80 Saweetie Quotes on Fashion, Creativity, and Music

Dive into this collection of the best Saweetie quotes to get a glimpse of the things you need to master to achieve success in life!

One vital thing needed to achieve your dreams is recognizing what you have a passion for. And for Saweetie, she knew that music and fashion were things she’d been passionate about since she was 14.

It wasn’t easy for her to rise to the top, but she finally gained the recognition she needed with the release of her single, Icy Girl.

So, if you want to know more about what she had to go through to live the life she wanted, be sure you read through our complete list below.

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Best Saweetie Quotes

1. “In order to be an icon, you need to be bold. How do I define boldness? Stepping outside of your comfort zone.”

2. “I know where I wanna end up. I’m ready to go, and I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to build, and I’m ready to establish my longevity.”

3. “I finally decided to give music my all. If it didn’t work out and I had to move home, fine. I had to give it 100% first.” 

4. “It’s important for women to have each other’s backs. I’d like my label to give women the resources they need to flourish.”

5. “With a lot of attention comes criticism, but I’ll take that. I’m reaching all the goals I’ve set for myself, so you can’t say anything bad about that.”

6. “I wish I could be more carefree. I grew up fast.”

7. “The experiences I go through—everything you hear in my lyrics is real. Good or bad, I take it all in and put it all on the mic.”

8. “I definitely feel like people should continue being who they are. As long as you’re staying true to who you are, that’s super important.” 

9. “People had boxed me in as a ‘pretty girl with followers that’s rapping,’ but I think my project and the work speaks for itself.” 

10. “I make music for people to relate to and to connect with me. I want to tap into different emotions.”

Famous Saweetie Quotes

11. “Although I had the label of being the ‘pretty girl rapper with a lot of followers,’ I just broke the rules.”

12. “I welcome criticism. I come from a—I wouldn’t say mean, but you’ve got to have tough skin to be in my family.”

13. “I’m a very competitive person—I grew up playing sports, so the challenge of always bettering myself is something that I like.”

14. “If the public doesn’t receive what you say, people can start to build your brand for you.”

15. “We all want to be identified as someone cool, and I have struggled with repping where I’m from and my heritage before. It’s part of growing pains. But when people see me being proud of what I am—and they are what I am too—it makes them proud. That’s why I try to represent my Asian and my Black side.”

16. “High maintenance means a lot of care. My relationships are high maintenance, my body is high maintenance, and my soul is high maintenance. I really care about my friends and my family; I eat good; I pray a lot. So, it’s like, I really care about my relationships with my family, my friends, my body, and my soul.”

17. “If you’re really listening there are a lot of hidden messages in my songs.”

18. “That’s what’s most annoying—when people in this industry act like they don’t know me. And they say it in a way where you can just feel that it’s shade.”

19. “Baddest b*tch with a degree.”

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Saweetie Quotes to Inspire You

20. “You have to be unapologetically yourself. Once I was able to be proud of myself, it came across in my music really clearly.”

21. “Me wanting to be an artist never really faded away. I knew that no matter what else I tried to pursue, my passion was always that.”

22. “I don’t want to be super serious but I want to have fun with my platform. I want to touch people, I want to be relatable and let girls know that you can go to college and still pursue what you want after that.”

23. “In the beginning, I took on every opportunity because I was so determined to get my name and music out there. You can get your sleep, but honestly, your brain needs a break, too, and so many people forget that.”

24. “Growing up with a house full of women and seeing them look good no matter what they put on every morning just inspired me to look good myself.”

“I definitely come from a line of strong women. It’s not only like my mother and my grandmother, 25. but my aunties too.”

26. “My schedule is very busy, but when I get time to sit and think about all the great things that have happened to me, it’s just mind-blowing.” 

27. “I want to encourage the artists that haven’t made it that social media is the truth. I made it from Instagram to having a most-added song to radio.” 

28. “Motivate myself, I’m a real-life mood.”

29. “A lot of women reach out to me and tell me my music has given them the courage and confidence to break up with not just any boyfriend, but an unhealthy relationship.”

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Wise Saweetie Quotes on Life

30. “Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is difficult at times. I’ve had people offer to help me, but it’s hard to know who to trust.”

31. “I think because I went to school and because I’m a student, I’m so open and I’m a sponge, and I just wanna learn everything to make sure everything is perfect.”

32. “I went from being a hustler, working different jobs to renting rooms off Craigslist, and I just wasn’t happy.”

33. “My grandma told me that to be wealthy you need at least seven streams of income, so that’s my goal. I have a big family. I want to take care of everybody.”

34. “I enjoy the life I have now, but I also enjoy doing regular stuff. I can’t pull up to the club and stay outside no more. I can’t be at anybody’s table. A picture or video can go viral, and it can be misinterpreted.”

35. “With social media, the gatekeepers are our followers. It has opened so many doors for me not only musically, but fashion-wise as well.”

36. “I had to work a lot. I was doing YouTube videos, but I wasn’t getting a lot of love. How do I make a living off rapping when no one knows me? I got kind of discouraged. But hard work shuts people up.”

Saweetie Quotes on Fashion and Style

37. “I always wanted to bring something new to the table, and make clothes for women where they feel beautiful.”

38. “Fashion has always been important to me. I think style is important and what I love about my style is it’s all based on my mood.”

39. “It’s cool to go into the simplicity of fashion, but I’m a very colorful person.”

40. “I have my Icy brand; so one day, when I do have the time, I’ll create my own fashion line.”

Saweetie Quotes to Give You Insight on Her Career and Performances

41. “I just love seeing my audience live, and I also love to see my peers perform because it inspires me to be a better performer as well.”

42, “Content is what’s super important and people want to see you performing your records. That has a stronger impact.”

43. “Y’all should be happy for me. It’s funny, compared to my peers, my catalog isn’t even that big, but I’m still getting a lot of notoriety because my songs do really well. I’m working hard and minding my own business and trying to do something I’m super passionate about.”

44. “What I love about my audience is it’s extremely diverse as far as the ethnicities and the ages that show up.”

45. “After I graduated, I didn’t have the resources to go to the studio, which is why I then went to social media.”

46. “I feel like an EP is for practice and an album is the game.” 

47. “And I get so nervous now when it’s not my show, like I’m not the headliner, because I know that those fans are there for another artist. Many people might not know an upcoming artist, but I’ve grown to like those shows because if I can control a crowd that doesn’t know me, I’m doing my job as an entertainer. I have to rise to the occasion.” 

48. “I’m the type of person where I’ll take on anything because I like to work so much.”

49. “I was working three jobs and going to school full time. I was really unhappy and I told myself, ‘You are not this girl.’ This sounds corny but I would tell myself, ‘You are an Icy Girl.’ I’m a confident person, but that was the first time I experienced insecurity and low self-esteem.”

50. “When you’re a college student interested in music, you hear all these rappers talking about dropping out. For me, when I heard someone like J. Cole rapping about school and staying in school, it inspired me to keep going.” 

Saweetie Quotes About Her Music and Creativity

51. “I know a beat is good for me when I can just start rapping. It’s usually hard for me to do that.”

52. “Freestyling helps me portray the emotion that I’m feeling right there instead of writing it at home and having to add to it.”

53. “I stopped listening to a lot of music because I wanted to become more comfortable with what I naturally sound like.”

54. “Especially as an artist, the creative freedom we have makes us who we are. We’re human beings—we’re gonna mess up sometimes.”

55. “I would describe my music as very honest. I just rap about myself, and not in a narcissistic way. I feel like I have a story to tell.”

56. “It used to take me a really long time, and I used to not be able to write in the studio because I felt there was a lot of pressure to be perfect. The more I’m collaborating with other artists, the more I realize being in the studio is about catching a vibe.”

57. “I was already writing poetry, so I transitioned from writing poetry a cappella to writing over beats, and it was way more exciting to me that way.”

58. “Around the time that I was in high school, a lot of rappers were coming out with mixtapes of them rapping over other people’s instrumentals, specifically Young Money.”

59. “If I want to listen to myself as much as I want to listen to Drake or Beyonce, I feel like that’s a good sign.”

60. “I encountered producers who wanted to hang out after we worked, and when I refused, they wouldn’t let me come back and work again. I would’ve had way more opportunities if I had succumbed. But it never felt right. I always felt like I was going to be successful, and I didn’t want to compromise my morals.” 

Saweetie Quotes That Are Full of Love and Sweetness

61. “I feel like your partner should be supportive. The relationship should be healthy; it should be fun.”

62. “I feel like I’m growing and I’m maturing because of him—not the music, not Saweetie, but Diamonté. I don’t know how I would be as a person if I would have never met him.”

63, “For all my girls looking for their type, make sure it’s healthy and make sure that whoever it is, is making you a better you.”

64. “I’m a go-getter, he’s a go-getter, so we inspire one another.”

Interesting Saweetie Quotes and Lyrics From Her Hit Songs

65. “Never living comfortably, got a lot of goals to meet.”

66. “We click like two old friends, yeah it’s some sh*t I can’t describe.”

67. “My wishlist is too big for your paper. It don’t fit, that’s why I get my own gifts.”

68. “He the savage of them all, he the one his partners call. Make sh*t right when they do wrong.”

69. “My dream is like a child and I’m taking all the custody.”

70. “Not a PlayStation, so do not play with me.”

71. “B*tch, I’m doin’ more than fine, I get money all the time. Hundreds on my mind, got some money, that’s what’s mine.”

More Saweetie Quotes to Get To Know Her Better

72. “It’s crazy because ‘Icy Girl’ came when I was in a dark place, but I made it to motivate myself. It was kind of like my anthem for lifting up my spirits.”

73. “I’ve been wanting to do music since I was 14, but like I’ve really always enjoyed giving speeches and I enjoy talking to people, so I was like, maybe I can be a newscaster.”

74. “I performed in high school for Black History Month at a talent show, but besides that, I didn’t have the resources to perform so I spent my time as a teenager writing music.”

75. “I get extensions, but when they start to get spotty, I go buy wispy lashes and cut them up. I put them where the gaps are when I don’t have time to get a fill.”

76. “I grew up dying my hair with Kool-Aid. I used to switch my hair up every day just to make myself look and feel good.”

77. “I grew up all around the Bay, but I spent most of my time in Hayward and I loved it. It was a really big apartment community, there was a whole bunch of kids.”

78. “I’m normally getting glammed for my events and when I can give my skin a break, I do.”

79. “I like it to look natural, to be smooth, dewy, glowy. I like my eyebrows to look nice and I love lip gloss. That’s essential to the Saweetie look.”

80. “My grandmother used to call me ‘Sweetie,’ and I really loved it.”

Did Saweetie Show You How Important Passion Is to Live a Happy and Fulfilling Life?

There are so many avenues and platforms that can help one meet fame in our world today. But, though many platforms are available to people, achieving success isn’t something that will happen overnight.

Ever since she was a young girl, Saweetie wanted to be a star, but it took her years to have fame within her reach. That’s why she acknowledges the power of social media and other online platforms to help other aspiring artists like herself. But, even though one can claim that she’d achieved her stardom through virality, for Saweetie, it’s more than being viral.

Through her words and lyrics, she reminds us that success won’t come by just waiting. Remember that you have to act toward your goals and never stop, no matter what obstacle you face.

Are you a fan of Saweetie? Which quotes are your favorites? Comment your thoughts below!

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