25 Togo Quotes on the Spirit of a Determined Sled Dog

Read these top 25 Togo quotes that’ll transport you to the snowy Alaskan mountains!

As its title poster implies, Togo was based on the untold true story of the canine who’s most responsible for delivering the diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska. The movie itself focuses on Togo and Seppala’s relationship, Togo’s childhood, and how he came to be the leader of the pack.

Based on the true story, Togo was relatively small, sickly, and mischievous as a pup. These qualities made his owner, Leonhard Seppala, think he was not fit to be part of the sledding team. Thus, he kept him as a house dog and wanted to give him away.

However, this biopic shows us that Togo proved Leonhard Seppala and the whole world wrong. Togo is rightly and deservedly considered one of the most heroic animals in history. To know more about him, read this list of quotes!

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Best Togo Quotes

1. “I always thought he lived for the sled. What he lived for, was me.” – Leonhard Seppala

2. “Never in 12 years had he not at least turned for them. When an animal denies his nature and runs for the barn because he fears the storm, man better fear the storm.” – Leonhard Seppala

3. “If you’re around them long enough, they tend to get under your skin.” – Leonhard Seppala

4. “Old dogs forget, but he will remember, with advantages, what feats he did that day.” – Leonhard Seppala

5. “If you were lucky enough to know a great one, they never really leave. They stay with you as long as you live. Harnessed to your heart, giving their all. Always.” – Leonhard Seppala

6. Constance Seppala: “What does it cost you to give this life a chance?”

Leonhard Seppala: “What does he bring to the breed if he survives?”

Constance Seppala: “The heart of a survivor.”

Leonhard Seppala: “You’re too softhearted.”

Constance Seppala: “You’re too Norwegian.”

7. “Well done, Togo! Well done, all! There will be full bellies and warm beds tonight! Alright, Togo. Hike!” – Leonhard Seppala

8. “Come, my pups! Are we to fear ice now?” – Leonhard Seppala

9. “Personally, I never cared for the notion that sled dogs should be replaced by machines. But today, I’m a champion of progress.” – Leonhard Seppala

10. “I must say this before you make a decision you’ll forever regret. You’re more attached to him than you know, and you’re about to run him to his death. And you’re not prepared for what it’s going to do, I promise you.” – Constance Seppala

Togo Quotes That’ll Warm Every Dog Lover’s Heart

11. “I tried to give him away, you know? Twice.” – Leonhard Seppala

12. “And, were I more pragmatic, I wouldn’t love him. But I do. I am just so heartsick that these are my last hours with him.” – Constance Seppala

13. “He’s more trouble than he’s worth.” – Victor Anderson

14. “His heart runs faster than his legs.” – Inuit Villager

15. “He, which hath no stomach in this fight, let him depart. His passport shall be made. We will not die in that dog’s company.” – Leonhard Seppala

16. “Then shall our names familiar in his mouth as household words, Seppala, the driver, Fritz and Sally, Molly and Red and Togo, the great Togo in lead, be all in their flowing water bowls freshly remembered. And dogs in Nome, now abed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here. We few, we happy few, we band of champions. Now, run, my pups. Run!” – Leonhard Seppala

Togo Quotes That’ll Fill You With Hope

17. “Hey, bring him back to me, okay? And you come back to me. Good boy.” – Constance Seppala

18. Constance Seppala: “Can it even be done with this weather?”

Leonhard Seppala: “Anything can be done.”

19. “We have to be smart about this. You’re going to ride in the sled when I tell you. No squirming, no arguments for once. Got one more in ya, pup?” – Leonhard Seppala

20. “A runt has more imperfections than just size, you know? Nature has its way of sorting things out.” – Leonhard Seppala

21. “Don’t worry, young one. Soon, it’ll be warm again.” – Inuit Villager

More Togo Quotes to Reflect On

22. “Towns are usually founded by topography—proximity to roads and rivers. Nome was founded by luck. The gold at Anvil Creek? You could see it with your naked eye, pick it up with your fingers from the sand. Gold dries up. Luck dries up.” – Dr. Curtis Welch

23. Constance Seppala: “So you’ll go?”

Leonhard Seppala: “I just got home. You’re anxious to be rid of me?”

Constance Seppala: “Could be.”

Leonhard Seppala: “Have a reason for me to be gone, do you?”

Constance Seppala: “I have lovers.”

Leonhard Seppala: “Ah.”

Constance Seppala: “Too many to count.”

Leonhard Seppala: “I have no one but myself to blame. I was warned not to marry someone so beautiful.”

Constance Seppala: “Warned by whom?”

Leonhard Seppala: “Everyone with eyesight.”

24. “How many times do I have to remind you? They’re not pets. They’re not our friends. They’re not our children. They’re animals. Work animals.” – Leonhard Seppala

25. Mayor George Maynard: “So the time of dog not only continues; it’s at hand.”

Leonhard Seppala: “So you felt the need to come all the way out here to share this news?”

Constance Seppala: “Some things you need to say to a man’s face. Isn’t that right, Mayor?”

What Do You Think About Togo and Seppala’s Heroic Contributions?

Dogs, indeed, are man’s best friend. If not, would we trust them so much to lead us through miles of snowy mountains, crevasses, and any other dangers? We’ve even entrusted them to carry and deliver life-saving serums!

In Togo, we get a glimpse of a dog’s untold heroic contribution. Balto, another dog, is the more famous canine everyone thinks traveled hundreds of miles to help save a town of people. However, with the release of this 2019 movie, we understand that Balto only ran the last few miles; Togo led the pack for over 261 miles during the Great Race of Mercy.

The events of the Great Race of Mercy happened long ago, and Togo has long since passed away. However, now that we know what really transpired, let’s all remember and celebrate him with gratitude. Let’s all love our pets, who also dedicate all their love and life to us.

Let’s be thankful for Togo and Balto, who did all they could to help save a town and support their owners! With that, we hope this list of the best Togo quotes was able to touch and warm your heart!

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