55 Pop Smoke Quotes to Help You Reach the Moon & the Stars

We’ve compiled a collection of the best Pop Smoke quotes to teach you the importance of ambition, tenacity, and determination!

Setting your sights on something big is not the hard part. Instead, what takes a toll on someone is the effort required to achieve one’s goals, especially when faced with never-ending roadblocks.

Many people give up on their dreams before even starting because they allow the negative opinions of others to discourage them. However, Pop Smoke believed that pursuing your ambitions is of utmost importance.

Even after his passing, he continues to inspire people to keep pushing forward with all their might. Through his music, he conveyed powerful messages about the value of hard work and earning your place at the top.

In his own unique way, he was a trailblazer who believed that with determination and dedication, nothing is impossible. So, take a moment to revisit some of the most inspiring Pop Smoke quotes and lyrics, including those from hit songs like Dior and more.

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Best Pop Smoke Quotes

1. “Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t do anything. Whatever you wanna do, just do it. Don’t look back. Shoot for the stars; aim for the moon.”

2. “The world is yours; go out and claim it.”

3. “Live every day like it’s your last, ‘cause you never know if it could be.”

4. “I’m chasing dreams, not moments.”

5. “Stay hungry for success; never lose that hunger.”

6. “Stay true to yourself, even when the world tries to change you.”

7. “Believe in yourself, even when others doubt you.”

8. “Success is the best revenge. Let your accomplishments speak.”

9. “Stay in your place. Wait for your turn. Respect ain’t given, nigga. It’s earned.”

Pop Smoke Quotes That’ll Serve as Your Inspiration

10. “Through the pain and struggles, I rise like a phoenix.”

11. “I’m the master of my own destiny. Watch me shine.”

12. “In the darkest night, you become a shining star.”

13. “Be fearless in the pursuit of greatness.”

14. “Dream big, work hard, and make it happen.”

15. “Sometimes, you gotta be selfish when you tryna build an empire.”

Motivational Pop Smoke Quotes to Keep You Going

16. “Stay focused, go hard, and never settle.”

17. “I’m just tryna make it out, no doubt.”

18. “You gotta grind and hustle if you wanna see success.”

19. “Keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles come your way.”

20. “Success is sweeter when you’ve overcome adversity.”

21. ”No matter how tough it gets, remember why you started.”

22. “You gotta risk it all to get to the top.”

Short Pop Smoke Quotes on His Tenacity and Greatness

23. ”I’m not a quitter; I’m a fighter.”

24. “They said I couldn’t, so I did.”

25. “I’m on a mission to inspire greatness in others.”

26. “Be in control of your own shit and your creations.”

27. “I make rap. Rap don’t make me.”

28. “We rich. We came from the bottom.”

Pop Smoke Quotes About Friends

29. “Friends turn into family when loyalty is the foundation.”

30. “Real ones stick together, no matter the weather.”

31. “Keep your circle small and your vision big.”

32. “I’m grateful for the friends who stayed true from the start.”

33. “A real friend is always there, no matter the distance.”

34. “When times are tough, true friends never leave your side.”

35. “Friends who hustle together, rise together.”

36. “Friendship is a bond that can’t be broken.”

37. “It’s not about the quantity of friends, but the quality.”

38. “Surround yourself with those who believe in your dreams.”

39. “I ride for my brothers and only my brothers, you understand.”

Pop Smoke Quotes About Life

40. “Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride and learn from the bumps.”

41. “Life’s a journey, and I’m taking mine with every breath.”

42. “I’m too focused on my goals to let distractions derail me.”

Pop Smoke Quotes on Love

43. “You know, I never found love until I looked between your eyes.”

44. “You got my heart beating so fast to words I can’t pronounce.”

45. “Close my eyes while I sleep; hope you be there when I wake.”

46. “She said, ‘What you know ’bout love?’ I got what you need.”

47. “Don’t let my heart turn cold. Have mercy on many men.”

48. “You don’t gotta worry about nothing as long as you with me.”

More Pop Smoke Quotes and Lyrics for Instagram

49. “I don’t get mad; I get money.”

50. “I’m up in all the stores. When it rains, it pours.”

51. “I’m rich, but I’m ridin’; I’m low on exotic.”

52. “I did some wrong, but I’m always right.”

53. “If I tell you once, won’t tell you twice. I’m real discreet like a thief in the night.”

54. “Nobody innocent; if you ain’t dead, better lay down.”

55. “Wish death upon me. Yeah, I don’t cry no more. I don’t look to the sky no more ’cause I got it on me.”

What’s the Most Impactful Quote in This Collection, and How Did It Change Your Perspective?

When people search for Pop Smoke, you’d better bet that one of his most famous quotes, “Shoot for the stars; aim for the moon,” will pop up, too. This is no surprise because this quote perfectly summarizes his life philosophy.

On the journey toward our dreams, we often get discouraged by the opinions of others, causing us to give up. However, as we’ve learned from Pop Smoke, look forward and never look back.

Pop Smoke is no longer with us, but we can still embrace his words of wisdom. He continues to remind us that success is no easy feat.

Everyone must work hard, and some may have to work harder than others to achieve their goals. Then, when you’ve reached the top, it requires continuous effort and determination to maintain your position; these are all parts of reality.

The journey to success is an endless struggle, but the rewards are worth it if you stay true to your passions and never give up. So, let Pop Smoke’s best quotes motivate you to stay focused on your goals.

You will face many failures along the way. But if you keep pushing forward, no challenge is insurmountable!

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