20 Draco Malfoy Quotes for Every Potterhead Out There

If you’re curious about one of the most iconic antagonists in the Harry Potter franchise, then you’ll love these Draco Malfoy quotes we’ve collected.

The Harry Potter franchise is packed full of villains who are out to make Harry Potter and his friends’ lives miserable. On the one hand, you have the main antagonist, Voldemort, and on the other, you have Bellatrix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, the Dementors, and, in a way, Draco Malfoy.

Draco is Harry Potter’s classmate in Hogwarts who’s housed under Slytherin. He comes off as cunning and devious but also a cowardly bully who torments people he thinks are less powerful than his family.

Although this is the case, we must also remember that Draco Malfoy is only a victim of Voldemort’s plans and his family’s submission to evil. His father molded him to be who he is, which ultimately led to his downfall in the series.

Learn more about Draco Malfoy through the collection below. We’ve got his best quotes and lines from the franchise, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Best Draco Malfoy Quotes

1. “You’ll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.”

2. “Think my name’s funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair, and a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Weasley!”

3. “Longbottom, if brains were gold, you’d be poorer than Weasley, and that’s saying something.”

4. “Why are you wearing glasses? Reading? I didn’t know you could read.”

5. “My father will hear about this!”

Iconic Quotes by Draco Malfoy

6. “Honestly, Goyle, if you were any slower, you’d be going backwards.”

7. “My father and I have a bet, you see. I don’t think you’re gonna last 10 minutes in this tournament. He disagrees. He thinks you won’t last five!”

8. “No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood.”

9. “It’s true, then, what they’re saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.”

10. “Father always said that Dumbledore was the worst thing that ever happened to this place.”

Draco Malfoy Lines and Sayings That Potterheads Will Love

11. “Scared, Potter?”

12. “You’re gonna regret this. You and your bloody chicken!”

13. “Training for the ballet, Potter?”

14. “’Enemies of the heir, beware?’ You’ll be next, Mudbloods.”

15. “The last time the Chamber of Secrets was opened, a Mudblood died. So, it’s only a matter of time before one of them is killed this time. As for me, I hope it’s Granger.”

Funny Draco Malfoy Quotes for Fans of the Harry Potter Franchise

16. “Weasley, you weren’t thinking of wearing these, were you? I mean, they were very fashionable in about 1890.”

17. “Excuse me, Professor, perhaps I heard you wrong. I thought you said the four of us.”

18. “Bet you loved that, didn’t you, Potter? Famous Harry Potter can’t even go into a bookshop without making the front page.”

19. Class: “Riddikulus!”

Draco Malfoy: “This class is ridiculous.”

20. “Well, no one really knows until they get there, do they? But I know I’ll be in Slytherin—all our family has been. Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?”

Did This Collection Help You Better Understand Draco Malfoy?

Throughout the whole series, Draco has always been a cunning bully. He discriminates against Mudbloods and people he thinks are not on equal footing with his family.

However, as the story progresses, we also slowly get a better understanding of his personality and why he acts a certain way. He may be villainous, but Draco Malfoy is proof that evil is not inherent in people.

Yes, his family has gone down the wrong path by choosing to side with Voldemort. Even so, we see traces of Draco’s humanity whenever he hesitates to follow Voldemort and his family’s will.

People are not born evil; no one is born to be a villain. Our wrongs result from our choices; we can only choose whether to push through with evil deeds.

So, while Draco Malfoy took the cowardly way out, he still teaches us the weight our choices hold. We’ll face many temptations in life, but remember that you can choose what’s right and what’s beneficial for the majority.

Never be cowardly in the face of evil so that you won’t make choices you will later regret. Learn from Draco Malfoy’s mistakes, and always be courageous and righteous!

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