30 Bender Quotes to Make You Love This Robot Even More

If you miss the funniest robot from Futurama, then these Bender quotes are for you!

One of the main characters in Futurama is Bender, a robot with no inhibitions who says what he wants and thinks freely. His role and unique character traits are undoubtedly pivotal in making this animation a success.

Bender is not your typical robot. His sharp wit and sarcasm set him apart from the usual description you may associate with these metal creatures. He may be different, but we’re sure you’ll learn a lot from him!

Here are some of the best Bender quotes that will take you back to your favorite animated sci-fi series. Make sure you read through to the end to better appreciate this character!

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Best Bender Quotes

1. “Life is about decisions. Make the wrong ones and you’ll wind up face down in a pool of your own blood and urine.”

2. “Anything less than immortality is a complete waste of time.”

3. “My life, and by extension everyone else’s, is meaningless.”

4. “Afterlife? If I thought I had to live another life, I’d kill myself right now!”

5. “Tragic romances always have a happy ending.”

6. “This is the worst kind of discrimination there is: the kind against me!”

7. “How can I be so bad at everything I try, and still be so great?”

8. “Of all the friends I’ve had, you’re the first.”

9. “Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The ‘x’ makes it sound cool.”

10. “I hope he didn’t die. Unless he left a note naming me his successor, then I hope he did die.”

11. “After all, our love isn’t any different from yours. Except it’s hotter, ’cause I’m involved.”

Iconic Bender Quotes for Sci-Fi Lovers

12. “Bite my shiny metal ass!”

13. “We’re making beer. I’m the brewery!”

14. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Bender.”

15. “Hey sexy mama. Wanna kill all humans?”

16. “Well, if jacking on will make strangers think I’m cool, I’ll do it.”

17. “My story is a lot like yours, only more interesting ‘cause it involves robots.”

18. Uncle Vladimir: “Come, Bender. You’ll like being dead.”

Bender: “That’s what they said about being alive!”

19. Fry: “Let’s just dump it in the sewer and say we delivered it.”

Bender: “Too much work. Let’s burn it and say we dumped it in the sewer.”

20. “Game’s over, losers! I have all the money. Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.”

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Funny Bender Quotes to Make You Laugh

21. “I’m so embarrassed. I wish everybody else was dead.”

22. “I got ants in my butt, and I need to strut.”

23. Bender: “I’m very generous. What about that time I gave blood?”

Fry: “Whose blood?”

Bender: “Some guys.”

24. “Oh, wait, you’re serious. Let me laugh even harder.”

25. “Survived the heart attack? Damn you Obamacare!”

26. “You, sir, have defaced a national treasure! I demand you restore my buttocks to their former glory.”

27. “You’re a pimple on society’s ass and you’ll never amount to anything!”

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Bender Quotes That You Will Enjoy

28. “It’s too risky. I’m a very meek individual. If her personality engulfs mine, the Bender you know and worship could disappear forever!”

29. “Have you ever tried simply turning off your TV, sitting down with your child, and hitting them?”

30. “Fry, some of us have real problems! I just learned there are people with fancier sausage meats than me!”

Did These Funny Bender Quotes Make You Miss This Adorable Futuristic Robot?

Bender Bending Rodriguez, also known as Bender, is a robot notorious for being an alcoholic and chain smoker. He is also known for being a narcissist.

Because of his personality, he gained a bad reputation that affected his social life. But, though there were times when he found it hard to interact with his peers, he didn’t give up. In fact, he is unrivaled when it comes to helping others, particularly his friends.

Bender may be a robot without a soul or feelings, but his concern proves that he is not all bad. We hope that these Bender quotes were able to inspire you to be more sensitive to the feelings of others and to appreciate those around you.

Which of these Bender quotes made you want to watch Futurama? Which Bender quote is your favorite? We’d love to hear about your thoughts, so comment below!

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