20 Shisui Uchiha Quotes on Friendship and Humility

These top 20 Shisui Uchiha quotes will remind you to be kind and use your abilities and talents for good.

Naruto is an action-packed series filled with lessons and unique characters.

One of the most memorable ninjas that we will get to know is Shisui Uchiha. Despite being a minor character, his lines profoundly impact many people who have watched and read the series.

Shisui Uchiha was an Anbu, a covert operative, from the Hidden Leaf Village.

He was one of the most talented and strongest Anbu of his clan. On top of that, he was a humble, devoted, and compassionate ninja who lived a selfless life.

So, if Shisui is your favorite character, this collection is perfect for you. Our complete list below contains his best lines about friendship and life.

Continue reading, and let his words guide you!

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Best Shisui Uchiha Quotes

1. “What’s with that look of yours? Even like this, I can still see your face easily, you know. A worried expression just doesn’t look good on you. You must always remain calm, my friend. That’s what Itachi Uchiha is. I’m positive you can do this. So don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

2. “From now on, you may be forced to walk down a long, dark path, one that’s filled with pain and suffering. I have to apologize that I can’t be with you through it all. Still, I hope you don’t falter from your path and keep moving forward as a leaf ninja. I believe in you.”

3. “I don’t even know if there is such a thing as justice in the shinobi world. We fight believing in our own justice. But if the enemy is doing the same thing, who’s right?”

4. “Well, Itachi. Now, the time has come. Make a new way for yourself with your own hands. You can do it. I know you can.”

5. “More than love, you seek acknowledgment. More than touch, you crave understanding. More than a lover, you need a friend.”

Shisui Uchiha Quotes That Show the Value of Friendship

6. “You’re my best friend and the only one I can count on. Protect the village and the Uchiha name.”

7. “But still, it’s worth it to protect what I hold dear.”

8. “Itachi is probably going to be mad at me for doing this without him, but this will keep you together as a family. That’s what’s most important. For that, I’ll do anything.”

9. “I’ve been watching you train here every day for a while now. Let’s be friends.”

10. “It’s great to be a family. I can’t help but feel that every time I see those two. I won’t allow the clan’s schemes to destroy things like this. No matter what I have to resort to.”

Unforgettable Shisui Uchiha Quotes to Treasure Forever

11. “See you, friend. I leave the rest to you.”

12. “As long as we have you, the future of the Uchiha’s is secure.”

13. “That isn’t the only thing that I need to give you. I’m going to give you a new power too, the Mangekyo Sharingan. I’m not going to last long anyway. Take it as a gift, my dying wish.”

14. “I mean, I know I’m a lot stronger than him, but he just won’t accept the truth.”

15. “Thank you for everything.”

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More Shisui Uchiha Quotes for Naruto Fans

16. “The one who protects from the shadows, that’s the mark of a true shinobi.”

17. “That’s why I’m able to ask you to carry my will.”

18. “I guess you have always been pretty mouthy. I guess there’s no one in your class who can take you on?”

19. “I heard you were a strange kid, and you don’t really talk to anyone. You really are stubborn, huh.”

20. “We played here a lot.”

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What Are Your Motivations to Improve Yourself?

Improving ourselves requires an initiative that will push us to want change and growth genuinely. Sometimes, we need to find something bigger than ourselves to be motivated. One of the ways we can discover it is through our love for family and friends.

We will encounter different clans with complicated family dynamics in the Naruto series. But, one of the most notable clans introduced would probably be the Uchiha Clan, of which Shisui was a member. 

Shisui devoted himself to protecting his family. No matter how many decades passed, he left an unforgettable mark of love and selflessness.

Indeed, he is an inspiration to be a better person who fights to grow stronger every day. His incredible will and resolve to protect his people is a story of family and kindness that we should all hear and learn about. Shisui Uchiha is the testament that love is enough to leave a legacy forever.

Hopefully, these quotes were able to encourage you to improve yourself through the power of love. Make sure you plant Shisui’s words in your heart and apply them in your life.

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