30 The Fugitive Quotes on What It’s Like to Be on the Run

If you’ve ever been wrongly accused, you’ll relate to Kimble’s experiences when reading these The Fugitive quotes!

What kind of nightmare is it to be wrongly accused of something—especially the murder of your beloved? It’s harsh and can easily break you down. However, no matter how much doubt there was against him, Dr. Richard Kimble wanted to prove his innocence.

When he was convicted, he got locked up in prison. He, however, was able to escape, and it started a cat-and-mouse chase between him and a cunning and strict officer who wanted nothing but to get him behind bars.

Often, it’s too easy to believe that what everyone else is saying is correct. However, sometimes, we must stop, reflect, and think for ourselves.

So, dive deep into the mind games that The Fugitive has to offer through this collection of quotes.

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Best The Fugitive Quotes

1. Copeland: “Now you listen, and you listen good. I don’t care which way you run. Just don’t follow me, got it?”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Hey, Copeland? Be good.”

2. Helen Kimble: “Thank you for coming with me to that charity ball. I know how much you hate those functions, but God, I love looking at you in a tux.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “I just feel I look like I’m a waiter or something. Hello?”

Chicago Memorial Employee: “Dr. Kimble?”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Yes, it is.”

Chicago Memorial Employee: “Sorry to bother you, sir, but Dr. Stevens just went into emergency OR and asked if you could give him a hand on this one.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Alright, call him back. Tell him I’ll be right there.”

Chicago Memorial Employee: “Thank you, Doctor.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Yep, thank you. Good night.”

Helen Kimble: “I’ll wait up for you. I’ll wait up for you. I’ll wait up for you.”

3. Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “It’s hinky, Sam. I mean, this guy is a college graduate. He became a doctor. I mean, he ain’t gonna go through here with all this security. Hinky.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Biggs, what does that mean—hinky?”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “I don’t know. Strange. Weird.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Well, why don’t you say strange or weird? I mean—hinky—that has no meaning.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Well, we say hinky.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I don’t want you guys using words with no meaning. I’m taking the stairs.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “How about bullshit? How about bullshit, Sam?”

4. State Trooper: “Hey, Doc! We’re looking for a prisoner from that bus-train wreck a couple of hours ago, might be hurt.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Uh, what does he look like?”

State Trooper: “Six-one, one-eighty, brown hair, brown eyes, beard. See anyone like that around?”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Every time I look in the mirror, pal—except for the beard, of course!”

5. Deputy Marshal Erin Poole: “Chester Police just found a blood trail! Two miles, southeast.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Robert?”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Yo!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Type that blood, match it against all four prisoners. Renfro?”

Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “Yo!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Get a fax ID on Kimble to every local hospital. And follow with the troopers. Newman?”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “Yes?”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “What are you doing?”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “I’m thinking.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut with some of those little sprinkles on top, will you? As long as you’re thinking?”

6. Sheriff Rawlins: “Marshal, I do not want to tell you how to do your job, but only one person in a million could survive that fall! The guy is fish food!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Fine. Go get a cane pole, and catch the fish that ate him.”

7. “What can I tell you, sir? Mr. Copeland was a bad man. He was gonna kill one of my kids. Well, sir, you can blame me. I mean, I’m the one who shot him. So he showed up not dead yet. Let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Don’t ever argue with the big dog. The big dog is always right.” – Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

8. Dr. Richard Kimble: “I thought you said you didn’t care.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I don’t. Don’t tell anyone, will you?”

9. Old Prison Guard: “The bus rolls over several times before it settled at the bottom of the hill here. I don’t know if I passed out or what, but, when I looked up, the train was bearing down on us. Fast. I don’t know how, uh, it’s still kinda hazy, but, somehow, I grabbed him and—and I pushed him out of the bus.”

Sheriff Rawlins: “You’re a brave man. You could’ve both been killed.”

Old Prison Guard: “Yeah, I know! But, hell, he’s my partner. He would have done the same for me.”

10. Dr. Richard Kimble: “I didn’t kill my wife!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I don’t care!”

11. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Son of a bitch, our boy came home.”

Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “That bell! That bell’s the bell on the Wells Street Bridge. It’s six blocks away.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I knew that was an elevated train.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Oh yeah, big dog, you’re never wrong.”

12. Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Excuse me. Sam! Sam!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Oh, wow, gee whiz! Look here! You know, we’re always fascinated when we find leg irons with no legs in them! Who held the keys, sir?”

Old Prison Guard: “Me.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Where are those keys at?”

Old Prison Guard: “I don’t know.”

Deputy Marshal Erin Poole: “Care to revise your statement, sir?”

Old Prison Guard: “What?”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Do you want to change your bullshit story, sir?”

Old Prison Guard: “He mighta got out.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “‘He mighta got out?’”

Sheriff Rawlins: “What the hell is this?! A minute ago, you’re telling me he was part of the wreckage! Now he might have gotten out?!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Listen up, ladies and gentlemen! Our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground, bearing injuries, is four miles per hour, and that gives us a radius of—six miles. What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at 15 miles. Your fugitive’s name is Doctor Richard Kimble. Go get him.”

The Fugitive Quotes That’ll Keep You on Your Toes

13. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I wanna see a helicopter come over here, 100 feet off this river—make him aware of these wires.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Sam, what are you, out of your mind?! He’s dead!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “That ought to make him easy to catch. Hounds! I want hounds on both banks of this river for two miles upstream and downstream. You guys got a search-and-rescue team in this county? Get them down here and drag the bottom of this spillway. How come they haven’t turned off the water?”

Deputy Marshal Erin Poole: “Somebody from County’s working on it.”

14. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “How are you feeling?”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “Lousy. I have ringing in my ears. I am afraid I may suffer permanent hearing loss.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “You think I should have bargained with him?”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “Yes. Yes, I do. He could have killed me.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Can you hear me in this ear?”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “Yes.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “I. Don’t. Bargain.”

15. Dr. Richard Kimble: “Tell the attending he’s got a puncture in the epigastric area.”

Paramedic: “How the hell could he tell that by looking at his face?”

16. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Doctor Nichols, you really want to help him? You really want to be his friend? Then you’ll help us bring him in, unharmed.”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Why? So he can go back to prison? If you want help, gentlemen, you’ve come to the wrong man. Richard is innocent, and you’ll never find him. He’s too smart.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Oh, well, we’re pretty smart guys.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Yeah, what about us?”

Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “Last time I looked.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Yeah, we’re smart. We are. I mean, how smart could he be, really? Is he as smart as you are?”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Smarter.”

17. Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “Sam!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “What?”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “We just got a call from Harris Community Hospital. The wounded guard swears he saw Kimble outside the emergency room!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Well, that’s odd.”

Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs: “And an ambulance is missing.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Where’s he going in an ambulance?”

18. Dr. Charles Nichols: “Richard, I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of this speech!”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “You almost got away with it, didn’t you? I know all about it. I can prove it.”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Ladies and gentlemen, my friend Richard Kimble doesn’t feel well, obviously. So, if you will just go on with your dessert and coffee, I’ll be right back. Richard, would you mind to step aside, and we’ll just talk? Okay, so I’ll be back in just a second.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “You changed the samples, didn’t you, huh? You switched the samples after Lenz died! After Lenz died, you were the only one who had the access. You switched the samples, and the pathology reports. Did you kill Lenz, too? Huh? Did you? He falsified his research. So that RDU-90 could be approved, and Devlin McGregor could give you Provasic!”

19. Dr. Charles Nichols: “Oh, my god, Richard!”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “How are you, Charlie?”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Jesus, you’re back.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “I need some money.”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Sure, sure. Get in.”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “No, I can’t. Just whatever you got on you. You’re hot, pal. If not now, you will be.”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Have you got a place to stay? I mean, how can I help you?”

Police Officer: “You have a green light; get going!”

Dr. Charles Nichols: “Richard—.:

20. Detective Kelly: “Alright, let’s go over it again from the top. What time did he arrive at the house?”

Drug Dealer: ‘Around 10:30 in the morning.”

Detective Kelly: “And he was alone?”

Drug Dealer: “Yeah, he was alone.”

Detective Kelly: “And you got a good look at him?”

Drug Dealer: “Yeah, I got a real good look.”

Detective Rosetti: “You better be straight with me, kid. You mean to tell me that this is the guy staying in your mother’s basement?”

The Fugitive Quotes to Read if You Love Action Movies

21. “If they can dye the river green today, why can’t they dye it blue the other 364 days of the year?” – Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs

22. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “That’s my man!”

Detective Rosetti: “Not anymore, he’s not. He’s going down. You don’t help us, you stay the hell out!”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Arrest us.”

23. Dr. Charles Nichols: “You never give up, Richard, do you? You never give up!”

Dr. Richard Kimble: “Why Helen?”

24. “If he came to me, I would help him, but he wouldn’t come to me. It’s not his style.” – Dr. Kathy Wahlund

25. Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “What happened? Where’d he go?”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here.”

Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “What?”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Yeah. Boom.”

Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “Holy sh*t. Can we go home now?”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “No.”

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26. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Newman, we’re gonna send you a bunch of cops. Make sure they turn that place inside out.”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “You got it, Sam.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “And don’t let them give you any sh*t about your ponytail.”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “I won’t.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Well done, young man.”

Deputy Marshal Noah Newman: “My pleasure Sam.”

27. Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro: “When I die, I wanna come back just like you.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Oh, you mean happy and handsome?”

28. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Why did Richard Kimble kill his wife?”

Detective Kelly: “He did it for the money.”

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “What do you mean, he did it for the money? He’s a doctor. He’s already rich.”

Detective Kelly: “But she was more rich.”

29. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “How’s the boy doing?”

Dr. Anne Eastman: “He saved his life.”

30. “My, my, my. What a mess.” – Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

What Would You Feel if You Were Accused of Something You Didn’t Do?

Grieving the loss of a loved one is complicated as it is. So, imagine how difficult it was for Kimble, who was even convicted of committing a crime he didn’t do. Nonetheless, he was determined to prove his innocence to find justice and capture the man who killed his wife.

Through The Fugitive’s premise, we learn two important things. First, no matter who is against you, fight for what you believe in and never compromise your values. Secondly, don’t get blinded by what’s in front of you; always listen to all sides of the story.

Kimble knew he was innocent, so he fled from the police; he only wanted to find his wife’s killer. However, he continued to save strangers who needed medical attention while being hunted down. This showed how dedicated he was to his profession and determined he was to prove his innocence.

On the flip side, we have the relentless Philip Gerard, who just wants to put Kimble behind bars. While it’s great to be persistent, let’s always learn to listen to and understand all sides of the story, especially when you’re in the position of implementing the law.

The Fugitive is indeed packed with action, suspense, and thrill. However, we hope that through this list of quotes, you were able to discover a more profound and meaningful side to it!

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