40 Steven Furtick Quotes to Reinforce Your Faith in God

These top 40 Steven Furtick quotes are perfect for everyone having a hard time navigating through life.

Everything in life moves so quickly, and it’s no surprise if you feel confused or lost. After all, not many people find their true calling in life on the first try.

Most of us have to go through countless failures and new beginnings before we finally see what we’re meant to do and achieve in this world.

Through Steven Furtick, an American pastor and the founder of the Elevation Church in North Carolina, we’re given a chance to reset and rethink our paths in life.

With his guidance, we learn about God’s intervention, the help that faith and prayer provide, and lifting our problems to the Lord.

Read through the complete list below if you’re curious to learn about Steven Furtick and his teachings.

We’re positive you’ll get some valuable insights on life, love, hope, and more through this collection.

Let’s start.

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Best Steven Furtick Quotes

1. “Make faith your starting place—not your last resort.”

2. “The voice you believe will determine the future you experience.” 

3. “Be governed by your calling, not your circumstance.”

4. “Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.”

5. “Most of us are so focused on what we don’t have that we’re blinded to what we do have.”

Famous Steven Furtick Quotes

6. “If your problem is too big for you, it’s just the right size for God.”

7. “When you know the builder, you can have complete confidence in the quality of His work.”

8. “It is what it is, but with God, it’s not what it seems. Where you see failure, God sees a new future. Where you see rejection, God sees refinement.”

9. “Lots of times, our main problem isn’t our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem.”

10. “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

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Inspiring Steven Furtick Quotes That’ll Move You

11. “Being brave doesn’t mean we have no fear. It means we refuse to be overcome by it.”

12. “When God demands more of you, it’s because He sees more in you.”

13. “Accomplishing the impossible is all about seeing the invisible.”

14. “Sometimes things don’t work out the first time so that you’ll learn to lean on God the next time.”

15. “Don’t fear opposition. Expect it, and use it as an opportunity to fuel your growth.”

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Short Steven Furtick Quotes

16. “Obedience is your responsibility. The outcome is God’s!”

17. “The death of contentment is comparison.”

18. “Failure isn’t final until you quit!”

19. “Today’s excuses are tomorrow’s regrets dressed in disguise.”

20. “Gratitude begins where our sense of entitlement ends.”

Profound Steven Furtick Quotes About Life

21. “If you want to change the direction of your life, change the declaration of your lips.” 

22. “You can’t make God move in your life, but you can make room for God to move in your life.”

23. “Whatever season of life you’re in right now, don’t be so focused on the next gift you want that you miss the grace God has already given you.”

24. “If your life is under attack right now, it could be a sign that you’re carrying something of value.”

25. “Don’t allow the enemy to use your moments of pain to distract you from the purpose God has for your life.”

Steven Furtick Quotes on Love

26. “It is the experience of love that enables us to change.”

27. “Love is not words, it’s actions, and love isn’t feelings, it’s a decision.”

28. “The only force in the world powerful enough to overtake fear is the full-grown love of God.”

Relatable Steven Furtick Quotes That Zoom in on Fear

29. “Whatever the what-if is, as quickly as I can, I must assess the nature of the fear. What, specifically, am I so afraid of?” 

30. “What are you forfeiting in your life, right now, because of the force of fear pushing against your faith? Because you’re listening to the wrong voice?” 

31. “Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.” 

32. “What do you do when your greatest accomplishments lead you straight down the path of an even greater fear?”

Steven Furtick Quotes on Prayer and Faith

33. “Seize God’s vision. Activate your faith. Make your move.” 

34. “Prayer is the arena where our faith meets God’s abilities.”

35. “Faithfulness is not a feeling. It’s a choice you can make even in the midst of great frustration.”

36. “Faith will tell you to have patience when everything else is telling you to panic. Faith will tell you to hold on when everything else is telling you to let go. Faith will tell you to push forward when everything else is telling you to pull back.”

Steven Furtick Quotes to Give You Hope

37. “Sometimes, your clearest view of God will be in the fire and trials of life.”

38. “God’s plan is not always a route that makes sense. But then again, He never said it would be easy—just that it’d be worth it.”

39. “The promise of God is this—what’s ahead of me is always more than what’s behind me.”

40. “Even if your life is filled with unstable, unreliable, undependable people, you have one source in your life who is constant.”

How Much Faith and Trust Do You Have in God?

We understand how hard it is to put your complete faith and trust in a being you can’t see with your own eyes. After all, as the famous saying goes, “To see is to believe.” However, as Steven Furtick teaches us, it’s not always about having someone or something concrete to depend on.

God is a Being we’ve never laid our eyes upon, but we know He is always there to protect and guide us in life. He is the one that gives our life meaning and purpose. Even though we cannot see Him, we know, with the help of our faith, that He is ever-present.

So, whenever life gives you a tough challenge, know that you can power through it with the help of God. Remember that He never puts us in a situation that we cannot recover from. Instead, He presents us with multiple challenges that will help shape us into the best versions of ourselves.

Do not fear the unknown, for God’s love and support will always be with you. Believe in His power and in your capabilities. Add this collection of Steven Furtick quotes to your bookmarks so you have something to look back on when you need advice.

What do you think of Steven Furtick’s teachings? Were you able to find a quote that you can really relate to? Please, comment below!

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