30 Sixteen Candles Quotes for an Exciting Burst of Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane through this list of the 30 best Sixteen Candles quotes!

You might think that Sixteen Candles is your typical coming-of-age movie. But, it’s so much more than that! It has goofy humor you won’t get tired of, sweet and relatable scenes, and even some meaningful life lessons you can learn from!

Everything started when Samantha Baker’s family forgot her 16th birthday. That’s already a funny start to a movie. But, it goes on with her discovery and journey of figuring out love, relationships, and even things she feels shy about, like puberty and sensuality.

Sixteen Candles is a masterpiece that perfectly blends comedy into real-life experiences. So, read on if you want to learn more about the movie, its characters, and the lessons you can learn!

Check out the list below.

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Best Sixteen Candles Quotes

1. “That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they’d call ’em something else.” – Jim Baker

2. “I can’t believe it. They f*cking forgot my birthday.” – Samantha Baker 

3. “I want a serious girlfriend. Somebody I can love, that’s gonna love me back. Is that psycho.” – Jake Ryan

4. Samantha Baker: “I loathe the bus. There has to be a more dignified mode of transportation.”

5. The Geek: “How’s it goin’?”

Samantha Baker: “How’s what going?”

The Geek: “You know things, life, whatnot.”

Samantha Baker: “Life is not whatnot, and it’s none of your business.”

6. Samantha Baker: “Thanks for getting my undies back.”

Jake Ryan: “Thanks for coming over.”

Samantha Baker: “Thanks for coming to get me.”

Jake Ryan: “Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.”

Samantha Baker: “It already came true.”

7. “Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? It’s bad for your complexion.” – Randy

8. Brenda Baker: “Don’t be a smartass.”

Mike Baker: “Okay, I’ll be a dumbass.”

9. “Chronologically, you’re 16 today. Physically, you’re still 15—hopeless.” – Samantha Baker

10. Brenda Baker: “Can you remember to turn off the stove in 20 minutes?”

Samantha Baker: “I can remember lots of things.”

11. “Donger’s here for five hours, and he’s got somebody. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’m like a disease.” – Samantha Baker

Sixteen Candles Quotes for Great Lines You’ll Never Forget

12. “What’s happenin’ hot stuff?” – Long Duk Dong

13. “Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes?” – The Geek

14. “No more yankie my wankie. The Donger needs food!” – Long Duk Dong

15. “It’s really human of you to listen to all my bullshit.” – Samantha Baker

16. Jake Ryan: “I’ll make a deal with you. You let me keep these, I’ll let you take Caroline home.

But you gotta make sure she gets home, you can’t leave her in some parking lot. Okay?”

The Geek: “Jake, I’m only a freshman.”

Jake Ryan: “So? She’s so blitzed she won’t know the difference.”

The Geek: “Jake, I don’t have a car.”

Jake Ryan: “You can take mine.”

The Geek: “Jake, I don’t have a license.”

Jake Ryan: “I trust you.”

17. Randy: “Jake Ryan? He doesn’t even know you exist.”

Samantha Baker: “Thank you, that’s a very nice thing to say.”

Randy: “I’m sorry, but Jake Ryan? He’s a senior, and he’s taken. I mean, really taken.”

Samantha Baker: “I know. He’s supposed to be my ideal.”

Randy: “He’s ideal for sure, but, forget it.”

Samantha Baker: “God, I hope whoever got the note doesn’t know it was me who wrote it. I’d sh*t twice and die.”

18. “I really love Rudy. He is totally enamored of me. I mean, I’ve had other men love me before, but not for six months in a row.” – Ginny Baker

Sixteen Candles Quotes to Revisit Your Favorite Characters’ Scenes

19. Mike Baker: “Dad, she’s got her period. Should make for an interesting honeymoon, huh?”

Jim Baker: “Where are you learning that stuff?”

Mike Baker: “School.”

Jim Baker: “Good. I get my money’s worth.”

20. “I can’t believe I gave my panties to a geek.” – Samantha Baker 

21. “Nope, I look exactly the same as I have since summer, utterly forgettable. No, I didn’t expect to wake up transformed. I just thought that turning sixteen would be so major that I would wake up with an improved mental state that would show on my face. All it shows is that I don’t have any sort of a tan left.” – Samantha Baker

22. Long Duk Dong: “Very clever dinner. Appetizing food fits neatly into an interesting round pie.”

Mike Baker: “It’s a quiche.”

Long Duk Dong: “How do you spell?”

Grandpa Fred: “Well you don’t spell it, son, you eat it.”

Sixteen Candles Quotes That Are Worth Reading

23. Samantha Baker: “When you don’t have anything, you don’t have anything to lose. Right?”

Randy: “That’s a cheerful thought.”

24. Jake Ryan: “I do independent study with her. I catch her lookin’ at me a lot. It’s kinda cool, the way she’s always lookin’ at me.”

Rock: “Maybe she’s retarded.”

Jake Ryan: “I’m being serious, okay? She looks at me like she’s in love with me.”

25. “This information cannot leave this room. Okay? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.” – The Geek

26. “Do you know how many times a week I go without lunch because some b*tch borrows my lunch money? Y’know, any halfway decent girl can rob me blind, because I’m too torqued up to say no.” – The Geek

27. Ginny Baker: “No, Sam, I think you’re just being a little selfish—and immature.”

Samantha Baker: “Oh, yes, that’s it. That’s exactly it.”

Ginny Baker: “Unbelievable. You make someone a bridesmaid and they sh*t all over you.”

More Sixteen Candles Quotes for Those Who Loved the Movie

28. Grandma Helen: “Oh Sam, let me look at you. Fred, she’s gotten her boobies.”

Grandpa Fred: “Better go get my magnifying glass.”

Grandma Helen: “Oh, and they are so perky.”

29. Caroline Mulford: “Who’s he?”

Jake Ryan: “That’s me.”

Caroline Mulford: “Who are you?”

Jake Ryan: “I’m him.”

Caroline Mulford: “Oh, okay.”

30. Marlene: “So—what’s your name?”

Long Duk Dong: “Dong.”

Marlene: “What’s your first name?”

Long Duk Dong: “Long.”

Marlene: “What’s your middle name?”

Long Duk Dong: “Duk.”

Did These Sixteen Candles Guide You Through the Journey of Maturity?

Sixteen Candles is a great movie that tackles one’s coming of age and the challenges and fun experiences that come with it. Our teenage years are undoubtedly one of our most awkward phases. After all, it’s a time when we’re just figuring out everything about ourselves—our fashion, goals, friends, relationships, and more.

To be honest, we can say that we try to plan and concretize everything we want when we reach this stage of our lives. However, as we’ve learned from the movie, life is not that simple; sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Another thing we must remember is that not everyone will like and accept us for who we are—and that’s okay.

We learn from Samantha Baker that usually, the only thing we have to do is be ourselves and let time do its magic. We won’t be the person we want to be overnight, so be patient. Go through the process of growing up and figuring out every bit of life.

Along the way, you’ll also meet good friends who will shape you into the person you ought to be. Not everyone will like you and cheer you on, but as long as you have people—family and friends—who will love you for who you are, then all’s well. Remember that sometimes, it’s your quirks that make others love you!

So, don’t ever forget that the only person who will be 100% on your side is you. As cliche as it might sound, you are beautiful in your own way. Please, feel free to read this list of quotes again whenever you need a reminder!

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