70 NLE Choppa Quotes to Uplift Your Music & Spiritual Life

If you’re struggling with your mental well-being, these NLE Choppa quotes will remind you that you’re not alone in your battles.

NLE Choppa is a Tennessee-based rapper and songwriter. On YouTube alone, his music videos received hundreds of millions of views. Because of this, he’s considered one of the most promising new rappers.

In addition, he is also admirable for being generous to others; he wanted everyone to understand that hope and kindness must be spread to all. For him, positivity is the name of the game. Through the quotes below, you will get a sense of how good of a person he is.

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Best NLE Choppa Quotes

1. “God really has been molding me to change a lot of stuff.”

2. “I swear the older you get, the less you wanna f*ck with anybody.”

3. “Realized I gotta protect my happiness for my son now. If we ain’t on the same page, f*ck ya.”

4. “I do know that music will forever be a part of my heart because it’s my passion.”

5. “A real fan will accept growth, encourage the growth, and stick with you through thick and thin.”

6. “You can control your health with your mind.”

7. “I live in an abundant universe where anything is possible.”

8. “Keep in that present moment, attract all the right stuff towards you, think the right way. Once your intuition changes, it’s over with.”

9. “Your thoughts are your reality, so you have to say you don’t have that.”

10. “God, why my soul alone but it’s people who love me.”

Inspirational NLE Choppa Quotes

11. “Meditation is important, it’ll change your life 100%. Even if you think you’re doing it wrong, keep practicing. It’s within yourself, I promise.”

12. “Don’t think too much about the past, that leads to depression. Don’t think too much about the future, that causes anxiety. Live in the present moment ‘cause you never value it till it’s a memory. Positive vibes I’m sending out to everyone, love y’all.”

13. “Once I realized I’m more than just a worker, I could create my own future—because your thoughts are your reality—I realized you don’t have to work as hard. You can just sit back, breathe, think about your next move, and then think of that next move as if you already accomplished it and everything’s gonna come to you.”

14. “I’m like an open book. Whatever is going on with my life, I’m going to let the people know. I feel like that’s how you always stay in-tune with your fans, letting them know everything that you’ve got going on.”

15. “I love when I feel like I earned something because I know, like, I don’t feel that way for nothing.”

16. “Yo Gotti told me to stay patient. Patience is key in this rap game. He said if you don’t have that, you’ll start to lose.”

17. “I just want to be the next me or the next best I can be of me.”

18. “If you’re always questioning things, you realize the way you’re living is just not as beneficial as it could be.”

19. “I know that I’m just a spirit. I’m just a soul living a human experience. You come here for a purpose. So, once you acknowledge that and acknowledge that God put you here for a reason, I feel like you gotta fulfill that as much as possible.”

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NLE Choppa Quotes That Are Full of Positivity and Kindness

20. “I really just like to see people being the best they can be.”

21. “I was able to find myself spiritually by realizing that my happiness started with me.”

22. “I look at my success as like, blessings, to bless other people.”

23. “I just know that after I help somebody and I see it made a difference, I feel good. I understand that a lot of people aren’t as fortunate as others. It’s just instinctual for me. I don’t know who I picked it up from, but I love to do it a lot.”

24. “Just remember your thoughts control your whole reality. Everything you think of you can accomplish. Your thoughts are your reality. People realize that and everybody would be up.”

25. “I feel like if I got a blessing, then it’s up to me to share that blessing with the world any way I can with other people less fortunate with me.”

26. “Speaking on what’s real and what’s not, not getting too caught up in what everybody else is caught up in. Speaking on ways to help people and open people’s minds up.”

27. “When I found out that I had a baby on the way it changed my mind and my whole way of thinking. I knew I needed to change and be a better person for my daughter.”

28. “Everything you want to accomplish is already within yourself, so when you start to roll in self-doubt and think negative thoughts then you’ll fall off. So keep visualizing and keep knowing what you’re destined for, it’ll come to you.”

29. “I just want to help people.”

30. “The hook of ‘Bryson’ is based on something my mom created. She used to sing it to me when I was little and feeling down. When I was a baby, she’d sing it to me, and that’s pretty much the hook. That’s why the song means so much to me—because I feel like if it could’ve uplifted me, then I know it’ll uplift others.”

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NLE Choppa Quotes Showing His Personality and Experiences

31. “Being able to invest in myself and my company, I can make more money.”

32. “I work hard and I’m humble.”

33. “If people hear me and see what I’m doing, they’ll know what’s real and what’s not. But, I don’t follow trends.”

34. “I ain’t gonna tat my face. I ain’t no follower. I ain’t got no reason to tat my face.”

35. “The stress just had me in a space where I didn’t want to be bothered because I was working so hard.”

36. “My angels watch over me every day. Make sure I’m on the right path. I might be an angel.”

37. “I stay visible online because that’s where my fans are.”

38. “I try to stay positive and keep my head upright, but I really do have a lot of anxiety.”

39. “Manifestation, the law of attraction, and all of that other related stuff, I’m here for it.”

40. “My life path number is seven. One of the qualities is leadership. If I’m not being a leader, I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

41. “Age don’t mean nothing. I’m an old soul.”

NLE Choppa Quotes About Dealing With Depression

42. “A lot of people can relate to having depression and anxiety, especially with the way that the world is right now.”

43. “Everybody goes through depression. I suffer from that. I think in the Black community that sh*t ignored on my album I got a song for everybody who suffers from bipolar depression, mental health issues. Man, anything I hope it touches you, let you know you are not alone. I’m with you.”

44. “I just didn’t really know who I was. I couldn’t sleep, I had a bad attitude, and my whole mood was just thrown off balance.”

45. “When I started to meditate and found peace, it opened my mind up. A lot of stuff started to come with it, too.”

46. “I’ll wake up and meditate, then do it again before I go to sleep.”

47. “It’s a mental thing. When you start thinking positive, getting that negative out can change your whole reality.”

48. “I haven’t hurt myself yet, even if my body is on some sh*t sometimes.”

NLE Choppa Quotes on His Music

49. “I don’t know why people can’t believe that I can be mellow. In real life, I’m goofy around people I know but my music portrays me to be hype when most of the time, I’m actually mellow.”

50. “It’s why I started music, to have my own stuff happening—something that I can say is mine, something that I have ownership of.”

51. “I use music as a platform to express myself. Everything I put out is me, the me I want people to see.”

52. “When I make a song, I make sure that it’s a hit. You know what I’m saying. Like the quality over the quantity part. If I make one song in a session, I’ll be like, I’m done, this the junk.”

NLE Choppa Quotes to Broaden Your Understanding of Him

53. “I just go anywhere by myself. I don’t even realize how big I am.”

54. “There are different problems to face every day, man.”

55. “A lot of people can throw the drip on, but if you don’t layer your chain a certain way, it doesn’t complete the outfit.”

56. “I listened to a lot of Jamaican vibes growing up. A lot of Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, but also, Lil Wayne, and Tupac.”

57. “I love Bob Marley’s music. The only person I really listen to. A little bit of Shabba Ranks sometimes, but I mostly listen to Bob Marley.”

58. “I use Twitter mostly, and then whenever I just want to preview some new music that I record, I take to Snapchat or TikTok.”

59. “I want to build an empire.”

60. “I’m not going to lie, I believe that aliens are already here.”

Interesting NLE Choppa Quotes

61. “I hoop—I play basketball. I’m challenging any rapper.”

62. “If I do a song with a chorus and a verse, it takes me about 25 minutes. If I do a song with 2 verses or stretch out the song, it takes me about 30 to 35 minutes.”

63. “I write down three things in the morning that I want to accomplish, but I write it down as if I have already accomplished it. So you write it down three times. And then in the daytime, like near the afternoon, you write it down six times. Then at night, you write it down nine times.”

64. “I look at other people’s tats for probably the idea, or like, where to put it or something. But, at the end of the day, all my tats gotta mean something back to me. The moment you get something that don’t mean something to you, you’re gonna regret that tattoo.”

More NLE Choppa Quotes and Lyrics

65. “Make a couple plays, then you know a n*gga miss you.”

66. “Everybody dies, I’m a demon in disguise, you can see it in my f*ckin’ eyes.”

67. “I am so high that I’m talking to stars. I’m gone off them jiggas, I’m poppin’ them bars.”

68. “Catch a body, don’t you tell nobody, keep that sh*t to yourself.”

69. “I’m 16, with big dreams, I wanna be a star, I used to spend money on little things, now I want a car—that Rollie or that Audemars, where do I start?”

70. “If a n*gga want smoke, we gon’ roll up, make him bite the dust.”

Did You Learn Anything From These NLE Choppa Quotes About Depression and Meditation?

Bryson Lashun Potts, also known as NLE Choppa, had a rough patch. To deal with mental health issues, he used meditation and the support of his spiritual family.

At such a young age, he had already accomplished many achievements in life. Choppa continues to prove that age is just a number and that anyone can make their dreams a sparkling reality.

He understands that being in challenging situations helps him mature and learn. His experiences have been real eye-openers for him to get his life in order and focus on the good. Moreover, NLE Choppa believed that God is always willing to listen to everyone’s problems and that he’d see brighter days at some point if he just persevered.

Hopefully, our collection was able to encourage you to look for the light amid adversity and use it as motivation to get through life. Work toward those dreams of yours and let your success be your noise!

Have you heard any of NLE Choppa’s music? Which of his quotes are your favorites? Join the discussion below.

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