30 Venom Quotes That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

If you’re into action and humor-packed movies, you’ll be in for a treat whenever you browse through these Venom quotes we’ve rounded up.

Venom is the title character of one of Marvel’s most exciting movies. It zooms in on Eddie Brock, a struggling journalist, who comes across a symbiote. Because symbiotes can’t survive with a host, it bonds with Eddie, and soon, they become Venom.

Many people, at least on the outside, would view Venom as a villain. His looks, persona, and even the way he speaks scream that he’s an antagonist. However, throughout the movie, we see him deviate from his previous goals of destruction; Venom, in his own way and timeline, tries to do good.

Of course, it was not without difficulty. At first, there was an intense tug-of-war between Eddie and the symbiote—both trying their hardest to gain control of the power they had. Learn more about this unique team-up by reading the complete list below!

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Best Venom Quotes

1. “When I get out of here—and I will—there’s gonna be carnage.” – Cletus Kasady

2. Giant leaps will always come at a cost.” – Carlton Drake

3. “They try and silence those of us who ask questions. But you know what? In the end, we’re the ones who change the world.” – Carlton Drake

4. Venom: “Hmm. It is peaceful up here.”

Eddie Brock: “I’m not very good with heights.”

Venom: “Your world is not so ugly after all. I’m almost sorry to see it end.”

5. Shakedown Thug: “What the hell are you?”

Venom and Eddie Brock: “We are Venom.”

6. “I’m so sorry about your friends.” – Eddie Brock

7. Venom: “Parasite?”

Eddie Brock: “Yeah. It’s a term of endearment, that’s all.”

Venom: “Apologize!”

Eddie Brock: “No.”

Venom: “Apologize!”

Eddie Brock: “Alright, fine. I’m sorry. So, what do you want to do now?”

Venom: “The way I see it, we can do whatever we want.”

8. Eddie Brock: “Oh, Jesus! You can take this guy, right?”

Venom: “He has got shit you have never seen.”

Eddie Brock: “What does that mean? What are our chances?”

Venom: “Hmm. Pretty much zero.”

Eddie Brock: “Oh, f*ck it. Well, let’s go save the planet.”

9. Riot: “Traitor!”

Venom: “Have a nice life.”

10. Eddie Brock: “I have absolutely no problem with you sticking around, but if you do, we’re gonna have some ground rules, alright? You cannot just go around eating anybody that you want to.”

Venom: “I cannot?”

Eddie Brock: “No, you cannot. Alright, we need to—we need to reiterate this. There are good people in this world—a lot of them. And there are bad people. You have to tell the difference. The deal is, you will only ever be allowed to touch, harm, hurt, possibly, very possibly, eat very, very bad people, but never, never, ever good people. Alright?”

Venom: “Fine. But how does one tell the difference?”

Eddie Brock: “Well, it’s super simple. I mean, you just have to—you can intuit it; you can sense it. Sometimes you can even feel it.”

Venom: “Whatever you say. But can we get something to eat now? Otherwise, your liver, it’s starting to look really, really good and juicy.”

11. “That power—it’s not completely awful.” – Anne Weying

12. Eddie Brock: “Guys, you do not want to do this, trust me.”

SWAT Soldiers: “Mask! Copy!”

Eddie Brock: “Okay, okay, have it your way. Mask!”

Venom: “Copy!”

13. Mrs. Chen: “Mind is body, Eddie. Have you been meditating like I showed you?”

Eddie Brock: “No, I have not. And it does not work.”

Mrs. Chen: “It doesn’t work, because you don’t give it a chance.”

14. “God has abandoned us. He didn’t keep his end of the bargain.” – Carlton Drake

Venom Quotes That’ll Give You a Glimpse of His Darkness

15. Eddie Brock: “What the hell are you?”

Venom: “I am Venom. And you are mine.”

16. “Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.” – Venom

17. Venom: “Listen carefully, Eddie. You did not find us. We found you. Think of yourself as my ride.”

Eddie Brock: “Where are you going?”

Venom: “We need Carlton Drake’s rocket. You remember him.”

Eddie Brock: “How do you even know about that?”

Venom: “I know everything, Eddie.”

Eddie Brock: “You do?”

Venom: “Everything about you.”

Eddie Brock: “How?”

Venom: “I am inside your head. You are a loser, Eddie.”

18. Venom: “Outstanding. Now, let’s bite all their heads off, and pile them up in the corner.”

Eddie Brock: “Why would we do that?”

Venom: “Pile of bodies, pile of heads.”

19. “This is dead. Dead!” – Eddie Brock

20. Noisy Neighbor Ziggy: “Yeah?”

Eddie Brock: “Hey, can you turn your music down, please? ‘Cause I’m having a really hard time.”

Noisy Neighbor Ziggy: “Whatever. Yeah, sure, man. Yeah. I’ll just turn it right down. Sorry.”

Eddie Brock: “Thank you. Thank you.”

21. Eddie Brock: “What do you want from me?”

Venom: “You’ll find out.”

22. “You should be very, very, very afraid.” – Eddie Brock

23. “Look around at the world. What do you see? A planet on the brink of collapse. Human beings are disposable. But man and symbiote combined, this is a new race, a new species—a higher life form.” – Carlton Drake

24. Eddie Brock: “You bit somebody’s head off.”

Venom: “Fuel in the tank.”

Venom Quotes for Those Who Love Antiheroes

25. “No! You do not touch him. He is my friend.” – Eddie Brock

26. Dapper Dog Walker: “Hey. Don’t give up on her. Either of you.”

Eddie Brock: “We won’t.”

Venom: “Who was that guy? Wait, this thing looks delicious.”

27. Eddie Brock: “I am going to die!”

Venom: “You are not going to die!”

28. Venom: “You come in here again—in fact, you go anywhere in this city, preying on innocent people, and we will find you, and we will eat both of your arms and then both of your legs. And then we will eat your face right off your head. Do you understand?”

Shakedown Thug: “No. No. Please—.”

Venom: “Yes. So, you will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won’t you? Going down the street like a turd in the wind? Do you feel me?”

29. Eddie Brock: “Are you gonna eat anybody else?”

Venom: “Most likely.”

Eddie Brock: “Oh, God.”

Venom: “That is why we are here. Cooperate, and you just might survive. That is the deal.”

30. Cletus Kasady: “Hi, Eddie.”

Eddie Brock: “Hey.”

Cletus Kasady: “Do you mind if we forego the whole creepy serial killer thing?”

Eddie Brock: “Sure, it’s good with me.”

Cletus Kasady: “I mean, I can turn it on if you want. I can talk about the Dadaist patterns of arterial spray.”

Eddie Brock: “I bet you can.”

Would You Also Bond With a Symbiote if It Means Gaining Strength and Power?

As Venom, Eddie Brock had more power and strength than he could ever imagine. However, this came with a price. He had to merge his body with an alien symbiote that could ultimately take over him.

Eddie was overwhelmed and intoxicated by his newfound powers. And, Venom, a creature of ego, darkness, and rage, wanted complete control. It was easy to deceive Eddie because of his disposition.

Nevertheless, the two slowly learned to work together to reach their goals. In fact, Venom the symbiote was honest with Eddie about his shortcomings and weaknesses, which eventually helped them defeat their adversary.

Venom is different from your typical hero; most would never even consider him one. However, even the worst people could change into someone better. So, from being one of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries, he also became a rival in saving the city.

We hope this collection was able to give you a better understanding of Venom beyond his dark and fearsome qualities. Be sure to return to this list whenever you want to revisit his best lines or your favorite scenes from the movie!

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