25 The Santa Clause Quotes From Our Favorite Christmas Movie

Read these The Santa Clause quotes and ride your reindeer to the North Pole!

Kids see the world differently. It’s much bigger, wider, and infinitely more magical. In their eyes, everything is possible as long as you believe.

However, for adults, it’s the opposite. We’re usually too focused on the logical explanation of things, making it seem like the world’s magic has disappeared. If you feel the same, you better watch The Santa Clause.

It’s a Christmas movie that awakens an adult’s love for the impossible. It’s filled with everything that will remind you of the holidays: snow, gifts, and of course, Santa Claus. However, remember that its lessons are things you can apply in every aspect—and season—of your life, not just Christmas!

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Best The Santa Clause Quotes

1. “Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.” – Judy The Elf

2. Dr. Neil Miller: “What about Santa’s reindeer? Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?”

Charlie Calvin: “Yes.”

Dr. Neil Miller: “Well, I haven’t.”

Charlie Calvin: “Have you ever seen a million dollars?”

Dr. Neil Miller: “No.”

Charlie Calvin: “Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

3. “Who gave you permission to tell Charlie there was no Santa Claus? I think if we’re going to destroy our son’s delusions, I should be a part of it.” – Scott Calvin

4. Charlie Calvin: “You said you believe in Santa Claus, right, Dad?”

Scott Calvin: “I did? I do!”

5. Scott Calvin: “You know, I must say, you look pretty good for your age.”

Judy The Elf: “Thanks, but I’m seeing someone in wrapping.”

6. “Can we take a direct flight back to reality, or do we have to change planes in Denver?” – Scott Calvin

7. Charlie Calvin: “Get the bag of toys.”

Scott Calvin: “And do what?”

Charlie Calvin: “Go down the chimney.”

Scott Calvin: “Down the chimney? You want me to take the toys down the chimney into a strange house—in my underwear?”

8. “Where are you gonna get more sweaters after the circus pulls out of town?” – Scott Calvin

9. Charlie Calvin: “Whoa, Dad! You’re flying!”

Scott Calvin: “It’s okay; I’m used to it. I lived through the ’60s.”

10. Dr. Neil Miller: “Scott, what was the last thing you and Charlie did before you went to bed on Christmas Eve?”

Scott Calvin: “We shared a bowl of sugar, did some shots of brown liquor, played with my shotguns, field-dressed a cat, looked for women—I read him a book!”

Dr. Neil Miller: “What book?”

Scott Calvin: “Uh, ‘Hollywood Wives.’ ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ folks, come on!”

Iconic The Santa Clause Quotes You’ll Want to Read Over and Over

11. “Sometimes believing in something means you—means you just believe in it.” – Scott Calvin

12. “That is exactly why you want a high-quality fire extinguisher right in the kitchen.” – Scott Calvin

13. Scott Calvin: “Great. I’ll just go preheat the oven.”

Charlie Calvin: “And don’t forget the fire extinguisher.”

14. Bernard The Head Elf: “Excuse me. Are we on a coffee break?”

Kid Elf: “We don’t drink coffee.”

Bernard The Head Elf: “Then I guess the break is over! Back to work. Thanks.”

15. “Charlie, stay away from those things; they are reindeer. You don’t know where they’ve been. They all look like they’ve got the key lime disease.” – Scott Calvin

16. Scott Calvin: “Hey, kid, kid, who is in charge here?”

Larry the Elf: “You are! And I’m not a kid, I have pointy shoes that are older than you. I am an elf.”

17. “I believe in Santa Claus. I’m not a baby.” – Laura Miller

18. “We’re getting the Disney Channel now, Merry Christmas.” – Scott Calvin

19. Charlie Calvin: “Neil doesn’t believe in Santa.”

Scott Calvin: “Well, Neil’s head comes to a point.”

20. Scott Calvin: “Nothing, Bernard. I’m just saying goodbye to Charlie.”

Bernard The Head Elf: “What goodbye? Charlie, you still got the glass ball I gave you right?”

Charlie Calvin: “Yeah.”

Bernard The Head Elf: “Well, all you gotta do is shake it whenever you want to see your dad.”

Charlie Calvin: “Really?”

Bernard The Head Elf: “He can come back to visit anytime, day or night. Hey, have I ever steered you wrong?”

The Santa Clause Quotes That’ll Make You Watch the Movie Again

21. “If something should happen to me, put on my suit; the reindeer will know what to do.” – Scott Calvin

22. Scott Calvin: “Why not? What if I don’t buy any of this Santa Clause thing? What if I choose not to believe it?”

Bernard The Head Elf: “Then there would be millions of disappointed children around the world. You see, children hold the spirit of Christmas within their hearts. You don’t wanna be responsible for killing the spirit of Christmas, now would you, Santa?”

23. Sarah the Little Girl: “You’re fatter this year.”

Scott Calvin: “Thank you. You’ve grown, too. Now go back to sleep. I think the milk’s a little sour.”

Sarah the Little Girl: “It’s soy milk.

Scott Calvin: “Huh?”

Sarah the Little Girl: “You said you were lactose intolerant.”

Scott Calvin: “I did say that, didn’t I? Thank you for remembering.”

24. Bernard The Head Elf: “I’ll ship the list to your house.”

Scott Calvin: “What list?”

Bernard The Head Elf: “You know, the list. He’s making a list—.”

Charlie Calvin: “Checkin’ it twice!”

Elves: “Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice!”

25. Scott Calvin: “Hey, Charlie, you know how to call 911?”

Charlie Calvin: “Sure, 9-1-1.”

Did You Believe in Santa Clause When You Were Younger?

Because of the world’s harsh reality, it’s easy to forget the magical days we had when we were younger. For many, among those that made their childhood unforgettable would be Santa Claus. Santa is the symbol of the Christmas spirit; frankly, this holiday wouldn’t be the same without him.

In the movie, Charlie says, “Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Though this line is meant for those doubting Santa’s existence, it can also easily be applied to any aspect of our life.

There are many things in this world that we can’t explain. However, just because we can’t come up with a logical explanation for them, or if we can’t physically see them, does it mean they’re not true?

Magic is embedded in every bit of our lives. We only have to see things through a different lens to recognize them. So, sometimes, let yourself go and be more like a child who sees the infinite possibilities in everything.

No matter how old you get, never forget about the lessons you’ve gotten from Scott, Charlie, and your other favorite characters in The Santa Clause. Remember, the spirit of Christmas—and the spirit of everything you wish to be true—lies inside you!

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