30 Bratz Quotes to Make Your Friendship Stronger

These Bratz quotes will teach you all you need to know about fashion, and of course, genuine friendship!

We’ve all heard of the Bratz, an American fashion doll created by Carter Bryant. The dolls have been such a hit that Hollywood made a live-action feature film to bring the four friends to life!

Bratz revolved around four best friends who had just started high school. In the movie, the student body president wishes to divide them into different social cliques. The friends drift apart as they are forced to stay within their cliques.

There may have been many ups and downs, but Bratz proves that nothing can stand against true friends. So, do you want to learn how they were able to rekindle their strong bond? Browse our collection to be inspired to value your friends!

Let’s get started.

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Best Bratz Quotes

1. “We were a team. We always had each other’s backs.” – Jade

2. “Yeah, well you don’t look ignorant. But I guess you can’t judge a book right?” – Dylan

3. “Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.” – Meygan

4. “It’s the cliques. We’re all in them. That’s just how high school works. Sasha, you’re a cheerleader, Cloe’s a jock, and Jade, you spend your time between science and Home-ec geeks.” – Yasmin

5. “We will be ourselves just like we used to be.” – Yasmin

6. “We have to make time for each other.” – Jade

Bratz Quotes That Talk About Friendship

7. “It is a big deal. Friendship is a big deal.” – Jade

8. “We have to take control of our lives, of our friendships. It’s our own fault. We can be friends with each other and do our own thing, right?” – Yasmin

9. “Like when you canceled your ski trip to help Cloe study for finals. That’s what friends do.” – Yasmin

10. “I mean, everyone at school is only friends with the people in their group, but we’ve decided to be friends with everyone.” – Yasmin

11. “You and your friends have put aside all your differences and made it work.” – Sasha’s Dad

Meaningful Bratz Quotes to Make You Reflect

12. “Yeah, and it doesn’t matter if we win. We gotta stand up for ourselves. Show some attitude.” – Sasha

13. “Well, you girls are doing the right thing. You walk into school, you socialize with each other, with everyone. You walk in with your heads held high. And you walk in with these gorgeous new shoes.” – Bubbie

14. “That’s so weird. Fashion’s like your superpower. You shouldn’t have to hide it.” – Yasmin

15. “Please, that’s like a textbook definition of superpower. It’s a thing in your life that you’re really amazing at, but you hide it from the world so people will think you’re normal.” – Jade

16. “Now, being president of the school is a huge responsibility. And it is one that I take very seriously.” – Meredith

Bratz Quotes That Will Tell You More About Their Personalities

17. “You know what? Neither one of you ever thinks anything through. It’s always me having to pick up the pieces.” – Jade

18. “That is so like you! You’ve always been the queen of denial.” – Sasha

19. “Don’t get your pants in a twist. Perfection takes time, and I’m worth every single second.” – Manny

20. “I’m not a snob, I’m just better than you are, yeah!” – Jade

21. “Aw, you did not just say that! Keep talking! Someday you’ll say something intelligent.” – Sasha

22. “Same old, same old, I just wish my parents could see who I really am.” – Jade

More Bratz Quotes for Fans of the Dolls and the Movie

23. “What are you talking about, Sasha? At least we don’t buy our friends with our daddy’s bank account.” – Cloe

24. “Lucky guess. Okay, 40 minutes, front entrance, we walk in together. Adios!” – Yasmin

25. “No. It’s not. When your parents got divorced, Cloe and her mom were totally there for you. Don’t forget that, Sasha.” – Jade

26. “That’s interesting. We haven’t talked in two years ever since you dumped us to be the queen of the dorks!” – Sasha

27. “Just to keep Mom and Dad off my back. I’m also gonna rule Home-ec. I’m gonna need sewing machines for projects. I’m gonna have the hottest clothes ever. Break.” – Jade

28. “You know what? You’re not as bad as people say you are. You’re worse!” – Yasmin

29. “Okay, you are so wrong. He never looks me in the eye, he’s never asked me out, and he can never even remember my name. Oh, my God. He’s crazy about me! Promise we’ll never let anything break us up ever again.” – Yasmin

30. Jade: “Hey, girl.”

Yasmin: “Okay, it’s a big school. It’s the first day. We’re just freshmen. What are we gonna do?”

Cloe: “Blend?”

Sasha: “Own it!”

Yasmin: “Right.”

How Much Do You Value Your Friends?

Friendship is one of the most powerful bonds anyone can wish for. It is a committed relationship between people who share common interests and feelings.

Since they first met, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, and Cloe have been inseparable. They have always supported each other’s unique personalities, talents, and fabulous fashion styles.

In times of difficulties, they stood by each other and came up with solutions without compromising their friendship. They are reminders that true empowerment comes from the support of people who love and believe in us.

Though originally dolls, there’s no doubt that Bratz can serve as models for girls, young and old alike! So, if you’re going through a rough patch with your friends or need some advice, then feel free to reread this collection!

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