70 Monsters, Inc. Quotes Filled With Lessons on Friendship

Read these Monsters, Inc. quotes that will take you back to your childhood and help you learn a thing or two about friendship!

Monsters, Inc. is an animated movie about monsters working in a factory. However, it’s not any ordinary factory—they collect energy from children’s screams after giving them a good scare.

Their day-to-day lives were going on as usual, but Sulley and Mike’s lives completely turned upside down when Sulley accidentally let a human girl in the company.

They could’ve quickly just left the kid alone, but these two best friends were different from your usual monsters.

They were kind, compassionate, and they came to love the little girl like their own friend, too.

As they grew closer to Boo, the little girl, they realized that children are not dangerous, unlike what monsters like them believe.

The movie garnered much attention over the years with its unique message about friendship and different life values we can live by.

So, if you want to have a glimpse of Sulley and Mike’s adventures, this collection of quotes is for you.

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Best Monsters, Inc. Quotes

Best Quotes On Fake Friends
Best Quotes On Fake Friends

1. “Nothing is more important than our friendship.” – Mike

2. “There’s more to life than scaring.” – Mike

3. “Hey, may the best monster win.” – Sulley

4. “Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to.” – Henry

5. “Sulley, you’re not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it.” – Mike

6. “What a plan. Simple yet insane.” – Mike

7. “What can I say? The camera loves me.” – Mike

8. “Sulley, I am baring my soul here. The least you can do is pay attention.” – Mike

9. “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.” – Roz

10. “Just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful monster. You know what I said? I said, ‘Sulley?’” – Mike

Monsters, Inc. Quotes From Sulley

11. “That’s right, Boo! You did it! You beat him!” – Sulley

12. “It’s scarin’ time!” – Sulley

13. “You know, I don’t think she’s all that dangerous.” – Sulley

14. “I don’t believe I ordered a wake-up call, Mikey.” – Sulley

15. “Give it a rest, will ya, butterball?” – Sulley

16. “She can’t stay in here. This is the men’s room.” – Sulley

17. “Ready or not, here I come!” – Sulley

18. “Looks like you’re out of a job.” – Sulley

19. “What have I done? This could ruin the company.” – Sulley

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Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski Quotes

20. “You and I are a team.” – Mike

21. “Come on, pal. If you start crying, I’m gonna cry, and I’ll never get through this.” – Mike

22. “Fight that plaque. Scary monsters don’t have plaque.” – Mike

23. “One, two, three, four, get the kid back through the door!” – Mike

24. “That is the weirdest thing you’ve ever said.” – Mike

25. “Look at the big jerk. He ruined my life, and for what? A stupid kid! Because of you, I am stuck in this frozen wasteland!” – Mike

26. “Where are you going? We’ll talk. We’ll have a latte.” – Mike

27. “Yeah, we can keep her. I’ve always wanted a pet that could kill me!” – Mike

28. “I have no idea. But it would be a really good idea if it didn’t do it again.” – Mike

29. “You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade.” – Mike

30. “Oh, hey. We’re rehearsing a—a scene for the upcoming company play called uh, ‘Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me.’ It’s a musical.” – Mike

31. “One of these days I am really gonna let you teach that guy a lesson.” – Mike

32. “Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you’re looking fabulous today.” – Mike

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Monsters, Inc. Quotes From Boo

33. Sulley: “Boo?”

Boo: “Kitty!”

34. Sulley: “She’s not scared of you anymore.”

Boo: “Raaaar!” 

35. Mike: “You hear that? Sounds like fun in there. Well, see ya kid. Send me a postcard. That’s Mike Wazowski, care of 22 Mike Wazowski-You-Got-Your-Life-Back-Lane.”

Boo: “Mowki Kowski.”

Mike: “Very good. Now bon voyage. See ya.”

36. Sulley: “I can still hear her little voice.”

Boo: “Mike Wazowski!”

Mike: “Hey, I can hear her too.”

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Funny Monsters, Inc. Quotes

37. “Dodgeball was the best, oh yeah. I was the fastest one out there. Of course, I was the ball.” – Mike

38. Mike: “Whew! You got any deodorant I can borrow?”

Sulley: “Yeah. I’ve got ‘Smelly Garbage’ and ‘Old Dumpster.’”

39. “Milking a yak ain’t exactly a picnic, but once you pick the hairs out, it’s very nutritious.” – Yeti

40. “You’re the boss, you’re the boss. You’re the big, hairy boss.” – Mike

41. “Hey, did you lose weight or a limb?” – Sulley

42. “Oh, that’s great, blame it on the little guy. How original. He must’ve read the schedule wrong with his one eye.” – Mike

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Monsters, Inc. Quotes That We Can All Relate To 

43. “Oh, that darn paperwork! Wouldn’t it be easier if it all just blew away?” – Mike

44. “I’m trying to be honest, just hear me out.” – Mike

45. “You expect me to believe that pack of lies, Mike Wazowski?” – Celia

46. “Do I look abominable to you? Why can’t they call me the Adorable Snowman, or—or the Agreeable Snowman for crying out loud?” – Yeti

47. “I am so romantic, sometimes I think I should just marry myself.” – Mike

48. “Poor guy. I understand. It’s not easy being banished.” – Yeti

49. “I don’t like big moving things that are moving towards me.” – Mike

Iconic Monsters, Inc. Quotes to Enjoy

50. “We scare because we care.” – Henry

51. “Go ahead, go grow up.” – Mike

52. “Don’t let it happen again.” – Roz

53. “I wasn’t scared. I have allergies.” – Mike

54. “Your stunned silence is very reassuring.” – Roz

55. “Go get ’em, googly bear.” – Celia

56. “You think this is about sushi?!” – Celia

57. “Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change.” – Randall

Monsters, Inc. Quotes That’ll Give You a Fright

58. “I’m in the zone today, Sullivan. I’m gonna do some serious scaring, putting up some big numbers.” – Randall

59. “Hey, that looks like Randall. Randall’s your monster. You think he’s gonna come out of the closet and scare you?” – Sulley

60. “Look at everybody’s favorite scarer now, you stupid, pathetic waste! You’ve been number one for too long, Sullivan! Now your time is up! And don’t worry; I’ll take good care of the kid!” – Randall

61. “There’s nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you. Leave a door open, and one can walk right into this factory; right into the monster world.” – Henry

More Monsters, Inc. Quotes That’ll Remind You of Your Favorite Scenes

62. “It is my professional opinion that now it’s the time to panic!” – Scientist

63. “Wasteland? I think you mean Wonderland!” – Yeti

64. “I’m sorry, Wazowski, but Randall said I’m not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot.” – Fungus

65. “Hey, good morning, Monstropolis. It’s now five after the hour of 6:00 am in the big monster city. Temperature’s a balmy 65 degrees—which is good news for you reptiles—and it looks like it’s gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply—work out that flab that’s hanging over the bed. Get up, Sulley.” – Mike

66. “Who cares about the company? What about us? That thing is a killing machine! I bet it’s waiting for us to fall asleep, and then—bam! Oh, we’re easy prey, my friend. Easy prey! We’re sitting targets!” – Mike

67. “I think I have a plan here. Using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.” – Mike

68. “I hope you’re happy, Sullivan! You’ve destroyed this company! Monsters, Inc. is dead! Where will everyone get their screams now?! The energy crisis will only get worse—because of you!” – Henry

69. “Good morning, Roz, my succulent little garden snail. And who will we be scaring today?” – Mike

70. “If I don’t see a door in my station in five seconds, I will personally put you through the shredder!” – Randall

Did These Quotes Make You Think of Your Best Friend?

Monsters, Inc. is one of the most iconic animated movies. It did not just bring joy and entertainment, but it also carried essential lessons that children and adults can learn from.

It’s a beautiful movie that zooms in on how friendship is something that we can’t take for granted. We may make mistakes and go through hard times like Sulley. But, if we have a friend like Mike, we know that someone would always have our backs.

More than that, it also helps us understand that friends can be found anywhere and everywhere—even when we think they’re entirely different from us. This is highlighted when our two favorite monsters came to love Boo, a human. 

We hope these quotes we’ve gathered were able to motivate you to cherish and value your friends. Remember, true friends will stand by you​​—even when you think you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.

Will you share these quotes with your best friends? Have you watched the movie before? Share your thoughts below.