30 Minions Quotes That’ll No Doubt Put Your Head in Shambles

Read through this list of Minions quotes and be ready to laugh out loud at all their funny antics!

If you’ve watched Despicable Me, then there’s no doubt you know who these tiny little yellow henchmen are. Who wouldn’t, when the Minions practically made Despicable Me into what it is today? Without them, no one would love the movie franchise as much as they do now.

They’re so sought-after by fans globally that they earned their own movies. These movies are titled Minions, Yellow Is the New Black, and Minions: The Rise of Gru. These tiny characters might be hard to understand, but there’s no denying the impact they have on every scene.

So, if you want your mind reeling with their funny, quirky, and hard-to-understand lines, check out the list below. We’ve rounded up the best of the best quotes just for you!

Let’s go bananas over the best Minions quotes!

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Best Minions Quotes

1. “C’est banana! Hahaha! Miam miam! Huh? Ay yi yi!” – Minions

2. “B—banana? Banana! Banana! Banana!” – Minions

3. “No, no, no! Hey, a piñata!” – Minions

4. “Mind the gap! Mind the gap! Mind the gap!” – Minions

5. Kevin: “Gru, kiss-a la mama.”

Gru: “Oh. My favorite tine relatives.”

6. “Tulaliloo ti amo.” – Minions

7. “No no no no, Kevin, let me do it, let me do it, spita.” – Stuart

8. “Tatata bala tu.” – Minions

9. “You see me? You see me not! You see me? You see me not!” – Bob

10. Tower Guard: “You came for the queen’s crown, did ya? Well, you’re gonna have to get through me!”

Kevin: “You’re gonna have to get through me! Ow, hey!”

Famous Minions Quotes

11. “Uh, la cucaracha?” – Kevin

12. “Bigger boom, okay!” – Minions

13. “Mi bellas!” – Stuart

14. “King Bob!” – Bob

15. “le poofe guacamole.” – Otto

16. “Si, si! ¡Buena!” – Minions

17. “England! England! England!” – Minions

Minions Quotes That You Won’t Get Enough Of

18. “Ah, fa-voon.” – Minions

19. “Oh, hey! Looka! C’est un banono!” – Minions

20. Minions: “Mini boss! Mini boss!”

Gru: “I’m not—ugh.”

21. “Pight en seek.” – Minions

22. “Mon pollio.” – Bob

23. “Kevin. Kevin le Minion.” – Kevin

24. Kevin: “Good night.”

Bob: “Good night.”

Gru: “Yes, yes, yes. Good night.”

Stuart: “Good night!”

More Minions Quotes and Lyrics to Read Over and Over

25. “Biboli maaaa! Bohayinaaa—ah no nooo!” – Minions

26. “Be nu ro ma na me corafu.” – Minions

27. “Kika la po maka bomba bella mira la bolognaaaaa.” – Minions

28. “Togari noh pocato-li kani malo mani kano chi ka-baba, ba-ba-nana.” – Minions

29. “Linda lu le bono Li le carbonara. Le ji chie le calita.” – Minions

30. “Pito pato milo mila taka tiki poulet tikka oepa la joi.” – Minions

Which Is Your Ultimate Favorite Out of All the Minions Quotes Listed Above?

The Minions might be small, but they sure do pack a punch! Gru wouldn’t be able to function well without them, and we wouldn’t enjoy the Despicable Me franchise without their funny and quirky lines!

It’s hard to understand what these little henchmen are saying. However, even just through their movements, it’s hard to miss the life lessons we can learn from them.

One of these vital morals would be teamwork. Though they’re small, they can conquer whatever problem they face together. They always have each other’s backs and are always ready to support Gru and his family.

In fact, that’s what they are—they are family to each other, and they’re also part of Gru’s family. They’ve been a constant in each other’s lives, and they can’t bear to imagine life without each other. Just imagine Despicable Me without the Minions; wouldn’t that just be boring?

So, remember the lessons you’ve learned from these Minions quotes, and always have your family’s back. More than that, we’re sure these quotes were able to brighten your day, no matter how hard it was to decipher what the Minions were saying. Read through this collection again whenever you need a pick-me-up!

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