80 Dinosaur Quotes to Fuel Your Jurassic Fantasy

Dinosaur Quotes

Travel back in time to the Jurassic period through this list of dinosaur quotes! Dinosaurs are believed to have existed 165 million years ago, during the Mesozoic Era. It’s also estimated that there were 700 different kinds of them during this period. Unfortunately, there are no other species left today. But, what was the cause … Read more

150 Butterfly Quotes to Transform Into a New You

Butterfly Quotes

We’ve gathered these butterfly quotes to give you words of hope and inspiration if you want to start your journey toward change and growth. Butterflies are recognized as a symbol of change or transformation. These beautiful, tiny little creatures make you feel hope just by seeing them fluttering about. Even though they are small, they … Read more

180 Cat Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

Cat Quotes

If you are a cat lover or are thinking about adopting or buying a cat, you can most certainly relate to these 170 cat quotes. Cats are very lovable creatures. A cat’s sweet meow will certainly take away all your stress after a very tiring day. These cute fur babies can really turn our moods … Read more

140 Dove Quotes on Peace, Love, and Purity

Dove Quotes

There’s a treasure trove of wise messages you can find from this collection of the best dove quotes. So, if you’re in need of that little push to remind you of the beauty this world has to offer, be sure you add this collection to your must-reads of the day. Doves are symbols of many … Read more