25 La La Land Quotes for All the Dreamers in the World

Learn about reaching for your dreams and pursuing love through these La La Land quotes!

La La Land is a 2016 movie about romance, jazz, and reaching one’s goals. It talks about the American Dream in a way that no doubt captured the hearts of its audience.

It stars Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. Through these two main characters, we travel to a different world that allows us to dream our wildest dreams.

However, at the same time, La La Land also discusses how futile the American Dream can be. It’s titled La La Land precisely because of this.

When you search for the phrase’s meaning, you’ll understand that it means being stuck in a dream-like space where you’re unaware of reality. In the movie, Mia and Seb get shaken back to reality, and they understand that reaching their dreams isn’t easy.

You must commit to your goal and work hard to get even one step forward. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the most memorable La La Land quotes below!

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Best La La Land Quotes

1. “Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here’s to the hearts that ache. Here’s to the mess we make. She captured feeling, sky with no ceiling, the sunset inside with rain. Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here’s to the hearts that ache. Here’s to the mess we make.” – Mia Dolan

2. “A bit of madness is key to give us new colors to see. Who knows where it will lead us? And that’s why they need us.” – Mia Dolan

3. “Somewhere, there’s a place where I find who I’m gonna be. Somewhere, that’s just waiting to be found.” – Mia Dolan

La La Land Quotes

4. “People love what other people are passionate about.” – Mia Dolan

5. “I’m letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I’ll hit back. It’s a classic rope-a-dope.” – Sebastian Wilder

6. “That’s LA. They worship everything, and they value nothing.” – Sebastian Wilder

La La Land Quotes About Love

7. “I don’t know what you came to do, but I wanna do it with you.” – Kieth

8. Mia Dolan: “I’m always gonna love you.”

Sebastian Wilder: “I’m always gonna love you, too.”

9. “Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know.” – Mia Dolan

La La Land Quotes About Love

10. “We stumbled on a view that’s tailor-made for two.” – Sebastian Wilder

11. Mia Dolan: “It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.”

Sebastian Wilder: “Maybe it means something.”

Meaningful La La Land Quotes About Dreams

12. “Is this the start of something wonderful and new? Or one more dream that I cannot make true?” – Sebastian Wilder

13. “A little chance encounter could be the one you’ve waited for.” – Mia Dolan

14. “Guys like me go their whole lives and never do anything that’s liked. I’m finally doing something that people enjoy. What is wrong with that?” – Sebastian Wilder

15. Mia Dolan: “Maybe I’m one of those people that has always wanted to do it, but it’s like a pipe dream for me, you know? And then you—you said it. You—you changed your dreams, and then you grow up. Maybe I’m one of those people, and I’m not supposed to. And I can go back to school, and I can find something else I’m supposed to do. ‘Cause I left to do that, and it’s been six years, and I don’t wanna do it anymore.”

Sebastian Wilder: “Why?”

Mia Dolan: “Why what?”

Sebastian Wilder: “Why don’t you want to do it anymore?”

Mia Dolan: ‘Cause “I think it hurts a little bit too much.”

16. Mia Dolan: “Why did you come here?”

Sebastian Wilder: “Because I have good news.”

Mia Dolan: “What?”

Sebastian Wilder: “Amy Brandt, the casting director—.”

Mia Dolan: “Yeah?”

Sebastian Wilder: “She was at your play, and she loved it. And she loved it so much that she wants you to come in tomorrow and audition for this huge movie that she’s got.”

Mia Dolan: “I’m not going to that. I’m not going to that.”

Sebastian Wilder: “What?”

Mia Dolan: “That one’s gonna be—no. That one’s gonna be—.”

Sebastian Wilder: “I’m sorry?”

Mia Dolan: “That will kill me.”

La La Land Quotes on Jazz

17. “How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz is about the future.” – Kieth

18. “It’s conflict, and it’s compromise, and it’s just—it’s new every time. It’s brand new every night. It’s very, very exciting!” – Sebastian Wilder

19. Sebastian Wilder: “I thought you wanted me to do this; it just sounds like now you don’t want me to do it.”

Mia Dolan: “What do you mean, I wanted you to do this?”

Sebastian Wilder: “This is what you wanted for me.”

Mia Dolan: “To be in this band?”

Sebastian Wilder: “To be in a band, to have a steady job, you know, to be—you know.”

Mia Dolan: “Of course, I wanted you to have a steady job so that you could take care of yourself and your life and you could start your club.”

Sebastian Wilder: “Yeah, so I’m doing that, so I don’t understand; like, why aren’t we celebrating?”

Mia Dolan: “Why aren’t you starting your club?”

Sebastian Wilder: “You said yourself no one wants to go to that club. No one wants to go to a club called ‘Chicken on a Stick.’”

Mia Dolan: “So, change the name!”

Sebastian Wilder: “Well, no one likes jazz, not even you!”

Mia Dolan: “I do like jazz now because of you!”

La La Land Quotes From This Memorable Musical Movie

20. Bill: “You’re fired.”

Sebastian Wilder: “It’s Christmas.”

Bill: “Yeah, I see the decorations. Good luck in the New Year.”

21. Sebastian Wilder: “I’m gonna—I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

Mia Dolan: “No, I’m going ‘home’ home.”

Sebastian Wilder: “This is home.”

Mia Dolan: “No, it’s not anymore.”

22. “Here’s to the rebels, the ripples from pebbles, the painters and poets, and plays.” – Mia Dolan

La La Land Quotes and Captions for Instagram

23. “Look in somebody’s eyes to light up the skies.” – Mia Dolan and Sebastian Wilder

24. “City of stars. Are you shining just for me? City of stars. There’s so much that I can’t see.” – Sebastian Wilder

25. “Oh, if we keep on dancing, take our rhythm to new heights. Feel the heat of passion, baby; light up the night.” – Keith

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Lesson From La La Land?

Besides being titled after the popular idiom, La La Land also refers to the movie’s setting, Los Angeles. It’s the movie’s way of criticizing Hollywood and the American Dream.

After all, many believe that America is where all their dreams can come true. However, most don’t know that just stepping foot in the country is not enough.

To succeed, you must be dedicated and put in a lot of effort and time to get closer to your dreams. Yet, at times, giving your all still wouldn’t be enough.

Luck also plays a significant factor in one’s success. Sadly, not everyone’s lucky enough to have their dreams come true.

La La Land shakes us to our cores through this critical life lesson. However, it also fires us up and helps us realize that even though we’re unsure of the outcome, we should still follow our hearts and let our passion burn!

Even if you fail in the end, you’re not at a loss because you did what you wanted; doing so leaves no space for regrets! With that, we hope this collection of La La Land quotes was able to inspire you to give your all to your dreams and goals, no matter how uncertain the outcome is!

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