40 Meet the Robinsons Quotes to Help You Move Past Setbacks

If you’re close to giving up, sometimes, you only need to read some Meet the Robinsons quotes that’ll inspire you to keep fighting!

Meet the Robinsons is a sci-fi animated movie about a 12-year-old aspiring inventor, Lewis. Given his age as an inventor, he encountered a lot of mistakes and failures in life. He even reached the point where he gave up trying to make his inventions work.

However, through an amazing twist, Lewis discovers that the fate of the future rests in his hands. But, he can’t save it alone; he’ll need every bit of help he can get from the wonderful family called the Robinsons. They help Lewis keep moving forward and never stop believing in himself.

To realize why you should always keep going despite how many mistakes you make, we’ve compiled some of the best quotes from the movie. Get to know more about Lewis, the Robinsons, and how they are all related through destiny with the help of this list!

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Best Meet the Robinsons Quotes

1. “Around here, however, we don’t look backward for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Wilbur Robinson (Walt Disney)

2. “I’m sorry your life turned out so bad. But don’t blame me you messed it up yourself. Let go of the past and keep moving forward.” – Lewis

3. “If I gave up every time I failed, I would never have invented my fireproof pants!” – Grandpa Bud Robinson

4. “Our hopes and dreams dashed, like so many pieces of a broken machinery thing.” – Michael Yagoobian

5. Carl: “And I didn’t want to tell you, but I did.”

Wilbur Robinson: “I won’t exist?”

Carl: “And where does that leave me? Alone, rusting in a corner.”

Wilbur Robinson: “What am I worried about? Now, blueprints?”

Carl: “If this thing ever blows over, I really gotta get away from you and get some quiet time.”

6. “The truth will set you free.” – Wilbur Robinson

7. “You just focused on the bad stuff when all you had to do was let go of the past and keep moving forward.” – Lewis

8. “Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don’t! Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderful, horrid things. Heed my words, Goob—don’t let it go.” – Michael Yagoobian

9. Mildred: “I know where your head is, but I’m telling you, you have got to get out of the past and look to the future.”

Lewis: “I am, and this is it. This is my future. I’m sorry.”

10. “I have the caffeine patch. Each patch is the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee. You can stay up for days with no side effects.” – Grandma Lucille Krunklehorn

11. Michael Yagoobian: “Good day, madam. I’m here to change the future.”

Receptionist: “Yes, sir?”

Michael Yagoobian: “I must speak with the man in charge immediately.”

Receptionist: “Yes, sir.”

12. “All right, Lewis. Knock them dead. That was a figure of speech. Please don’t kill anyone.” – Mr. Willerstein

Meet the Robinsons Quotes to Inspire You

13. “Take a good look around boys, because your future is about to change.” – Michael Yagoobian

14. “Okay. Now, the time machine is fixed. His confidence in inventing is restored. He goes back to the science fair, fixes his memory scanner, thus restoring the space-time continuum.” – Wilbur Robinson

15. “Five years ago, Dad woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Wants to build a time machine. So he starts working.” – Wilbur Robinson

16. “I love baseball. It’s my destiny to play that game. And I don’t really care about winning.” – Michael Yagoobian

17. “He keeps working and working until finally, he gets it! The first working time machine! Then, he keeps working and working until finally, he gets it again! The second working time machine!” – Wilbur Robinson

18. Michael Yagoobian: “What’s going on? Why aren’t you seizing the boy?”

Tiny the T-Rex: “I have a big head and little arms! I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”

Short Meet the Robinsons Quotes for You to Remember

19. “Unlocking the secrets of the brain took a lot longer than I expected.” – Lewis

20. “May I remind you, I’m your father, and you have to do what I say.” – Lewis

21. “Nothing says, ‘Adopt me’ like a weird invention.” – Michael Yagoobian

22. “I have a date with destiny.” – Michael Yagoobian

23. “I never thought my dad would be my best friend.” – Wilbur Robinson

Meet the Robinsons Quotes That’ll Remind You to Move Forward

24. “Robinson Industries. The world’s leading scientific research and design factory. My dad runs the company. His motto, ‘Keep moving forward.’ It’s what he does.” – Wilbur Robinson

25. “It’s been a long, hard day, full of emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights.” – Wilbur Robinson

26. “Come on, my dear! Our future awaits!” – Michael Yagoobian

Meet the Robinsons Quotes for Those Interested in Time Traveling

27. “If my family finds out I brought you from the past, they’ll bury me alive, and dance on my grave!” – Wilbur Robinson

28. “Just a little tip for the future, I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.” – Franny Robinson

29. “If I prove to you I’m from the future, will you go back to the Science Fair?” – Wilbur Robinson

30. Wilbur Robinson: “Yes, I am! Because you’re 12 and I’m 13! That makes me older!”

Lewis: “Well, I was born in the past, which makes me older and the boss of you!”

Funny Meet the Robinsons Quotes That’ll Put a Smile on Your Face

31. Lewis: “Why is your dog wearing glasses?”

Grandpa Bud Robinson: “Oh, because his insurance won’t pay for contacts.”

32. Wilbur Robinson: “Annoying little girl, I do not have time for this!”

Young Franny Robinson: “Don’t sass me, boy. I know karate!”

33. “Don’t you, ‘Sweetie’ me! I’m going for a drive.” – Petunia

34. Grandpa Bud Robinson: “What if Louis Armstrong said, ‘I can’t?’ You think he’d have walked on the moon?”

Grandma Lucille Krunklehorn: “Dear, Louis Armstrong was a singer.”

35. Franny Robinson: “Your meatballs are useless against me.”

Gaston: “Then perhaps it’s time for spicy Italian sausage.”

Franny Robinson: “No!”

36. “Eh, that was accidental. It’s an accidental ring. It doesn’t count. It’s in the rulebook. Look it up.” – Uncle Spike

Meet the Robinsons Quotes That’ll Make You Watch the Movie Again

37. “Oh, give the boy a prize. You grew up to be the founder of this wretched time, so I plan to destroy your destiny.” – Michael Yagoobian

38. “My project didn’t work because I’m no good!” – Lewis

39. “I can’t believe I was dumb enough to actually believe you were my friend!” – Lewis

40. Franny Robinson: “Your words do not threaten me, brother.”

Gaston: “Then enough words. Now the real battle begins.”

Are You Thrilled to Discover the Life That Awaits You if You Keep Going Forward?

Making mistakes is all part of growing up. However, when we’re bombarded with constant and countless failures, it’s hard to find the motivation to keep moving. But, thanks to Meet the Robinsons, we understand that a beautiful and happy life awaits if we just keep taking the next step.

Meet the Robinsons anchored on this lesson. Lewis was on the verge of giving up, but he shook off those negative thoughts and kept going forward. By doing so, he met the Robinsons and wondered what his life would be like if he only belonged to a family like theirs.

Through a twist of fate, though, he discovers that he’s actually Cornelius Robinson and part of the Robinson family. He got a glimpse of the ideal life he wanted and thus pushed himself to get back up and try again!

Real life won’t be as simple as that. You won’t get the chance to travel through time like Lewis, but through his story, you know that the future will always be better. So, just keep pushing and never give up!

With that, we hope these Meet the Robinsons quotes were able to inspire you to continue toward your dreams no matter how rocky the path gets. Remember, everything is possible if you don’t give up!

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