20 Land of the Lost Quotes for an Out-Of-This-World Journey

If you’re a fan of adventure and comedy movies, this collection of Land of the Lost quotes is something you’ll enjoy!

This 2009 movie is about the thrilling journey of a scientist named Rick Marshall. Together with his assistant and a survivalist, they go on a different kind of adventure in a whole new world! 

After activating a tachyon amplifier, a time warp opens and brings them into an inter-dimensional desert filled with dinosaurs and all sorts of danger. To survive, they befriend a primate named Cha-Ka and rely on him while finding a way back home. 

Without a doubt, Land of the Lost is filled with thrilling and hilarious scenes. So, we’ve created this collection to share their experiences with you!

Check out the complete list below.

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Best Land of the Lost Quotes

1. Will Stanton: “You ever get tired of being wrong?”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “I do! I really do!”

2. “If you don’t make it, it’s your own damn ‘vault.’ That’s a bitch slap of truth right there.” – Dr. Rick Marshall

3. “Matt Lauer can suck it!” – Dr. Rick Marshall

4. Dr. Rick Marshall: “This is for you. I signed it. You’re supposed to say the title and the publisher.”

Matt Lauer: “That’s not gonna happen.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “Just say it.”

Matt Lauer: “No.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “Just say the damn title.”

Matt Lauer: “Fine. ‘Matt Lauer Can Suck It’ by Dr. Rick Marshall.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “I was so surprised that your attorney signed off on that. I was like, ‘Are you sure? Is this gonna be okay?’ He said, ‘Yeah, go for it.’”

Matt Lauer: “Son of a bitch.”

5. Dr. Rick Marshall: “It boils down to two simple words.”

Matt Lauer: “Renewable biofuels.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “Close. Time warps.”

6. “Well done. You just gave murderous primitives the power of fire!” – Dr. Rick Marshall

Land of the Lost Quotes That Will Remain in Our Hearts Forever

7. Enik: “Thank Vinok you’ve come to my aid, Rick Marshall.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “You know me?”

Enik: “Of course. Even in the farthest reaches of the universe, we have seen your Matt Lauer video.”

8. “Mission Control, come in. Mission Control, do you read?” – Astronaut

9. “This is a little travel mug I like to call the perfect woman. Big ole set of boobies—no head. And a handle.” – Will Stanton

10. “Captain Kirk’s nipples!” – Dr. Rick Marshall

11. Holly Cantrell: “What are you eating?”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “It’s a donut stuffed with M&Ms. That way, when you’ve finished the donut, you don’t have to eat any M&Ms.”

12. “Thank God for that. That one was peering into my soul.” – Dr. Rick Marshall

13. Matt Lauer: “That was my guest, Dr. Rick Marshall.”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “You’re Goddamn right it was!”

Matt Lauer: “His new book arrives tomorrow. You might want to look for it in the ‘I’m out of my freaking mind’ department.”

Land of the Lost Quotes to Highlight Dr. Rick Marshall’s Sense of Humor

14. Ernie: “Hey! Where’s Will?”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “He went to a better place.”

Ernie: “You killed him?”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “No.”

15. Dr. Rick Marshall: “Would you grow up?”

Holly Cantrell: “Oh, my God!”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “Yes, he pooped me out!”

Will Stanton: “And now you guys are friends?”

Dr. Rick Marshall: “While I was snaking my way through his bowels, I don’t know, I—I must have dislodged some sort of intestinal blockage. And, yes, he’s in a much better mood now. So can we move on? I would really like to go home.”

Will Stanton: “You were deuced out by a dinosaur. That is incredibly cool.”

16. “Oh, that blows. That buh-lows.” – Dr. Rick Marshall

More Land of the Lost Quotes for the Adrenaline Junkie

17. “I’m man enough to admit that’s my bad.” – Will Stanton

18. “Well what do you know? This is one of those days when pouring piss on your head is a bad idea!” – Will Stanton

19. Dr. Rick Marshall: “I wrestled at Purdue.”

Enik: “J.V.”

20. “Field rations are running dangerously low. Thus, I’ve made the determination that, if need be, if faced with starvation, we will cook and eat Cha-Ka. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, actually. If Cha-Ka meat were the secret ingredient on Iron Chef, I’m sure Bobby Flay would probably serve it with roasted red peppers and a dash of cumin’ and a braised polenta. It wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, but if you slow-roast the little guy, I’m sure that Cha-Ka meat would just fall right off the bone.” – Dr. Rick Marshall 

When Was The Last Time You Experienced a Rush of Adrenaline? 

In the movie, Dr. Rick Marshall’s career has been going downhill. Many criticized and discouraged him, but with the help of Holly Cantrell, he pushed for what he wanted to prove. Because of this, Dr. Marshall and his companions could time travel and show people who didn’t believe in his theories a whole new world.

What happened with Dr. Rick Marshall is a perfect example of the saying, “People hate what they don’t understand and try to destroy it.” So, remember that you must stand for what you believe in. It does not only build your self-respect, but it also gains respect from others.

Land of the Lost is indeed a great movie that is suitable for both kids and adults. It reminds us to stand our ground and inspire others to do the same. More than that, it’s also filled with hilarious scenes and lines that you’ll never get tired of reading!

Whenever you’re feeling disheartened because no one believes in you, you can always read this collection once more. Remember that sticking to your values and beliefs is the best way to live happily. Who knows, this might lead to the most incredible adventure of your life!

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