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A question that is often asked is what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Many people are so confused about which came first, but to understand the importance of chickens, one must know their history, their many uses, and how one can raise them effectively.

Well, if you’re really interested to find the answers, don’t miss reading the quotes below.

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Best Chicken Quotes

1. “We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?” – S. Parkes Cadman

2. “If you know somethin’ well, you can always paint it but people would be better off buying chickens.” – Grandma Moses

3. “Shoving feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.” – Brad Pitt

4. “If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.” – Nikita Khrushchev

5. “If you dream of becoming an eagle, you follow your dreams and not the words of a bunch of chickens.” – Penny Johnson Jerald

6. “People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to count them accurately.” – Oscar Wilde

7. “You can’t really call them evil, any more than mice can call cats evil, or chickens can call humans evil. It’s all just a matter of where you’re standing.” – Ted Naifeh

8. “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” – Arnold H. Glasow

9. “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.” – Aesop

Famous Chicken Quotes

10. “Religion is no more the parent of morality than an incubator is the mother of a chicken.” – Lemuel K. Washburn

11. “Anybody depending on somebody else’s gods is depending on a fox not to eat chickens.” – Zora Neale Hurston

12. “The cows shorten the grass, and the chickens eat the fly larvae and sanitize the pastures. This is a symbiotic relation.” – Joel Salatin

13. “I was born in the Chinese year of the rooster, so maybe that explains my affinity with chickens.” – Adriano Zumbo

14. “I haven’t checked, but I highly suspect that chickens evolved from an egg-laying ancestor, which would mean that there were, in fact, eggs before there were chickens. Genius.” – Ta-Nehisi Coates

15. “I dream of a better tomorrow where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

16. “The only things that succeed by sitting are chickens.” – Mustafa Dönmez

17. “I wasn’t popular in the home office because I wasn’t chicken. I’m just a risk-taker. I have gut instincts.” – Gary Gygax

18. “It is better to be the head of a chicken than the rear end of an ox.” – Japanese Proverb

19. “When arguing with a chicken, a grain of corn is always wrong.” – African Proverb

Funny Quotes About Chicken

20. “The networks are not some chicken-coop manufacturing lobby whose calls nobody returns.” – Ralph Nader

21. “What came first, The chicken or the egg? I don’t care, I eat both.” – Gouse Pasha

22. “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says ‘Chicken of the Sea.’” – Jessica Simpson

23. “I think that if you can roast a chicken, you can get whatever you want out of a woman.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

24. “People will hate you, rate you, shake you, but the chicken breast will never cheat you.” – Gouse Pasha

25. “Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken poop from chicken salad.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

26. “My mother turned into a professional widow. She couldn’t understand why I wanted to be an engineer; she thought I should be a chicken farmer.” – David Antin

27. “I’ve never related to the work geek at all. It sounds much more horrible than a nerd—like a freak biting a chicken’s head off in a sideshow.” – Jonathan Lethem

28. “I like chicken a lot because chicken is generous—that is to say, it’s obedient. It will do whatever you tell it to do.” – Maya Angelou

29. “My first business deal was with my mother. I invested in chickens. I sold the eggs to my mother.” – Joel McCrea

30. “I have a painting where somebody’s holding a chicken, and underneath the chicken is somebody’s head.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat

31. “I did not become a vegetarian for my health, I did it for the health of the chickens.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer

32. “If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really like making a large chicken.” – Ina Garten

33. “Did you really just compare me to chicken wings? You say that like it’s a bad thing. Chicken wings are the bomb.” – Rylann

34. “I’ll change you from a rooster to a hen with one shot!” – Dolly Parton’s

Short Chicken Quotes

35. “We all like chicken.” – Malcolm X

36. “I’m not really a chicken-patty kinda girl.” – Rhoda Janzen

37. “I feel like a carton of eggs holding up an elephant.” – Sherman Alexie

38. “Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.” – Susanna Moodie

39. “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” – Warren Buffett

40. “No one likes rubbery chicken.” – Guy Fieri

41. “Left-wing. Right-wing. Chicken wing.” – Woody Guthrie

42. “The chickens have come home to roast.” – Jane Ace

43. “An overcrowded chicken farm produces fewer eggs.” – Chinese Proverb

44. “Sins, like chickens, come home to roost.” – Charles W. Chesnutt

45. “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.” – Samuel Butler

46. “I don’t know which is more discouraging, literature or chickens.” – E. B. White

47. “Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken?” – Train

48. “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” – Frank Perdue

49. “If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens.” – Grandma Moses

Chicken Quotes About Living a Wonderful Life

50. “One day, I’d love a house in the country, with some chickens, dogs, and kids.” – Katie McGrath

51. “Life is the ongoing effort to live. Some people make it look easy. Chickens do not.” – Jackie Polzin

52. “Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

53. “When your mama was the geek, my dreamlets, Papa would say she made the nipping off of noggins such a crystal mystery that the hens themselves yearned toward her, waltzing around her, hypnotized with longing.” – Katherine Dunn

54. “I haven’t changed. My family and I live as we did in South Spain. I’ve had loud music, chickens, birds, and a bull in my backyard.” – Charo

55. “Life was just a tire swing—blackberry pickin’, eatin’ fried chicken.” – Jimmy Buffett

56. “It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house.” – Warren E. Burger

57. “If you were plowing a field, which would you rather use? Two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?” – Seymour Cray

58. “I grew up in a farming family. I hated cleaning out the chickens but loved hatching them and feeding the newborn sheep.” – Joseph Mawle

59. “Chickens are generally afraid of life, and they seldom fly or reach their potential in life. And when a storm comes, all they seem to do is flap around the chicken yard, stirring up dirt and running to the chicken house.” – Joyce Meyer

60. “When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have a chicken biryani to smile.” – Gouse Pasha

61. “There are days when I am envious of my hens, when I hunger for a purpose as perfect and sure as a single daily egg.” – Barbara Kingsolver

62. “I have the right to life, liberty, and chicken wings.” – Mindy Kaling

63. “My mom used to call us ‘free-range kids,’ like free-range chickens. We roamed the countryside.” – William Moseley

64. “Frying chicken always makes me feel a little better about life.” – Gouse Pasha

Chicken Quotes About Food

65. “One of the greatest birds I’ve ever had is called a ‘Turducken.’ A chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey. That’s one that I love. I’ve done it a couple of times.” – Guy Fieri

66. “Do you eat chicken because you are familiar with the scientific literature on them and have decided that their suffering doesn’t matter, or do you do it because it tastes good?” – Jonathan Safran Foer

67. “The difference between involvement and commitment is like an egg-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was involved—the pig was committed.” – Martina Navratilova

68. “Eat fried chicken every day, as the angels go sailing by.” – Ella Fitzgerald

69. “I always get so excited cooking chicken wings.” – Jourdan Dunn

70. “Love, like a chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor.” – Helen Rowland

71. “Chicken salad has a certain glamour about it. Like the little black dress, it is chic and adaptable anywhere.” – Laurie Colwin

72. “I love chicken. I would eat chicken fingers on Thanksgiving if it were socially acceptable.” – Todd Barry

73. “What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander, but it is not necessarily sauced for the chicken, the duck, the turkey, or the Guinea hen.” – Alice B. Toklas

74. “As for those grapefruit and buttermilk diets, I’ll take roast chicken and dumplings.” – Hattie McDaniel

75. “You can’t set a hen in one morning and have chicken salad for lunch.” – George M. Humphrey

76. “Peg judged the chicken pie to be satisfactory, if old-fashioned, the braised chicken flavored with nutmeg, fresh peas, and cream.” – Martine Bailey

77. “If you eat a chicken wing or a chicken tender in some parts of the country, I probably supplied it.” – Herschel Walker

78. “I don’t mind hot and spicy. Actually find that appealing in a girl. And chicken wings.” – Julie James

79. “You want a drumstick? Like an ice cream cone or a chicken wing?” – Billie Joe Armstrong

Chicken Quotes About Their Remarkable Characteristics

80. “Pride’s chickens have bonny feathers, but they are an expensive brood to rear. They eat up everything, and are always lean when brought to market.” – Alexander Smith

81. “It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.” – Margaret Thatcher

82. “Chick survival or mortality was mostly age-related, with high mortality of chicks observed during the first five weeks of age.” – Timothy Nthaziyake Pearson Gondwe

83. “There are more chickens in the world than any other kind of bird.” – Rachel Smith

84. “Bantam chickens are smaller versions of bigger chickens are also called miniature; they are like the big chicken in every way except that they are smaller.” – Rachel Smith

85. “From the original centers, chickens, as other livestock species, underwent domestication and migration processes.” – Timothy Nthaziyake Pearson Gondwe

86. “Charles Darwin was convinced from his studies that the red jungle fowl was the only ancestor of the domestic chicken.” – Joseph Barbera

87. “Broiler chicken breeds selected for fast growth, large appetites, higher muscle mass, and a greater efficiency for converting feed into weight gain.” – Joseph Barbera

88. “Cockerel is often used to describe an immature male chicken, a male less than one year of age or a male of any age.” – Joseph Barbera

89. “One genetic study suggests that all modern chickens may have descended from chickens domesticated in Thailand.” – Joseph Barbera

90. “I began raising chickens primarily for their eggs, but over the years, I’ve also grown fond of caring for them and learning about their many different breeds and varieties.” – Martha Stewart

91. “The domesticated chicken is probably the most widespread bird in the annals of planet Earth. If you measure success in terms of numbers, chickens, cows, and pigs are the most successful animals ever.” – Yuval Noah Harari

92. “I don’t know what organically grown chickens are; I’ve never seen one.” – Tony Curtis

93. “Chickens scare me. I don’t like them. They seem a little floppy or something.” – Scarlett Johansson

94. “Chicken and horse meat are the best foods for weightlifters, and good food is important.” – Ilya Ilyin

Chicken Quotes And Cool Things About Them

95. “There were only so many chicken wings I could serve before losing the smile on my face.” – Melissa Rauch

96. “I have mostly been eating chicken wings. I only stick to things I can spell.” – Boo Weekley

97. “And believe me, a good piece of chicken can make anybody believe in the existence of God.” – Sherman Alexie

98. “Healthiness of chicken could be traced to the way it is cooked.” – Aaron Katherine

99. “Chickens typically manage cold weather as well, insulated as they are.” – Christine Heinrichs

100. “The chicken is gone, but you can still smell it. But, it’s nothing like it was.” – James Reed

101. “Chicken bones have been found in South America by paleontologists which have been dated to a century before Christopher Columbus arrived.” – David Scrivener

102. “Global chicken meat consumption in 2005 was estimated to be 54.99 million tons.” – Theerachai Haitook

103. “Chicken feathers on the neck expand and raise stiff in a cock-fight.” – Jesse D. Dagoon

104. “If you have a rural property, you may have an outbuilding that can be converted into a chicken house.” – Christine Heinrichs

105. “Chicken are birds, so they are covered with feathers, like most birds.” – Rachel Smith

106. “I have a farm and I love it there. There’s really nothing to do, but even watching the chickens, it’s fun.” – Salma Hayek

107. “It’s sheer torture. I have to be up with the chickens every day and go to work on my body. I hate it, but I do it.” – Eva Gabor

108. “My grandmother raised me. She was a real no-nonsense but very funny lady. I drove tractors, made hay, milked cows, fed the chicken, fed the pigs.” – Carol Bartz

109. “I feel like I was wandering around like a lost chicken for the first two years of my career.” – Luke Campbell

Interesting Chicken Quotes

110. “Everyone loves fried chicken, Don’t ever make it. Ever. Buy it from a place that makes good fried chicken.” – Nora Ephron

111. “I like animals, all animals. I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog or a chicken or a cow. And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me. That’s why I’m a vegetarian.” – Peter Dinklage

112. “My favorite meal has always been fried chicken.” – Tom Watson

113. “I believe a good chicken breast, if made well, is the best thing ever.” – Bhumi Pednekar

114. “People eat duck and you think, well, we’ve got loads of chickens, leave the ducks alone!” – Karl Pilkington

115. “My partner loves gardening, and beekeeping, and chickens, and all that stuff.” – Jillian Michaels

116. “My earliest memory was going to my grandma’s house, milking the cows, and collecting the eggs from the chickens.” – Gisele Bundchen

117. “Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad.” – Malcolm X

118. “I have wonderful memories of growing up on a farm with chickens running all around in the small southern Italian town of Torre del Greco.” – Gino D’Acampo

119. “If I wanted to eat all the protein I need from food, I would have to eat something like 10 chickens per day. That is impossible.” – Junior dos Santos

120. “I grew up in the English countryside, raising ducks and chickens.” – Jessica Henwick

What Characteristics of a Chicken Did You Find Interesting?

Chickens are complex creatures that have a diverse history of unexpected facts. They were first domesticated in Southeast Asia from wild birds, and many archaeologists believe that chickens were first domesticated not for eating but for entertainment purposes. In today’s life, they provide us food to eat and the nutrition needed for us to live and survive.

Which of these quotes about chicken got your attention? Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts and opinions.

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