which in the beauty pageant biz means, ‘Where the hell’s my waiter?’” – Colleen Douglas

10. “Why do I think Becky’ll win? You’re talking about the richest family in a small town. It’s front page news when one of them takes a shit.” – Loretta

11. “I shoved your tap shoes in my panties before I was blown out of the house. You go find the guy who cut ’em off.” – Annette Atkins

12. “I don’t eat shellfish. Mom always says, ‘Don’t ever eat nothin’ that can carry its house around with it. Who knows the last time it’s been cleaned.’” – Amber Atkins

Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes to Spice up Your Day

13. Loretta: “She’s the prettiest, ya know. Best damn tapper. The most smartest.”

Annette Atkins: “Most smartest? Oh, that’s great; you’re really educated. Most smartest! Get a picture of that, most smartest!”

Loretta: “Most smartest.”

14. Terry Macy: “Somebody calls a doctor!”

Colleen Douglas: “A doctor? Somebody call a priest!”

15. Amber Atkins: “Nice, Becky, she’s anorexic.”

Rebecca Ann Leeman: “She’s skinny, Amber, not deaf!”

16. Candy Striper: “Hello, Miss Sad Pants and her friend, serious Sally! How about a nice cool mint to help turn those frowns upside down?”

Loretta: “Do you think a nice cool mint would help if I shoved your head up your ass?”

17. Gladys Leeman: “Wait, wait, wait. I think I just thought of a theme, ‘Proud to be an American.’”

Interviewer: “So what was the theme of the pageant last year?”

Gladys Leeman: “Oh, that was ‘Buy American.’”

Interviewer: “And the year before that was?”

Gladys Leeman: “USA’s A-OK.”

Interviewer: “And can you remember the theme of your favorite pageant?”

Gladys Leeman: “Can I? Amer-I-Can! People ask me where I get this. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a gift from God or something.”

18. “Yeah, my ma’s clothes all melted onto mine, forming, like, this big polyester meteor in our closet, y’know? But, in some kinda weird miracle, our neighbor boy, Kenny Hanson, found my tap costume on the roof o’ their trailer while he was settin’ coon traps for his dad. Here’s the weird part: it was still on the hanger.” – Amber Atkins

Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes That Highlight the Nature of Being a Beauty Queen

19. Documentarian: “Do you think that most people would say that teenage beauty pageants are a good idea?”

Gladys Leeman: “Oh yeah, sure. I know what some of your big city, no-bra-wearing, hairy-legged women libbers might say. They might say that a pageant is old-fashioned and demeaning to the girls.”

20. “I was Mount Rose American Teen Princess 1945. We were at war with the Japs. Didn’t even get to keep my damn tiara. Had to turn it in for scrap.” – Iona Hildebrandt

21. “With one week to go before the pageant, I was finishing my outfit, rehearsing my talent, brushing up on current events, and running 18 miles a day on about 400 calories. I was ready.” – Mary Johanson

22. “This pageant is like a roach motel, girls check in, but they don’t check out.” – Fry Girl

More Drop Dead Gorgeous Quotes for People Who Love Watching Pageants

23. “I’d have good strong roots in a town like Mt. Rose, a solid Christian trunk, and long, leafy branches to provide shade for handicapped kids on a hot summer day.” – Rebecca Ann Leeman

24. Annette Atkins: “Honey, honey, come talk to Mommy. I promise, whatever it is, I won’t be mad.”

Amber Atkins: “Okay, I’m quitting the pageant.”

Annette Atkins: “What?”

25. Amber Atkins: “This is bullshit!”

Iris Clark: “That is not American Teen Princess language!”

Amber Atkins: “Well, this isn’t an American Teen Princess Pageant! This—this—this is Nazi Germany!”

What’s the Most Beautiful Thing About You?

We all want to look our best to feel accepted by the people around us. However, we must realize that inner beauty is what counts the most. Through Drop Dead Gorgeous, we learn that our outward appearance can never be as important as our inner beauty.

Drop Dead Gorgeous uses pageants as a platform to show its viewers that people must not only focus on having certain attributes to succeed in life. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way, no matter what others say. More than that, no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you’re not compassionate toward others, no one would genuinely stand by your side.

How you treat others speaks a lot about your character, how you were brought up, and how you would turn out in the future. So, whatever you do, make sure you act with kindness and love. 

Let these Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes continue inspiring you to find the real meaning of beauty. Always remember to appreciate and accept yourself as who you are. After all, these are the only ways you can shine!

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