50 Michael Corleone Quotes on Family, Power, and Respect

If you’re a fan of The Godfather, then make sure you check out this list of the best Michael Corleone quotes!

Michael Corleone might just be the best candidate to take over the family out of all of Don Vito’s children.

He is ruthless when needed, intelligent, bright, and someone who can wield power and demand respect. But, Michael never really planned to be part of the Mafia.

Instead, he wanted to explore a career in politics. Even when he was given the responsibility, it seemed that Michael only accepted and held onto it because he needed to—not because he wanted to.

Yes, he may be brutal. But, ultimately, he is someone who’s prepared to do whatever it takes for the happiness and safety of his family.

If you want to know more about his character in The Godfather, read through to the end!

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Best Michael Corleone Quotes

1. “What I want—what’s most important to me—is that I have a guarantee. No more attempts on my father’s life.”

2. “Never let anyone know what you’re thinking.”

3. “Only don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence, and it makes me very angry.”

4. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Inspirational Michael Corleone Quotes

5. “If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.”

6. “I respect those that tell me the truth—no matter how hard it is.”

7. “I don’t feel like I have to wipe everybody out. Just my enemies.”

8. “Try and be patient. Be patient.”

Michael Corleone Quotes That Are Full of Wisdom

9. “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”

10. “There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me—keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

11. “I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So, I stole a bike and asked Him for forgiveness.”

12. “You’re not a wartime consigliere, Tom. Things could get rough with the move we’re making.”

Powerful Michael Corleone Quotes to Better Understand His Personality

13. “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

14. “Don’t ever ask me about my business.”

15. “What’s the matter? What’s bothering you? I’ll handle it. I told you I can handle it; I’ll handle it.”

16. “Barzini is dead. So is Phillip Tattaglia. Moe Greene. Stracci. Cuneo. Today, I settled all family business, so don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Admit what you did.”

17. “Some people will pay a lot of money for that information, but then your daughter would lose a father instead of gaining a husband.”

18. Michael Corleone: “The hotel, the casino. The Corleone Family wants to buy you out.”

Moe Greene: “The Corleone Family wants to buy me out? No. I buy you out; you don’t buy me out.”

Michael Corleone: “Your casino loses money; maybe we can do better.”

19. “I leave for New York tomorrow, think about a price.”

20. “I’m here on business. I leave tomorrow. Now, get rid of them. Come on; I’m tired. Get rid of the band, too.”

21. “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. You see, Johnny, we feel that entertainment is going to be a big factor in drawing gamblers into the casinos. We’re hoping that you’ll sign a contract agreeing to appear five times a year. Perhaps convince some of your friends in the movies to do the same. We’re counting on you, Johnny.”

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Emotional Michael Corleone Quotes That’ll Move You

22. “Just lie here, Pop. I’ll take care of you now. I’m with you now. I’m with you.”

23. “You know my father? Men are coming here to kill him. Now, help me, please.”

24. “We’ll get there, Pop. We’ll get there.”

25. “What happened to the men who were guarding my father, Captain? I’m not leaving until you put some guards around my father’s room.”

26. “This weekend, we’ll go out. We’ll go to the city, see a show, and have dinner. I promise.”

27. “We’re all proud of you. Sit down, Johnny. I want to talk to you. The Don’s proud of you, too.”

28. Don Corleone: “How’s your boy?”

Michael Corleone: “He’s good.”

Don Corleone: “You know, he looks more like you every day.”

Michael Corleone: “He’s smarter than I am. Three years old, and he can already read the funny papers.”

Short Michael Corleone Quotes That You’ll Never Forget

29. “You straightened my brother out?”

30. “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.”

31. “That’s my family, Kay. That’s not me.”

32. “Vincent, will you shut up?”

33. “Where does it say that you can’t kill a cop?”

34. “You better get out of here, Enzo. There’s gonna be trouble.”

35. “You gonna kill all those guys?”

36. “Let me think about it. We’ll see.”

37. “It’s the smart move. Tessio was always smarter.”

38. “Is that why you slapped my brother around in public?”

Michael Corleone Quotes for Fans of The Godfather

39. “My father made him an offer he can’t refuse. Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.”

40. “You have to answer for Santino, Carlo. You fingered Sonny for the Barzini people.”

41. Michael Corleone: “My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator.”

Kay Adams: “Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don’t have men killed.”

Michael Corleone: “Oh. Who’s being naive, Kay?”

42. “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”

43. “There are negotiations being made that are going to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems. That’s all I can tell you right now. Carlo, you grew up in Nevada. When we make our move there, you’re going to be my right-hand man. Tom Hagen is no longer the consigliere. He’s going to be our lawyer in Vegas. That’s no reflection on Tom. It’s just the way I want it. Besides, if I ever help, who’s a better consigliere than my father? That’s it.”

44. “Tom, wait a minute. I’m talking about a cop that’s mixed up in drugs. I’m talking about a—a—a dishonest cop—a crooked cop who got mixed up in the rackets and got what was coming to him. That’s a terrific story. And we have newspaper people on the payroll, don’t we, Tom? And they might like a story like that.”

45. Michael Corleone: “Good. There’s a car outside that will take you to the airport. I’ll call your wife and tell her what flight you’re on.”

Carlo Rizzi: “Listen, Mike—.”

Michael Corleone: “Go on. Get out of my sight.”

46. Michael Corleone: “We’ll straighten everything out tonight. I don’t want my father bothered anymore.”

Virgil Sollozzo: “He won’t be, Mike. I swear on my children he won’t be. But you gotta keep an open mind when we talk. I mean, I hope you’re not a hothead like your brother, Sonny. You can’t talk business with him.”

Michael Corleone Quotes That You’ll Find Amusing

47. “It’s safer to teach you English!”

48. “My good credit enough to buy you out?”

49. “Get him a drink. Don’t be afraid, Carlo. Come on; you think I’d make my sister a widow? I’m Godfather to your son.”

50. Michael Corleone: “All right. This one time, I’ll let you ask me about my affairs.”

Kay Adams: “Is it true? Is it?”

Michael Corleone: “No.”

Did These Quotes Show You That Power and Influence Are Not Everything?

Indeed, being at the bottom of the food chain doesn’t give you much freedom to act and decide for your own happiness. You may think that being in charge and being at the top should be your ultimate goal. But, you must understand that holding a high position also means having heavy responsibilities and burdens.

This valuable message is highlighted in The Godfather and Michael Corleone’s character. He is immensely talented and incomparably powerful. But, as they say, too much of anything is never good.

Because of the life he lived, he was filled with an insatiable need for vengeance. This, later on, led to his downfall and sacrifices that caused him anguish.

Always remember the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Strive for your goals, but always keep in mind that balance should be present in your life. More than that, know your priorities—what is it that really makes you happy and thrive in life?

With that, we hope this list of the best Michael Corleone quotes was able to give you some valuable pearls of wisdom to live by. Feel free to revisit this list whenever you need some wise words from him or if you simply want to relive the best scenes from The Godfather!

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