50 God Is Good Quotes on Appreciating His Blessings

God Is Good Quotes

If you’re feeling down or in need of some positive inspiration, let this list of God is good quotes lift your spirit! In today’s world, when people experience pain and suffering, they think God has abandoned them or doesn’t love them anymore. They forget the phrase, “God is good,” and choose to turn away from … Read more

50 God’s Plan Quotes to Allow You to Trust in Him

God's Plan Quotes

This collection of God’s plan quotes will make you believe that everything happens for a reason and that His plans are greater than what we could ever think of. We may plan, try to think ahead, and organize things, but we won’t be able to control everything. These kinds of instances make some people start … Read more

50 God’s Love Quotes That’ll Encourage & Comfort You

God's Love Quotes

Whenever you feel alone, read these God’s love quotes and be reminded that He will always be there to love you unconditionally. As humans, we tend to beat ourselves up because of our mistakes and flaws. We think that the only way to be happy in life is to achieve some sort of perfection. However, … Read more

50 God’s Grace Quotes to Make You Feel Blessed

God's Grace Quotes

God works in mysterious ways, but our collection of God’s grace quotes will make His intentions and feelings for us abundantly clear! Grace has many definitions, one of which is to give favor to someone not worthy. But, God’s grace works differently; it’s given to everyone without any criteria or standards. Because His grace is … Read more

40 God’s Timing Quotes That Will Test Your Patience

God's Timing Quotes

Reading this list of God’s timing quotes will reinforce your faith in the Almighty whenever you feel like life is spiraling out of control! God’s timing is governed by His divine wisdom, not by our emotions. This makes sense if you think about it because God knows what you need even before you ask Him. … Read more

50 Trust God Quotes to Strengthen & Reinforce Your Faith

Trust God Quotes

Reading through this list of trust God quotes will encourage you to believe in the Almighty’s strength, ability, and power! Trusting God is not always easy. The human heart is complex, and we are all prone to doubt. We can be tempted to think that our religion is only an act of blind faith, but … Read more

40 Steven Furtick Quotes to Reinforce Your Faith in God

Steven Furtick Quotes

These top 40 Steven Furtick quotes are perfect for everyone having a hard time navigating through life. Everything in life moves so quickly, and it’s no surprise if you feel confused or lost. After all, not many people find their true calling in life on the first try. Most of us have to go through … Read more

100 Howard Thurman Quotes on Religion & Justice

Howard Thurman Quotes

We’ve collected a list of 100 Howard Thurman quotes to help you understand his life’s philosophy! Howard Thurman was an American civil rights leader, philosopher, and social justice activist. His most famous work, Jesus and the Disinherited, had a significant impact on Martin Luther King Jr. This collection includes quotes from his well-known masterpieces. We … Read more

160 Prayer Quotes to Empower Your Faith

Prayer Quotes

These top 160 prayer quotes will serve as a reminder to let God go inside your heart whenever you are in a difficult chapter of your life or need guidance. Praying is the act of having a conversation with God. It is one of the ways to build a stronger connection with Him and share … Read more