40 Regina George Quotes on Being Everyone’s Queen Bee

If you’re a fan of Mean Girls, then this collection of the best Regina George quotes will be right up your alley!

Regina George is one of the main antagonists of our favorite teen movie, Mean Girls. As the undisputed ruler of her school, she has all the qualities of a queen.

She’s beautiful and intelligent, but she’s also manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants.

In a very stereotypical high school setting, Regina George rules North Shore High School with Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners.

But, though they appear to be good friends on the outside, many people believe that Karen and Gretchen are only lackeys working for her.

Regina also takes Cady Heron, the movie’s protagonist, under her wing. Later on, she develops a bitter attitude toward her because of her growing popularity and interest in Aaron Samuels.

She isn’t such a good example for teens. But, there’s no denying that her presence in Mean Girls is what made the movie a true success.

With that, make sure you read through to the end of this list to find out more about her!

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Best Regina George Quotes

1. “So you agree, you think you’re really pretty.”

2. “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.”

3. “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”

4. “They say you’re a homeschooled jungle freak who’s a less hot version of me.”

5. “I mean, I couldn’t have a lesbian at my party.” 

6. “You cannot do that. That is social suicide. Damn! You are so lucky you have us to guide you.”

7. “Is butter a carb?”

8. “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

9. “She thinks she’s gonna have a party and not invite me? Who does she think she is? I, like, invented her, you know what I mean?”

Famous Regina George Quotes

10. “I know she’s kind of socially retarded and weird, but she’s my friend. So, just promise me you won’t make fun of her.”

11. “I love her, she’s like a Martian!”

12. “Boo, you whore.” 

13. “God, Karen, you are so stupid.”

14. “At least you guys can wear halters. I have man shoulders.”

15. “You can take that fake apology, and shove it right up your hairy—.”

16. “I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him.”

17. “Oh my God, I love your skirt! Where did you get it?”

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Sarcastic Regina George Quotes to Better Understand Her Personality

18. “Why do you wear your hair like that? Your hair looks so sexy pushed back. Cady, will you please tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back.”

19. “Jason, you do not come to a party at my house with Gretchen and then scam on some poor innocent girl right in front of us three days later. She’s not interested.”

20. “I’m going to forgive you because I’m a very Zen person. And I’m on a lot of pain medication right now.”

21. “Gretchen told me you like Aaron Samuels. I mean, I don’t care, do whatever you want, but lemme just tell you something about Aaron, all he cares about is school and his mom and his friends.”

22. “So you’ve never been to a real school before? Shut up. Shut up!”

23. “Oh, this is Susan from Planned Parenthood. I have her test results, if you could have her give me a call as soon as she can, it’s urgent, thank you.”

24. “To find out that everyone hates me? I don’t care!”

25. “I didn’t want anyone else to have it. But that’s just me.”

26. “And right now, you’re getting on my last nerve! Switch!”

27. “This girl is the nastiest sk*nk b*tch I’ve ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut.”

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Regina George Quotes That We Can All Relate To

28. “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

29. “These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.”

30. “I’m only eating foods with less than 30% calories from fat.”

31. “I can’t go to Taco Bell. I’m on an all-carb diet.”

32. “My pores are huge!”

More Regina George Quotes for Fans of The Plastics

33. “Oh, Cady, here you go, one for you—and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.”

34. “She’s not going out with anyone.”

35. “I didn’t ask your opinion.”

36. “Because that vest was disgusting!”

37. “That is the ugliest f*cking skirt I’ve ever seen.”

38. “Then it’s settled, so you can go shave your back now.”

39. “Aren’t you so mad at Gretchen for telling me?”

40. “Fine! You can walk home, b*tches.”

Have You Ever Encountered Someone Similar to Regina George?

Many people may think that we should all despise Regina George. But, though her personality is generally a bad influence, we’re sure that at one point or another, you loved her when you were younger!

We can’t blame you because even though she’s made some bad decisions, there are also a lot of life lessons we can learn from her mistakes. Regina George taught us about the inner workings of cliques, fame and popularity, and of course, revenge.

When you’re famous and belong in a clique, you may think you’re all that, and you’re all set for life. However, you must be more discerning of the people you surround yourself with. Just because they’re friends with you on the outside doesn’t mean they’re genuine people who will stand by you through thick and thin and accept you for who you are.

Regina George also learns about revenge the hard way. She made many mistakes and bad choices in her high school life, and everything ultimately blew up in her face—even causing her to be hit by a bus!

Indeed, popularity is not everything. If you’re not true to yourself and continue being manipulative, you will never truly form genuine relationships. So, learn from Regina George; be yourself and accept people for who they are!

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