60 Young M.A Quotes to Inspire You to Find Your True Self

These top 60 Young M.A quotes will help everyone searching for their true selves and purpose.

When we hear Young M.A’s songs, we immediately get transported into her world full of honesty and openness. She is openly gay, and once she accepted that fact, everything became easier for her.

Because of her authenticity, it’s no shock that a lot of people relate to her and her experiences. Many fans also look to her as a positive influence of being at peace with one’s personality and sexuality. So, if you want to learn more about her and her worldview, make sure you read all her best quotes below!

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Best Young M.A Quotes

1. “I’mma always stick to my roots, but whatever life brings, that’s what is meant.”

2. “To me, beauty is natural beauty. If you’re naturally yourself, you’re beautiful.”

3. “I don’t fear nobody, and that’s how I live my life. I live my life with no fears.”

4. “I need to just be myself, express myself.”

5. “I don’t care what people think. Not a care in the world.”

6. “I rather remain humble because as quickly as it came, as quickly as it can crumble.”

7. “I try to make music for people to relate to, and I like to keep it realistic.”

8. “Music is my expression. Music is my release. Music is my therapy.”

9. “I always have to release music. That’s just who I am.”

Young M.A Quotes to Inspire You

10. “If I change people’s lives, that’s all that matters to me.”

11. “I hear from all different people, not just people like me, or lesbians. It be straight people, it be grown men, it be grown women, people that have been sick or depressed that say, ‘Oh, you made me want to go do what I want to do for myself and chase my dreams.’ That’s my purpose.”

12. “I didn’t want to wave the flag and be like, ‘Look! I’m gay! Da da da.’ I just wanted to say, ‘This is my lifestyle.’”

13. “There’s a lot of rappers out there, a lot of gay girls expressing themselves; I’m not the first to say it; I’m not the first to rap about it. But I’m the one who broke down those doors that everybody has been trying to break down. I did that. I’m the one who went triple platinum first.”

14. “We are all people. Don’t label me as an LGBT rapper or a female rapper. I don’t like to be labeled.”

15. “That’s why I keep it going. All the negativity, all the hate, all of that doesn’t phase me. Because I have a purpose. This is my purpose.”

Young M.A Quotes That Will Make You Want to Be Yourself

16. “There are people who try to judge. I’m cool with that. I don’t care what nobody says—the only thing that can defeat hate is love.”

17. “There’s no need to make it shine and make a show, this is just me. I’m expressing me, that’s all I’m doing.”

18. “When it’s true I feel like there is more passion behind it. So, once I got to the point where I just felt like I wanted to be honest overall, then it became a little easier for me to express myself.”

19. “Basically it’s just letting people know that I’m still independent, I’m still an unsigned artist, I have my team, I have my marketing team, and we just been out here moving and working and basically letting people know that I’ve been in the studio, I’ve been doing shows, I’ve had my own fan base and supporters before ‘OOOUUU.’”

Young M.A Quotes on the Hustle and the Grind

20. “I always knew I would be a star someday. I didn’t know when. I didn’t know how it would look. I just had a feeling.”

21. “All I do is work, work, work.”

22. “Keep your moves silent. Your money invested. Your life lowkey.”

23. “I think that’s why I love music so much; I think if I didn’t have music, I would be in a bad position.”

24. “Finessing—get back to the work, ain’t no resting.”

25. “All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.”

26. “I don’t like to get comfortable. I don’t like to be like, ‘Oh, my song is all over the place. I’m lit.’ Nah, it makes me wanna keep working.”

27. “I would go to sleep and dream about being on stage with thousands and thousands of people.”

28. “No more buying jewelry or designer clothes. The goal is to be richer than the year before.”

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Interesting Young M.A Quotes That Highlight Her Unique and Genuine Personality

29. “My hair is the most beauteous thing to me.”

30. “If I was to try putting makeup all over my face, it would look weird. People would be like, ‘That’s not Young M.A. That’s not her style; that’s not her soul.’ I’d just rather be natural.”

31. “In New York City, it’s popular. I used to think to myself, ‘Man, there’s a lot of gay people out here.’ And it had me comfortable. It was like, I can be myself! I used to still try to hide it until it was really overwhelming—there were just too many girls attracted to me!”

32. “For the sexuality thing, I really feel like the reason I speak so blunt about it is because I held it in for so long. I never told my mom. I never told my family. I kept it to myself. Now, I’m happy with who I am. Either you accept it, or you don’t. There’s a lot of rappers out there that are like that, but no one’s stepping up.”

33. “I never wanted to wear skirts or shoes, makeup, nails, dresses, or even wear my hair a certain way. I always wanted to wear sneakers, stud earrings, hair in a ponytail, and play with the boys.”

34. “I held in being sexually attracted to women for so long that once I got that out of me, the music became easy.”

35. “I never wanted to be a cheerleader; I wanted to play football.”

Insightful Young M.A Quotes About Her Life, Career, and Music

36. “Then it just got to a point where I really had to wake up and use music to basically save myself from self-destruction.”

37. “I never had no doubt in my music. Being on stage is something I always dreamed of—being in front of thousands of people and performing.”

38. “I don’t live in a big house. I’m not real extravagant or anything. I just like to be regular.”

39. “I wouldn’t say I had a hard childhood because my mom always made sure we were Gucci, you know what I mean. Growing up, she made sure we ain’t have to want for nothing. She did what she had to do; she made her money, and we were always good.”

40. “If I’m not driving a Ferrari or a Lambo, I’m not gonna talk about it in my raps.”

41. “Growing up, I never expressed myself to nobody. I never told nobody when something was wrong.”

42. “The good thing about having a hit record is you don’t need too many people. Because now your record is on fire, and I already have a great team around me, so why run to the labels?”

Young M.A Quotes That Will Give You a Glimpse Into Her Experiences and Influences

43. “I’ve been a fan of BET since I was a kid, growing up watching the awards, thinking that one day I would be there.”

44. “I was just going through so much after losing my brother that I didn’t know how to express it or handle it. But music always came back to me.” 

45. “When I was a kid, my favorite rapper was 50 Cent. He was definitely a big influence on why I wanted to do music.”

46. “My mom used to always play hip hop around the crib, but more so than that, she played reggae, and I grew up on reggae music more than I grew up on hip hop.”

47. “My brother and I always had conversations about me being a rapper. I always used to tell him, ‘I’m gonna be the hottest rapper.’”

48. “I was always a tomboy. I always wanted to be around the boys, always wanted to play sports—basketball, football, kickball, whatever it was. I was real aggressive. I wanted to be around the bros!”

Short and Humorous Young M.A Quotes

49. “I tried to be a girly once, but fortunately it didn’t work.”

50. “I still feel normal. Like, I don’t feel like I’m a superstar.”

51. “I tell people I’m from all over Brooklyn because I never stayed in one part of Brooklyn.”

52. “Holy f*cking moly, I’m a superstar.”

Young M.A Quotes and Lyrics on Love and Relationships

53. “No hard feelings, no love lost.”

54. “Damn I wish love was illegal.”

55. “And I don’t have a boo ’cause I think I was meant for you.”

56. “All that love that you showing—that means nothing to me.”

57. “And if your ex was a disease, then I’m the vaccine.”

More Young M.A Quotes and Lyrics From Her Hit Songs

58. “Three things I hate: a liar, bills, and payin’ my taxes.”

59. “All my haters want me dead, that’s why I live it up.”

60. “Dreams came true ’cause we believed in it.”

How Did These Young M.A Quotes Influence Your Worldview?

Young M.A is a talented rapper who gained recognition when she released her official debut single, OOOUUU. A few years back, she was also included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 because of her achievements as an artist.

But, more than that, Young M.A is recognized by fans as one of the few honest and genuine artists they know. Even with our judgmental world, she still made it a point to be open about her sexuality and opinions. She didn’t let others get in her way; instead, she used it as leverage and talked to people about breaking the stigma about different issues.

Despite criticism, she made it a point to work hard and hustle toward her dreams and beliefs. So, like Young M.A, remember that your unique quirks and opinions shouldn’t stop you from succeeding. Instead, let them be the foundation that will propel you forward in life.

What did you learn from Young M.A? Are there any quotes that really stood out for you? Please, join the discussion below!

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