60 Futurama Quotes on Adventure & Never-Ending Fun

Fans of this classic TV show can read and enjoy these Futurama quotes whenever and wherever they need something to laugh about!

Futurama was created by Matt Groening, the same creator of the popular TV show, The Simpsons. This is an animated series about Philip J. Fry, who freezes for 1000 years before waking up in the year 3000. From humans to robots and aliens, the right mix of characters will definitely keep you on your toes!

Join us as we travel to the future and learn from the shows’ unique characters. Make sure you add this list to your must-reads!

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Best Futurama Quotes

1. “Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.” – Professor Farnsworth

2. “God didn’t get to be God by giving away money.” – Professor Farnsworth

3. “Your music’s bad and you should feel bad!” – Dr. Zoidberg

4. “I hope he didn’t die. Unless he left a note naming me his successor, then I hope he did die.” – Bender

5. “I’ll be whatever I wanna do.” – Philip J. Fry

6. “This is it. The moment we should have trained for.” – Leela

7. “Well, you obviously won’t listen to reason. So, I guess I’ll listen to idioticness and come with you.” – Leela

8. “That young man fills me with hope. Plus some other emotions which are weird and deeply confusing.” – Zapp Brannigan

9. “It’s when women are polite to each other you know there’s a problem.” – Amy Wong

10. “I don’t have emotions and sometimes that makes me very sad.” – Bender

11. “Hey, when you look this good, you don’t have to know anything.” – Philip J. Fry

Famous Futurama Quotes

12. “No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!” – Professor Farnsworth

13. “Finally, a uniform I’d be happy to be caught dead in!” – Amy Wong

14. “Hey sexy mama. Wanna kill all humans?” – Bender

15. “Well, if jacking on will make strangers think I’m cool, I’ll do it.” – Bender

16. “This is the worst kind of discrimination. The kind against me!” – Bender

17. “In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces.” – Zapp Brannigan

18. “Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The ‘x’ makes it sound cool.” – Bender

19. “My story is a lot like yours, only more interesting ‘cause it involves robots.” – Bender

20. “Thank you all for the inspiring advice, but I’m perfectly happy with my life the way it is.” – Leela

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Futurama Quotes That Are Packed With Wisdom

21. “Society is never gonna make any progress until we all learn to pretend to like each other.” – Leela

22. “Well, we lost to all our opponents. Even that team that turned out to be us in the mirror.” – Leela

23. “Life is about decisions. Make the wrong ones and you’ll wind up face down in a pool of your own blood and urine.” – Bender

24. “So my sadness makes perfect sense. And I do have vague memories of people refusing to breed with me.” – Philip J. Fry

25. “Now, now. There will be plenty of time to discuss your objections when and if you return.” – Professor Farnsworth

26. “We know nothing about their history, their language, or what they look like, but we can assume this. They stand for everything that we don’t stand for. And also, they told me you guys look like dorks.” – Zapp Brannigan

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Funny Futurama Quotes

27. “Oh wait, you’re serious. Let me laugh even harder.” – Bender

28. “By the way, I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar.” – Dr. Zoidberg

29. “I’m so embarrassed, I wish everybody else was dead!” – Bender

30. “Attention passengers please remain seated until the plane comes to a complete crash.” – Philip J. Fry

31. “Everyone, I have a very dramatic announcement. So anyone with a weak heart should leave now. Goodbye.” – Professor Farnsworth

32. “Valentine’s day is coming? Oh crap―I forgot to get a girlfriend again.” – Philip J. Fry

33. “I hate these nerds! Just because I’m stupider than them they think they’re smarter than me!” – Professor Farnsworth

34. “Hey, hey! We can all fight when we’re drunk.” – Leela

35. Dr. Zoidberg: “I’m Dr. Zoidberg. I’m very important.”

Leela: “Hey Zoidberg you forgot to empty this trash can!”

36. “This is my first visit to the Galaxy of Terror and I’d like it to be a pleasant one.” – Leela

37. “And, Bender, your beer belly’s so big your door won’t even close. And that doesn’t even make sense.” – Amy Wong

38. Professor Farnsworth: “I’m sorry, Fry, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to end that stupid joke once and for all.”

Philip J. Fry: “Oh. What’s it called now?”

Professor Farnsworth: “Urectum.”

39. “Fry, it’s been years since medical school, so remind me. Disemboweling in your species: fatal or non-fatal?” – Dr. Zoidberg

40. “If you ask me, it’s mighty suspicious. I’m gonna call the police. Right after I flush some things.” – Hermes Conrad

41. “I got your distress call and came here as soon as I wanted to.” – Zapp Brannigan

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Futurama Love Quotes

42. “I love Leela, always and forever, and if I loved robot Leela too, well that’s only ‘cause she had so much of real Leela in her. I thought she loved me too, but obviously, I was wrong as usual.” – Philip J. Fry

43. “It’s all so complicated with the flowers and the romance and the lies upon lies.” – Dr. Zoidberg

44. “Fry, please try to understand. You’re a man. I’m a woman. We’re just too different.” – Leela

45. “I’m confused, Fry. I’m feeling a strange new emotion I have never felt before. Is it love when you care for a female for reasons beyond mating?” – Dr. Zoidberg

46. “Then I am the most important person in the universe.” – Philip J. Fry

47. “But, Fry, what about us? What about your life on the surface? You don’t belong down here.” – Leela

48. Philip J. Fry: “Poor Leela! I never even told her I loved her!”

Bender: “What? You told her like 140 times!”

49. Leela: “Fry, can we talk about our relationship?”

Philip J. Fry: “Of course! Our relationship is the best thing in my life, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy talking about it with you.”

50. Philip J. Fry: “Listen, Leela. I’m not sure what kind of life we can make together in this frozen timesicle, but if it’s not too weird, will you still marry me?”

Leela: “I would marry you even if you weren’t the last man on earth.”

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Futurama Quotes to Show the Characters’ Deep Bonds

51. “You can’t keep boogieing like this. You’ll come down with a fever of some sort.” – Leela

52. “For a split second, my common sense was overwhelmed by pity.” – Leela

53. “Sorry, everyone, but need I remind you? Blood is thicker than water.” – Philip J. Fry

54. “We need rest. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.” – Zapp Brannigan

55. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Fry. You lost the woman of your dreams but you still have Zoidberg. You all still have Zoidberg!” – Dr. Zoidberg

56. “I never thought I’d live to see this tree again. Thank you for staying with me, Fry.” – Professor Farnsworth

Short Futurama Quotes for Fans Who Are Wishing for a Rerun

57. “Bite my shiny metal ass!” – Bender

58. “Let’s knock this up a notch!” – Elzar

59. “I remember it like it was interesting.” – Leela

60. “You win again, gravity.” – Zapp Brannigan

Did These Futurama Quotes Take You Back to the Series’ Funniest Scenes?

Even decades after its first release, Futurama still holds a place in everyone’s hearts. With the show ending abruptly, many fans still wish for a rerun or even a completely new season. Well, it’s no surprise as this show has all you want—funny lines, and of course, robots and aliens!

There are so many valuable life lessons embedded in Futurama; some even dare say it’s a superior show compared to The Simpsons. And, one of the leading life lessons it teaches is acceptance.

We all struggle to accept ourselves and those around us in today’s world. Fortunately, and lucky for us, those living in the year 3000 have got it all figured out. The series shows how nobody needs to fit in; no matter how weird or unique they may be, they’re accepted and are part of the community.

More than that, Futurama taught us to adapt to various changes and respect others’ property and environment. We can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to live in the future, but the characters remind us to be open to new opportunities. There will always be something new waiting to challenge us, so grab life by the horns and do your best in everything!

Which of these Futurama quotes made you laugh the most? Have you watched the series before? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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