50 Gunna Quotes to Help You Thrive & Be Resilient

These Gunna quotes will give you a sneak peek at his life as an artist, lyricist, and fashion icon.

Gunna found his way to success through his talent and the way he represented himself through his fashion.

He’s considered a game-changer in the hip hop community because of his unique delivery style, meaningful lyrics, and upbeat melodies. Because of this, major music companies clamored to get him signed.

One of the most essential life lessons that we can learn from his songs is perseverance. This can be seen in his mixtape track, Never Recover, where he showed how his past haunted him. Though this was the case, he was determined to keep going to reach comfort, success, and happiness. 

This being said, this Gunna quote collection will encourage and help you overcome any hardship in life.

Read through his quotes below and be inspired to continue your journey!

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Best Gunna Quotes 

1. “Pain is temporary, so whatever you are going through won’t last forever.”

2. “I accomplished my dream, but I still feel like I gotta’ a lot of work to do.”

3. “It’s hard—transitioning from one thing to another. That’s with anything you do.” 

4. “I’ve learned since ‘Drip or Drown’ that no one should care what people think. I learned that, after years of comments, it really doesn’t matter.”

5. “Just keep going. You never know how far you can go.”

6. “I hate I folded on the same blessing. I pray for folded hands never again!”

7. “Don’t forget when you are hungry and start being greedy when you eat.”

8. “Keep going. Grind for what you want. Pray. Listen to your mama.”

9. “I’ve been goin’ through difficult situations, but I’m learning from them! Everything happens for a reason!”

10. “If the good outweighs the bad, you are blessed! I wish everyone success!”

Famous Gunna Quotes

11. “I want someone who can tell me when it hurt.”

12. “If we come together, we leave together. And if we are lucky, we’ll die together.” 

13. “I took a loss, and it made me a boss.”

14. “Pick and choose who is the right one to trust.”

15. “Don’t let awards get the best of you.”

16. “You gotta be able to adapt.”

17. “All I ever needed was hope.”

18. “Tell everything but the truth, get nothin’ but love from my crew.”

19. “‘Drip’ is just another word for ‘swag.’ Swag was not our word. My era is drip; that’s our swag.”

20. “Hope that money doesn’t change you.”

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Gunna Quotes That’ll Open Your Eyes to Life’s Realities

21. “Hate when people keep doin’ too much. Keep it real; the streets show you no love.”

22. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

23. “Life is crazy; don’t take it for granted!”

24. “Only have one life; you can get rich twice.”

25. “In love with my life, and you wish we could trade.”

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Motivational Gunna Quotes to Make You Work Harder

26. “We don’t need no one vouchin’ for us. I been grindin’ here, found me a buzz.”

27. “When it comes to money, I have come a long way.”

28. “I just work hard, and when you work hard, a lot of stuff just starts happening for you.”

29. “We got some, but we came to get more.”

30. “I went through a lot, but as I went through it, I learned from the situations.”

31. “I won’t ever doubt myself. I’ve doubted myself before. I’m not going to do that again.”

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Gunna Quotes for Fans of His Craft and Music

32. “Sometimes, when you get in this game, you think that you’re going to take off if you do a song with someone big. But that’s not the truth. Everything with you got to be good—the visuals, the push, the production.”

33. “Business is business, so you gotta pay me.”

34. “I had to quit everything. I had to give it all to music.”

35. “I had to go broke for music.”

36. “What I have that’s special in my music is substance. It’s music that people can really relate to. I know I’m gonna rap something that somebody has already been through in their life, something that they will understand.”

37. “I have been doing music since I was 15 years old. I found it intriguing, just from liking and listening to music.”

38. “It’s like different moods, so whenever you are in one mood, I got a song for that. And when you are in a down or another type of mood where you really just wanna chill, I got that type of music, too.”

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Interesting Gunna Quotes That Will Leave You Thinking

39. “You don’t want me to see greatness. I don’t want to share relations.”

40. “Test their loyalty, then you’ll know if it’s real! I promise!”

41. “I took the top off. I’m dripping like hot sauce.”

42. “So glad that you doubted me. It taught me reality.”

43. “Ain’t giving second chances, I’m no fool.”

44. “I didn’t have a life that good coming up. I wasn’t born with a lot of money. We weren’t dirt poor, but we weren’t rich. All I knew was struggle.”

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Other Gunna Quotes to Amaze You With His Fashion Style

45. “I always like to dress up, you know what I’m saying? Put on nice, expensive clothes. But before it was even ‘drip,’ I used to be, like, ‘swag.’” 

46. “Drip is your attire—the clothes you wear.”

47. “I’m not sure people understand how important fashion is to me.”

48. “Everybody not gonna like what I wear, but a majority of people are.”

49. “I just believe that in Atlanta, we’re creative; we got a lot of styles out here.”

50. “Everybody’s not gonna understand what I wear because they don’t shop where I shop.”

Which of These Gunna Quotes Inspired You to Move Forward?

Nothing will ever come easy in life. We should be willing and ready to face every challenge that will present itself to us. No one is exempt from this; even Gunna went through a lot before he could taste the fruit of his labor.

Like everyone else, we have to go through our fair share of battles. But, don’t be discouraged because, as we’ve learned from Gunna, it is through those battles that we become stronger and more resilient. Gunna showed us that thriving came with a lot of effort and determination, too.

It won’t always be easy, so remember that it’s okay to take a step back, slow down, or rest when it gets overwhelming. But, like Gunna, never give up. The next time you feel discouraged, please, reread these Gunna quotes to help yourself get back on track!

Which of these quotes is your top pic? Are you a fan of Gunna’s works? Comment below!

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