55 The Sopranos Quotes That Are Embedded in Our Brains

If you’re craving the right balance between drama and comedy, check out these The Sopranos quotes we’ve compiled.

The Sopranos is considered to be an all-time favorite TV series. It zooms in on Tony Soprano, a New Jersey-based Italian-American mob boss, and his struggles to balance his family life and criminal organization.

Usually, series or movies involving the mafia are gruesome and bloody; they’re typically serious in all aspects. However, for The Sopranos, just because it’s a story about the mafia doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

The Sopranos is unique because while it discusses parts of Tony Soprano’s criminal organization, it also adds some comedic lines and scenes here and there. Moreover, the show also delves into relatable topics like the importance of family, the value of life, and some other morals we can all live by.

So, if you’re a fan of the show, we’re sure you’ll love this collection we’ve created. Join us as we unravel the best The Sopranos quotes through this list below.

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Best The Sopranos Quotes

1. “If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them.” – Tony Soprano

2. “Other people’s definitions of you, sometimes they’re more about making themselves feel better. You gotta define yourself.” – Christopher Moltisanti

3. “More is lost by indecision than wrong decision.” – Tony Soprano

4. “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” – Tony Soprano

5. “A grown man made a wager. He lost. He made another one, he lost again. End of story.” – Tony Soprano

6. “Teddy Roosevelt once gave an entire speech with a bullet lodged in his chest. Some things are just a matter of duty.” – Junior Soprano

7. “There’s an old Italian saying, ‘You f*ck up once, you lose two teeth.’” – Tony Soprano

8. “That’s what being a boss is. You steer the ship the best way you know. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can.” – Junior Soprano

9. “Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they’re leading.” – Junior Soprano

10. “Sometimes it’s important to give people the illusion of being in control.” – Dr. Jennifer Melfi

Famous Quotes From The Sopranos

11. “It’s good to be in something from the ground floor. I came too late for that, and I know. But lately, I’m getting the feeling that I came in at the end. The best is over.” – Tony Soprano

12. “You ever feel like nothin’ good was ever gonna happen to you?” – Christopher Moltisanti

13. “Psychology doesn’t address the soul—that’s something else—but, this is a start.” – Carmela Soprano

14. “Genetic predispositions are only that: predispositions. It’s not a destiny written in stone. People have choices.” – Dr. Jennifer Melfi

15. “Pours you a drink with one hand. Judges you with the other if you take it.” – Christopher Moltisanti

16. “They say every day’s a gift, but why does it have to be a pair of socks?” – Tony Soprano

17. “My father was in it. My uncle was in it. Maybe I was too lazy to think for myself.” – Tony Soprano

18. “Whatever happened to Gary Cooper? The strong, silent type?” – Tony Soprano

19. “You know, Tony, it’s a multiple-choice thing with you. ‘Cause I can’t tell if you’re old-fashioned, you’re paranoid, or just a f*cking *sshole.” – Carmela Soprano

20. Dr. Jennifer Melfi: “Some people take pleasure in the simple doing of things.”

Tony Soprano: “The things I take pleasure in, I can’t do.”

The Sopranos Quotes About Family

21.“Someday soon, you’re gonna have families of your own, and if you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments like this that were good.” – Tony Soprano

22. “I don’t care how close you are. In the end, your friends are gonna let you down. Family—they’re the only ones you can depend on.” – Tony Soprano

23. “Daughters are better at taking care of their mothers than sons.” – Livia Soprano

24. “For every 20 wrongs a child does, ignore 19.” – Janice Soprano

The Sopranos Quotes and One-Liners

25. “Those who want respect, give respect.” – Tony Soprano

26. “There’s nothing more useless than a loaded gun.” – Tony Soprano

27. “People only see what you allow them to see.” – Dr. Jennifer Melfi

28. “You’re only as good as your last envelope.” – Silvio Dante

29. “‘Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation.” – Tony Soprano

30. “Buy land, ‘cause God ain’t making any more of it.” – Tony Soprano

31. “Sometimes, we’re all hypocrites.” – Meadow Soprano

32. “There’s no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.” – Christopher Moltisanti

Wise The Sopranos Quotes on Life

33. “Death just shows the ultimate absurdity of life.” – A.J. Soprano

34. “Our existence on this Earth is a puzzle.” – Carmela Soprano

35. “They’re the vehicle that gets us here. They drop us off and go on their way. They continue on their journey. And the problem is that we keep trying to get back on the bus, instead of just letting it go.” – Tony Soprano

36. “We worry so much. Sometimes it feels like that’s all we do. But in the end, it just gets washed away. All of it just—just gets washed away.” – Carmela Soprano

37. “We’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell. It’s war. Soldiers kill other soldiers. We’re in a situation where everyone involved knows the stakes, and if you are going to accept those stakes, you’ve got to do certain things. It’s business.” – Tony Soprano

38. “You know when I was depressed, I said I didn’t want to live? Well, I’ll tell you something—I didn’t want to die.” – Tony Soprano

39. “Don’t ever say you hate life. That’s blasphemy.” – Christopher Moltisanti

Funny The Sopranos Quotes That’ll Complete Your Day

40. “Well, when you’re married, you’ll understand the importance of fresh produce.” – Tony Soprano

41. “I’m like King Midas in reverse here. Everything I touch turns to shit.” – Tony Soprano

42. “I find I have to be the sad clown: laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.” – Tony Soprano

43. “Is this a woman thing? You ask me how I’m feeling. I tell you how I’m feeling, and now you’re going to torture me with it.” – Tony Soprano

44. “When I was a kid, you two were old ladies. Now I’m old, and you two are still old.” – Paulie Gualtieri

45. “He’s gonna leave the house. On a piece of plywood if necessary, but he’s gonna leave the house.” – Tony Soprano

The Sopranos Quotes to Take You Back to the Series

46. “You’re not gonna believe this. The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator.” – Paulie Gualtieri

47. “What’s different between you and me is you’re going to Hell when you die!” – Carmela Soprano

48. “He goes to talk about his mother. That’s what he’s doing. He talks about me, he complains. ‘She didn’t do this; she did that.’ Oh, I gave my life to my children on a silver platter, and this is how he repays me.” – Livia Soprano

49. “After 19 years of marriage, I find it very sad that we have to pay someone to teach us how to interact.” – Carmela Soprano

50. “Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. There was no one there.” – Christopher Moltisanti

51. “I was born, grew up, spent a few years in the Army, a few more in the can. And here I am. A half-wise guy. So what?” – Paulie Gualtieri

More The Sopranos Quotes for Fans of Tony Soprano

52. “Oh, poor baby. What do you want, a Whitman’s Sampler?” – Tony Soprano

53. “You should try tomato sauce for your *ss—it’s the Italian version.” – Tony Soprano

54. “What kind of person can I be, where his own mother wants him dead?” – Tony Soprano

55. “All due respect, you got no f*cking idea what it’s like to be number one. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other f*cking thing. It’s too much to deal with almost. And in the end, you’re completely alone with it all.” – Tony Soprano

What Lesson Did You Pick Up From The Sopranos Quotes Above?

It’s crazy to think about morals we can learn from mafias and crime lords. However, like movies like The Godfather, The Sopranos has some valuable nuggets of wisdom that we should never ignore.

Tony Soprano, the main protagonist, is the leader of a crime organization. Nevertheless, he teaches us about the importance of family, standing firm in your morals and beliefs, and respect.

Family is the central theme of The Sopranos, and in one of Tony’s famous lines, he says that our family members are the only ones we can depend on. Yes, we can have best friends, but at the end of the day, they can still turn their backs on us.

Junior Soprano also shares some wisdom and helps us realize that sometimes, we do our best but don’t get the desired result. It’s sad to face defeat, but it’s okay, and it’s a part of life; we just have to build our courage and try again!

Lastly, in whatever aspect of life, always remember that respect is essential. Be respectful, and you’ll get the respect you want in return!

There are many more lessons from The Sopranos and the rest of its characters. So, watch out for them whenever you read the collection or watch the show again!

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