80 Doja Cat Quotes to Inspire Authenticity & Success

We’ve gathered the top 80 Doja Cat quotes that’ll inspire you to be your most genuine and authentic self!

Doja Cat had been on the radar of many music enthusiasts for a while before she finally gained recognition in 2013 through SoundCloud.

Her most famous songs include MOOO!, Say So, and Need to Know.

But, aside from her incredible music and unique style, many people look up to her because of how vocal she is of her beliefs and points of view.

She is an advocate of equality and acceptance and tries to promote self-love.

So, if you’re curious about what this artist has to say, make sure you read through the complete list below.

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Best Doja Cat Quotes

1. “People can smell when things aren’t genuine.”

2. “We should all learn from our experiences, but I don’t think hatred is the best way to deal with ignorance.”

3. “I’m the whole damn cake and the cherry on top.”

4. “We need people who are open to doing something with a theme—something with a cartoonish twist.”

5. “Be whatever you want to be.”

6. “Why complicate what could be so easy?”

7. “Truth is, I love everyone that is a good person regardless of what they look like, walk like, or who they love.”

8. “I don’t play with my pen. I mean what I writе.”

9. “You can’t have everything you want in this world and that’s something I learned growing up. You should learn that too.”

10. “If you love someone back who hates you, we all win because that person then learns that you are capable of love and you both can share it at some point.”

Famous Doja Cat Quotes

11. “Leave all that drama out the door, that sh*t can wait.”

12. “I don’t want to name my fandom, I want them to name themselves. If I’m cool with it, I’m cool with it.”

13. “I want to feel the way I feel about other’s music about my music. I’m gonna keep trying. It’s not for y’all. I’m looking for it for myself.”

14. “You got to keep me focused. You want it? Say so.”

15. “I’m a b*tch and a boss. I’mma shine like gloss.”

16. “They wanna pit us against each other when we succeed.”

17. “I’m a bit of a tomboy, but then a girly girl. And I feel like you can be both.”

18. “I’m out my mind. Doesn’t make sense when I cry.”

19. “I can’t stop and look the other way.”

20. “It could feel like anything is possible. When I hear you speak, it really drives it deep.”

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Doja Cat Quotes to Inspire You

21. “I guess passion keeps me going.”

22. “You stand up for what you believe in.”

23. “Some people take a longer time to realize that it doesn’t benefit them to hold on to something that stresses them deeply and not learn that the world is ever-evolving.”

24. “If your only intent is to be seen, you’ll never be seen. If your intent is to be happy, comfortable, genuine, and true in craft, you’re destined to be noticed.”

25. “I just like to do the fun stuff. If I’m not having fun with it, I’m not going to do it for the rest of my life.”

26. “Gotta keep my head up high.”

27. “Is it crazy I’m not scared to be alone?”

28. “I never been more proud. Need more light on me. Shine on me. This is my final form.”

29. “Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment.”

30. “Even if you think you knew me, a woman changes with the seasons, and I’m breathing out the new me.”

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Wise Doja Cat Quotes Packed With Insights

31. “No one is going to save you from yourself. No one is going to want you if you cry for help.”

32. “At this point, I just do whatever I want—to my detriment.”

33. “The internet is such, it’s so not real. But it’s big and it feels big when you’re on it.”

34. “There are times where people will understand you’re apologetic—or they don’t have to accept your apology at all, which is completely fair—but it’s how you handle it and I think that if you are combative against people who are continuously trying to tear you down, it doesn’t benefit you or the other people.”

35. “Gotta prove it to myself that I’m on top of sh*t.”

36. “F*ck all your opinions, I don’t give them attention.”

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Doja Cat Quotes About Life 

37. “Do what you do best and be alone.”

38. “They say talk that talk. Walk but please avoid the streets.”

39. “People want to see everyone lose. The chaos is entertaining, is it not? It happens but people have good reason to be upset sometimes and people have no reason to be upset sometimes.”

40. “No matter what, I wouldn’t fold.”

41. “The only challenge I ever had was addiction.”

42. “You held me so down—so down I never grew.”

43. “I hustle, I’ll do what I can to get this money.”

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Doja Cat Quotes That Zoom in on Music and How She Started as an Artist

44. “I just really enjoy doing it and I’ve always loved making music.”

45. “I do have a lot of music out.”

46. “I just started singing ’cause I had dropped out of school.”

47. “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on artists to be 100% organic all the time.”

48. “My mom loves music and it poured into my childhood.”

49. “I tried writing a song and it wasn’t very good. I sang it to my mom and she told me it was bad—but I was eight, so it’s okay.”

Interesting Doja Cat Quotes on Love and Relationships

50. “We might touch the surface of space ‘cause love is kind to those who grow.”

51. “Love could be alive if your love is not a lie.”

52. “How you leave me all alone? When you’re right beside me, I feel so alone.”

53. “I don’t mean to pressure you, but I want a man to stand and fight—stand and fight for me.”

54. “Ain’t nobody ’round here wrong. You love all yours so far away.”

55. “You give me energy, make me feel lightweight like the birds of a feather, baby.”

56. “I found it hard to find someone like you.”

57. “You’re a one in a million, there ain’t no man like you.”

58. “You gon’ figure out you lost one and that’s me.”

59. “Acted like I was okay. We just had to work it out, and baby, I needed space.”

60. “We real life made for each other and it’s hard to keep my cool when other b*tches tryna get with my dude.”

61. “Let me be your woman. I can be your woman.”

62. “Is it casual? Or are you tryna spend your life with me?”

Short but Unique Doja Cat Quotes

63. “All of them b*tches ain’t better than me.”

64. “Master of my craft never played Minecraft.”

65. “I’m kinda bossy, I’m kinda Picasso.”

66. “I really pull from everyone. I’m absorbent.”

67. “Sugar coated, lies unfolded.”

68. “I believe in female rap.”

69. “We could kiss and just cut the rubbish.”

Doja Cat Quotes and Lyrics to Remind You of Her Hit Songs

70. “I know you ain’t a drug but you get me so high.”

71. “If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back.”

72. “She’s just like candy, she’s so sweet but you know that it ain’t real cherry.”

73. “Money on the floor, when we dance on it, shine bright, gonna put a tan on it.”

74. “I took it and I ran for it, I won it then I stand on it.”

75. “I’ve been goin’ through some things I struggle with my inner man.”

76. “With a little bit of rouge on the cheek, bronze little bombshells cruise by the beach.”

More Doja Cat Quotes

77. “I don’t spend my time on farms. I don’t like the smell, to be honest.”

78. “My mom was a painter and loves to sing behind closed doors.”

79. “I don’t check Twitter as much or tweet as often because, honestly, sometimes social media is draining and brings out all of the negative things going on.”

80. “You just wanna ball out in designer with your best friends.”

Did These Doja Cat Quotes Shed Light on How Important Authenticity, Love, and Acceptance Are in Life?

Doja Cat has music flowing through her veins. She sings about anything and everything. In fact, this LA-based singer and songwriter goes live through her Instagram singing about random, everyday things.

Her musical style and lyrics are proof of her outrageous and outgoing personality. Also, Doja Cat’s authenticity to her fans and her beliefs are indeed a testament to what kind of character she has. With many songs under her belt, there’s no doubt that she’s able to influence millions of people worldwide to be themselves and to accept their quirks.

Like Doja Cat, no matter what curveball life throws at you, remember to stick to what you truly believe in and who you are. After all, the only way to live a happy, fulfilled, and fruitful life is to remain true to your values and what makes your heart beat with joy.

What did you learn from these Doja Cat quotes? Are there any other Doja Cat quotes you’d like to add? Join the discussion below!

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