25 Tarzan Quotes on Humanity & the Magical World of the Apes

Read these top Tarzan quotes and prepare for profound wisdom from this world-famous Disney movie!

It’s hard to understand that you’re different from your family, especially if they are all you’ve known. But, sometimes, it’s inevitable, and we must face the truth—no matter how hard. This is something we see in one of our favorite movies, Tarzan.

In this Disney movie, Tarzan and his parents got stranded in the African jungle after their ship burned. Due to the kind of environment they were in, unfortunately, his parents did not survive. He, however, was taken in as part of Kala’s family of apes.

Tarzan is different from the rest. Nonetheless, he made lifelong friends with those he grew up with in the jungle. And, when English explorers threatened the peace of his family, he stepped up to protect them.

Many ups and downs happen in the movie, and there are also great insights from the original book. To get a sneak peek of them, make sure you read our complete list of Tarzan quotes below.

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Best Tarzan Quotes

1. Kerchak: “You may be willing to risk our safety, but I’m not.”

Tarzan: “Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?”

Kerchak: “Protect this family and stay away from them.”

2. “You’ll be in my heart from this day on now and forever more.” – Tarzan

3. Tarzan: “No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.”

Kala: “And you will always be in my heart.”

4. Tarzan: “Kerchak, forgive me.”

Kerchak: “No. Forgive me, for not understanding that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now.”

Tarzan: “No. Kerchak.”

Kerchak: “Take care of them, my son. Take care of them.”

5. “I asked you to protect our family. And you betrayed us all.” – Kerchak

6. Kala: “Close your eyes. Now forget what you see. What do you feel?”

Tarzan: “My heart.”

Kala: “Come here.”

Tarzan: “Your heart.”

Kala: “See? They’re exactly the same. Kerchak just can’t see that.”

7. “I’ve had it with you and your emotional constipation! Tarzan needs us, and we’re gonna help him! You got that?” – Tantor

8. “People get lost in the jungle every day.” – Professor Archimedes Q. Porter

9. “Hey, Auntie K. You’re Looking Remarkably Groomed Today.” – Terk

10. Kerchak: “You came back.”

Tarzan: “I came home.”

Tarzan Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Part of the World of Apes

11. “No. No. No. I’m Jane.” – Tarzan

12. “Put me down! Put me down! Pick me up! Pick me up!” – Jane Porter

13. Terk: “What kind of animal are you?”

Tantor: “You know, I’ve been thinking lately that Tarzan may be some subspecies of elephant.”

Terk: “Are you kidding—what are you talking about?”

Tantor: “I mean, think about it. He enjoys a peanut, I enjoy a peanut—.”

Terk: “He looks nothing like you!”

14. Jane Porter: “Oh, Tarzan, you have no idea what’s in store for you. You’re going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers.”

Professor Archimedes Q. Porter: “Yes, Darwin and Kipling. Queen Victoria!”

Jane Porter: “I haven’t met her, but I hear she’s awfully nice.”

15. “Hiding, are we? Good! I could use a challenge because after I get rid of you, rounding up your little ape family will be all too easy!” – William Cecil Clayton

16. “I said he could stay. That doesn’t make him my son.” – Kerchak

Tarzan Quotes to Make You Wonder About the Great Outdoors

17. “Are you sure this water’s sanitary? It looks questionable to me.” – Tantor

18. “And I was saved. I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.” – Jane Porter

19. “What kind of primitive beasts are responsible for this mess?” – Terk

20. “Even if you hadn’t grown up a savage, you’d be lost. There are no trails through a woman’s heart.” – William Cecil Clayton

21. Kala: “I’m your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been?”

Tarzan: “I thought you knew everything.”

22. Professor Archimedes Q. Porter: “Looks like a man but walks like an ape. He could be the missing link!”

William Cecil Clayton: “Or our link to the gorillas.”

More Tarzan Quotes for Those Who Read the Book

23. “I am Tarzan, King of the Apes, mighty hunter, mighty fighter. In all the jungle, there is none so great.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Author

24. “Like lions, fear is a different thing in different men. But to me, the only pleasure in the hunt is the knowledge that the hunted thing has the power to harm me as much as I have to harm him.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Author

25. “Tarzan of the Apes lived on in his wild, jungle existence with little change for several years, only that he grew stronger and wiser, and learned from his books more and more of the strange worlds which lay somewhere outside his primeval forest.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Author

Is There Any Part of Tarzan’s Life That You Can Relate To?

Tarzan’s top lessons might be evident to fans. First, Kala, his adoptive ape mother, teaches us that we are all the same on the inside. Second, through Tarzan’s interactions with the Englishmen, we learn that the most important thing is to be true to who you are.

When the apes adopted Tarzan, their leader didn’t accept him. He even says, “He’s not our kind.” This makes Tarzan heartbroken, as he feels like he doesn’t belong.

However, Kala showed him that they both have hearts that are beating. This indicates that no matter how different we are on the outside, we are still all human beings. What we’re made of on the inside is the same, so we shouldn’t alienate ourselves from others just because they come from a different culture.

In the movie, Tarzan comes face to face with Englishmen—some trying to make him more like them. He might have been in awe at their clothes and actions. But, in the end, Tarzan realizes that he must remain true to himself.

These are two of the most important and apparent lessons from the movie. However, we’re sure you’ll find more whenever you watch it again. Maybe you’ll even find a handful more morals when you revisit our list!

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