20 She’s All That Quotes on Recognizing One’s Real Beauty

Dive deep into this collection of She’s All That quotes to appreciate your natural beauty!

Growing up, every girl dreams of being the pretty girl everyone notices at school. But, what if you get noticed for the opposite reason?

In this teen romantic comedy movie, the most popular guy in school gets dumped by his girlfriend. To revive his reputation, he bets to turn an unattractive girl into the school’s prom queen in six weeks.

Zack Siler makes Laney Boggs fall in love with him, and through time, he discovers what really makes her special. However, no lie will remain hidden forever, and Laney eventually finds out about Zack’s bet with his friends.

Indeed, She’s All That is a movie that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. So, buckle up as you read through this list of quotes we’ve prepared for you!

Check out the complete list below.

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Best She’s All That Quotes

1. “I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing.” – Laney Boggs

2. “So, Laney, I was wondering if you wanted to—embarrass me horribly in front of all these people.” – Zack Siler

3. “Am I a bet? Am I a f*cking bet!?” – Laney Boggs

4. Taylor Vaughan: “Oh, Oopsie. You know, you really should be more careful with silk.”

Laney Boggs: “Thank you.”

Taylor Vaughan: “Excuse me?”

Laney Boggs: “Thank you. For a minute there, I forgot why I avoided places like this and people like you.”

Taylor Vaughan: “Avoided us? Honey, look around you. To everyone here who matters, you’re vapor, you’re spam, a waste of perfectly good yearbook space, and nothing’s ever gonna change that. Oh, you aren’t going to cry, are you?”

5. “Sometimes when you open up to people, you let the bad in with the good.” – Zack Siler

6. “You didn’t think you became popular for real, did you? Oh, you did? That’s so sweet.” – Taylor Vaughan

7. Taylor Vaughan: “Jump up my *ss, Zack.”

Zack Siler: “Been there. Done that.”

8. Zack Siler: “So, can I have the last dance?”

Laney Boggs: “No, you can have the first.”

She’s All That Quotes for Everyone Who Can Relate to Their Story

9. “Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam. In six weeks, she’s being named prom queen.” – Zack Siler

10. Laney Boggs: “Screw the dolphins.”

Jesse Jackson: “A guy tried that last year, banned from SeaWorld for life.”

11. Dean Sampson: “His dad owns Harrison Ford.”

Laney Boggs: “The actor?”

Dean Sampson: “No, the car dealership.”

12. Dean Sampson: “I mean, the girl’s an institution in this place. Every girl wants to be her, and every guy wants to nail her.”

Preston: “Basically, she’s you, with tits.”

13. Dean Sampson: “Is that a no?”

Laney Boggs: “That’s a hell no.”

14. “What is this, some sort of dork outreach program?” – Laney Boggs

15. Mackenzie Siler: “When was the last time you tweezed?”

Laney Boggs: “What?”

Mackenzie Siler: “I mean your eyebrows.”

Laney Boggs: “Never. Why?”

Mackenzie Siler: “Ever watch Sesame Street?”

Laney Boggs: “Yeah.”

Mackenzie Siler: “You know Bert?”

More She’s All That Quotes That Are Worth the Read

16. Zack Siler: “She kinda blew me off.”

Mackenzie Siler: “I like her already.”

17. Jesse Jackson: “I’m Jesse Jackson. I’m not a good dancer.”

Mackenzie Siler: “I’m Mac. I go to school with 500 chicks.”

18. Mackenzie Siler: “Nothing personal, Laney, but this particular coif, doesn’t really go with your face shape.”

Laney Boggs: “What do you have in mind?”

Mackenzie Siler: “Well, I have an idea.”

Laney Boggs: “What kind of idea?”

Mackenzie Siler: “You’d really have to trust me.”

19. “This is all fascinating, Taylor, but could you skip to the part where you decided to screw me over.” – Zack Siler

20. Zack Siler: “What was that?”

Laney Boggs: “I was busy.”

Zack Siler: “Yeah, busy wiggin’.”

Laney Boggs: “I did not wig.”

Zack Siler: “Oh, there was major wiggage.”

What Do You Think Contributes the Most to a Person’s Beauty?

Our world today is so advanced that we’re offered many different beauty products that are said to enhance our features. We also have medical procedures that can change how you look. But, is that really what beauty is about?

Zack was prideful and wanted to prove to people that he could date any girl he wanted and that he could make something out of nothing. He felt that Laney would be the perfect target because she was unattractive and seemingly naive. But, after getting to know her, he falls in love with who she truly is.

Laney had a kind heart which Zack didn’t want to break. However, their relationship was built on lies, and inevitably, the truth was found out. 

Although this was a tough time for both protagonists, Zack learned a crucial lesson from which we can all learn. Our physical features aren’t the most important thing to a person, especially for someone truly in love with you. Instead, we need to focus on who we are on the inside—our character, values, and compassion.

With that, we hope you were reminded of the saying that true beauty comes from the inside. Don’t ever change who you are because you want to be prettier or more attractive. Remember, the person who truly loves you will love you on the inside and out!

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