20 The Pink Panther Quotes That Say You’re Not a Failure

Making little progress in our lives can sometimes be upsetting, so we’ve created this list of The Pink Panther quotes to cheer you up!

The 2006 version of The Pink Panther stemmed from the 1963 movie release of the same title. To this date, the franchise already has more than 10 movies! Now, who’d contest how much of a hit it is?

It all starts when the coach of a French soccer team is killed, and his ring featuring the Pink Panther diamond goes missing. Chief Inspector Dreyfus publicly assigns clumsy Inspector Clouseau to the case as a diversion tactic. But, secretly, he uses his most intelligent and driven men to track down the people responsible for the crime. 

Clouseau committed various mistakes and misjudgments during his investigation. Miraculously, all these things lead him to the culprit’s trail.

This already shows us how interestingly hilarious this movie is; at the same time, it’ll help us realize that mistakes are inevitable on the way to success.

If you’re curious about The Pink Panther, read the quotes below. We’ve gathered the best ones from your favorite movie adaptations!

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Best The Pink Panther Quotes

1. Nicole Durant: “Would you like me to stay behind and help you?”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “That is a generous offer, Nicole. But I am quite sensitive to office gender politics. And in today’s world, the slightest gesture can be misinterpreted as harassment. And it is late, and I would prefer not to put you or me into that delicate situation. Agreed?”

Nicole Durant: “Yes, I agree.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Well, let’s seal it with a kiss. And I’ll get back to work.”

2. Bizu: “I’m glad he’s pushing up daisies.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “He is not pushing up the daisies. He is dead.”

Bizu: “It’s an idiom.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “You, sir, are the idiom.”

3. Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “He was just found dead in the training facility locker room. Shot in the head.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Was it fatal?”

Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “Yes.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “How fatal?”

Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “Um, completely.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “I want to talk to him now.”

Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “He’s dead.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Ah!”

4. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Without warning, I will attack you. In this way, I will keep you vigilant and alert.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Good one.”

Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “Thank you.”

5. French Journalist: “Inspector, do you know if the killer was a man or woman?”
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Well, of course, I know that. What else is there? A kitten?”

6. Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “You continue to surprise me, inspector.”
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Get used to it, Ponton. With me, surprises are rarely unexpected.”

7. “Politics. Where greed wears the mask of morality.” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

8. “I have waited a long time to prove myself, and now I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime. I intend to show the world exactly who I am and what I can do. I must not fail.” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

The Pink Panther Quotes for Those Curious About the Inspector’s Personality

9. “A woman is like an artichoke; you must work hard to get to her heart.” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

10. “Stop browbeating her! Can’t you see she’s sexy?” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

11. Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “Have you ever had a hamburger?”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Well, of course not. It’s a disgusting American food.”

12. Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus: “Understand something, Clouseau. When I made you an inspector, it was not because I thought you had any value as a detective. It was because I thought you were the stupidest policeman in all of France, a hopeless, deluded idiot.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Then I was not promoted for my merits?”

The Pink Panther Quotes to Make You Chuckle

13. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Is there anyone with you?”

Yuri: “No.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Do you have a pair of high heels in that bag?”

Yuri: “No.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Not even a small pair of pumps?”

Yuri: “No.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Who are you?”

Yuri: “I am Yuri, the trainer.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “And what is it you do here, Yuri the trainer?”

Yuri: “I train.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “So you are Yuri the trainer who trains.”

14. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Tell me about her.”

Gendarme Gilbert Ponton: “I consider her the most beautiful woman in the world. What about yourself?”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “No, I don’t consider myself a beautiful woman.”

15. Nicole Durant: “Do you live alone, Inspector?”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Yes, I do.”

Nicole Durant: “Do you ever get lonely?”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “No. Not since the Internet.”

More The Pink Panther Quotes That’ll Take You Back to the 1963 Movie

16. Gem Dealer 1: “As in every stone of this size, there is a flaw.”

Sultan: “A flaw?”

Gem Dealer 2: “The slightest flaw, your excellency.”

Gem Dealer 1: “If you look deep into the stone, you will perceive the tiniest discoloration. It resembles an animal.”

Sultan: “An animal?”

Gem Dealer 1: “A little panther.”

Sultan: “Yes! A pink panther. Come here, Dala. A gift to your father from his grateful people. Some day it will be yours. The most fabulous diamond in all the world. Come closer.”

17. “Any more behavior like this and I’ll have your stripes!” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

18. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Does your dog bite?”

Innkeeper: “No.”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Nice doggy. I thought you said your dog did not bite!”

Innkeeper: “That—is not my dog!”

19. “Oh well, if you’ve seen one Stradivarius, you’ve seen them all.” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau

20. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Do you have a rum?”

Innkeeper: “I do not know what a rum is!”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “Zimma.”

Innkeeper: “Ahhh. A rum!”

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: “That is what I have been saying, you idiot! Rum!”

Do You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough?

When people fail, many immediately lose hope and give up on their dreams. However, we must not let our failures negatively affect us. 

In the movie, Inspector Clouseau is seen as an incompetent and clumsy officer. But, he still trusted in himself and pushed through the task, even when everything seemed bleak. In the end, his errors led him to accomplish his mission.

This serves as a reminder that failures are all part of the journey. Since they are inevitable, it is often up to us to use them as excuses or sources of motivation to do better. Also, if used wisely, these errors might even lead us to the right path!

With that, we hope that we were able to encourage you to keep going through this list of The Pink Panther quotes. Remember that committing mistakes does not necessarily mean we should stop fulfilling our desires. Who knows, all these failures and misadventures might be redirection!

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