15 Urban Cowboy Quotes on Marriage & Pride

Relive the scenes from the movie that impacted you the most by reading these Urban Cowboy quotes.

Nowadays, most people can’t accept that struggle is a vital part of a relationship. When things get tough, they’ll easily leave and just think that they are not meant to be. This is similar to how Bud and Sissy break apart when everything gets hard in their relationship.

Bud and Sissy met in Gilley’s bar, fell in love, and got married. However, constant problems soon plague their relationship.

While living together, they discover that they have a lot of differences. They fight very often about a lot of things; it may be about gender roles, extreme jealousy, lack of communication, or pride. That’s when they realized that marriage is full of trials.

So, if you want to keep your relationship forever, always try to understand your partner. To know more about the idea of marriage and love in Urban Cowboy, keep reading!

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Best Urban Cowboy Quotes

1. Sissy: “Uncle Bob wanted you to be happy. Are you happy?”

Bud Davis: “Yep, yes, I am. You?”

Sissy: “Yep, I finally got what I wanted. I got a real cowboy.”

Bud Davis: “And I got what I wanted. I finally got myself a real lady.”

Pam: “Bud, the family car’s waiting.”

Bud Davis: “The family car’s waiting.”

2. “All cowboys ain’t dumb. Some of them got smarts real good, like me.” – Bud Davis

3. Bob Davis: “You know Bud, sometimes even a cowboy’s gotta swallow his pride to hold on to somebody he loves.”

Bud Davis: “What do you mean?”

Bob Davis: “Hell, I know. I pretty near lost Corene and the kids a couple of times just because of pride. You know you think that all is pride’s gonna choke you going down, but I tell you what ain’t a night goes by I don’t thank the boss up there for giving me a big enough throat. Because without Corene and them kids, hell, I’d just be another pile of dog shit in the cantaloupe patch just drawing flies.”

Bud Davis: “I guess so.”

Bob Davis: “Think about it, Bud, pride’s one of those seven deadliest, you know what I mean?”

4. Sissy: “You a real cowboy?”

Bud Davis: “Well, that depends on what you think a real cowboy is.”

Sissy: “Know how to do two-step?”

Bud Davis: “You bet.”

Sissy: “Wanna prove it?”

5. Pam: “You did it for her, didn’t you?”

Bud Davis: “What?”

Pam: “Practicing, winning, all that, didn’t you?”

Bud Davis: “What are you talking about?”

Pam: “Because you sure didn’t do it for me.”

Bud Davis: “Pam, this ain’t no time to start this with me. What are you talking about?”

Pam: “Look, I’m a shit, but I’m not that big a shit. I have to tell you something; remember when you came home from riding on the bull that first time and the trailer was all clean and flowers around? I didn’t do that; Sissy did it. She was there. She left you a note asking you to phone her. I tore it up because I was sort of jealous. I wanted to keep my cowboy. You don’t love me, Bud, and I don’t really love you, not like that. So you shouldn’t let her get away. But I tell you, if you ever wanna make her jealous, you know where I am.”

Bud: “I gotta go.”

Short Urban Cowboy Quotes That Will Live Forever

6. “My legs are sweatin’, momma.” – Sissy

7. “Damn Bud, you’ll live like pigs!” – Corene Davis

8. “You can’t expect a man like me to be faithful to any woman.” – Wes Hightower

Urban Cowboy Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Watch the Movie Again

9. “There are just certain things a man wants from his wife. Like to be here when he gets home, to cook a meal once in a while, clean up, and make good love too.” – Bud Davis

10. “Hey, tattoo! You see this here? That there’s a wedding ring. That means we’re married! She’s mine, okay?” – Bud Davis

11. Bud Davis: “What happened to your face?”

Sissy: “Got hit.”

Bud Davis: “He hit you? I am going to kill that son of a bitch!”

12. Sissy: “I brought you some coffee.”

Bud David: “Get me a beer.”

Sissy: “Bud, if they smell beer on your breath at work—.”

Bud Davis: “Just get me a beer!”

Sissy: “Yes, sir.”

13. Bud Davis: “Now, you gotta learn something. There are just certain things a girl can’t do.”

Sissy: “Name one.”

Marshall: “I can name several, pissing on the side of a wall, getting laid while your pants are still on—.”

Sissy: “Why would you want to?”

14. Bud Davis: “What does your daddy do?”

Pam: “Daddy does oil, and that’s all that implies.”

15. Bud Davis: “How are you gonna get home?”

Sissy: “I got a thumb, I got a middle finger!”

What Does Marriage Mean to You?

Some may think that when two people get married, nothing can ever break them apart. But, the truth is, a marriage certificate is not enough to maintain your relationship forever. To keep it, you must have a deep understanding and immeasurable love for your partner.

Remember, we are all humans—far from being perfect. So, expect that your partner has insecurities, mistakes, and flaws. Despite that fact, you must still be willing to choose that person daily.

Keep in mind that marriage without trials is a mere illusion. Instead of asking for a relationship with no issues, ask for strength to overcome any challenges together. Learn from Bud and Sissy’s mistakes when they let their problem break them apart.

You will not achieve a long-lasting love life if you just leave after witnessing your partner’s deepest flaw. Remember, a successful relationship requires endless forgiveness and not an ego to feed.

Hopefully, this collection reminds you that marriage is all about teamwork and never about competition. So, be happy with everything your partner achieves instead of being jealous. Share happiness and worries together!

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