25 Yosemite Sam Quotes to Help You Vent Out Your Anger

Here are the roughest and toughest Yosemite Sam quotes that will fire you up!

Looney Tunes is packed with lots of characters that are very different from each other. However, one of the most notable might be Yosemite Sam, one of Bugs Bunny’s adversaries.

True to this fact, Yosemite Sam hates rabbits, especially Bugs Bunny. He’s an outlaw who always carries a gun; he’s also easily angered, highly aggressive, and extremely confrontational.

Most cartoon characters teach us valuable lessons by setting themselves up as examples. But, Yosemite Sam is the complete opposite of this.

Instead of being a role model, he teaches us what not to do and what not to follow. After all, would you like your kids to be running off and shouting and fighting everyone they come across?

Yosemite Sam is definitely one of the more unique characters created in the cartoon world. So, read his best quotes to get a taste of his rough and tough attitude!

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Best Yosemite Sam Quotes

1. “When I say whoa, I mean whoa!”

2. “Ah, Chilikoot Sam. The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest claim-jumper that ever jumped a claim.”

3. “It’s either heads or tails, Rabbit. Now pick a dadburn side.”

4. “Say your prayers, varmint; dead rabbits tell no tales.”

5. “Anyone-a you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me, in case any of you git ideas, you better know who you’re dealin’ with. I’m Yosemite Sam. The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre as ever crossed the Rio Grande—and I ain’t no namby-pamby.”

6. “I’m the fastest gun north, south, east, and west of the Pecos!”

7. “If God didn’t want us to have guns, he wouldn’t have given us trigger fingers!”

Famous Yosemite Sam Quotes

8. “Now, ya carrot-chewin’ coyote! Git a-goin’!”

9. “What’s up, doc? I ain’t no doc. I’m a pirate, sea-goin’ Sam.”

10. “I’m a-givin’ ya one second to draw a gun.”

11. “Prepare to defend yourself, Rabbit, ‘cause I’m a bordin’ your ship.”

12. “Stranger, you just yupped yourself into a hole in the head!”

Yosemite Sam Catchphrases That You Should Keep In Mind

13. “That’s what I get for trustin’ a rabbit.”

14. “Read faster, Rabbit. Read faster, or I’ll blast your head off!”

15. “Yosemite Sam never makes a mistake! Now get that flea-bitten carcass off’n my real estate!”

16. “The time for you to dive has come, you mischievous, troublesome animal.”

Funny Yosemite Sam Sayings

17. “Alright, don’t rush me. I’m-a-thinkin’, and my head hurts.”

18. “Sorry to have to intrude, but there’s a Yankee about.”

19. “Who am I? I’m Sam Von Schmamm, the Hessian; that’s who I am.”

20. “Ten dollars! Why it’s gettin’ so, a man can’t earn a dishonest livin’ an’ more.”

21. “I’m no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint. I’m Riff-Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!”

Yosemite Sam Quotes Filled With His Iconic Curses

22. “Not that-a-way, you darn galoot!”

23. “Start walkin’ ya doggone long-eared galoot.”

24. “Ya doggone idgit galoot. You’ll blow the ship to smithereenies!”

25. “You ornery fur-bearin’ rebel. You’ll pay for this!”

Is Yosemite Sam Your Favorite Character in Looney Tunes?

Usually, cartoon characters are made to be the standard that children should adhere to while growing up. However, this statement does not apply to Yosemite Sam.

Yosemite Sam is hot-tempered and is not a good example for kids. Even so, if we use reverse psychology, we still learn valuable lessons from his mistakes.

By looking beyond what’s presented at face value, we can discover what Yosemite Sam’s character actually tries to teach us. Some examples of this are being accountable for our mistakes and keeping our cool.

In the cartoons, Yosemite Sam never won against Bugs Bunny, nor did he succeed in his goals. Yet, instead of regrouping with himself and reflecting on what he did wrong, he blamed others; he never took ownership and accountability for his failures and wrong decisions.

Following that, Yosemite Sam always lost his temper. Blinded by anger, he continued making more mistakes; he never allowed himself to cool off and think of other ways to reach his goals.

We’re sure you can learn more from Yosemite Sam’s mistakes. So, keep an open mind whenever you revisit his best quotes!

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