50 Jeff Spicoli Quotes for a Day of Nonstop Laughter

Ride the waves of joy as we revisit these famous and hilarious Jeff Spicoli quotes.

Jeff Spicoli is one of the most compelling characters in the 1982 comedy-drama movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Introduced as a laid-back, stoned, and playful character, Jeff Spicoli brings out the humor that makes the crowd howl with laughter.

And, as a character who has no interest in school, he’s often caught on a face-off with his history teacher, Mr. Hand. Through the movie, we can see their classic teacher-student, love-hate relationship.

When you see both of them on your screen, there’s no doubt that you’ll just laugh out loud because of their interactions and hilarious banter. 

He is a happy-go-lucky guy who avoids responsibilities. But, despite being carefree, Jeff Spicoli is such a big dreamer; he aspires to live a fun-filled life and hopes to be the best surfer. For him, surfing is not just a sport, but it’s his way of life.

Undoubtedly, Jeff Spicoli is a character that embodies the traits of a person who has big dreams and strives to achieve them.

Dive into his world filled with waves of fun and laughter through the list below!

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Best Jeff Spicoli Quotes

1. “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”

2. Mr. Hand: “Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Jeff Spicoli: “Learning about Cuba, and having some food.”

Mr. Hand: “Mr. Spicoli, you’re on dangerous ground here. You’re causing a major disturbance on my time.”

Jeff Spicoli: “I’ve been thinking about this, Mr. Hand. If I’m here and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time? Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with a little feast on our time.”

Mr. Hand: “You’re absolutely right, Mr. Spicoli. It is our time. Yours, mine, and everyone else’s in this room. But it is my class. Mr. Spicoli has been kind enough to bring us a snack. Be my guest. Help yourselves. Get a good one.”

3. “Life comes at you pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

4. “What Jefferson was saying was, ‘Hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves—pronto—we’ll just be bogus, too!’ Get it?”

5. “Mr. Hand, do you have a guy like me in all your classes? You know, a guy you make an example of?”

6. “Well Stu I’ll tell you, surfing’s not a sport, it’s a way of life, it’s no hobby. It’s a way of looking at that wave and saying, ‘Hey bud, let’s party!’”

7. “Be noble. Be aggressive. The thing about missile command is to decimate before you can be decimated. Just like in real life.”

Famous Jeff Spicoli Quotes

8. “Make up your mind dude. Is he going to shit or is he going to kill us?”

9. “Well I’ll tell you, Stu, I did battle some humongous waves. But like I told the guy on ABC, ‘danger is my business.’”

10. “This will be a little demonstration of that, listen up. That was my skull. I’m so wasted!”

11. “Hey man, just be glad I had fast reflexes!”

12. “I’m driving, you’re navigating. Where is this party?”

13. “Wait a minute, there’s no birthday party for me here!”

14. “Relax, alright? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.”

15. “Get out of here, Curtis. I don’t hear you unless you knock.”

16. “Thought I’d do the whole surf-bum thing, but it turns out I don’t like surfers or bums.”

17. “Sorry, I’m late. It’s just like this new schedule’s totally confusing.”

18. “Aloha Mr. Hand!”

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Hilarious Jeff Spicoli Quotes to Brighten Your Day

19. Mr. Hand: “Mr. Spicoli, what’s your reason for your truancy?”

Jeff Spicoli: “I just couldn’t make it on time.”

Mr. Hand: “You mean you couldn’t or wouldn’t?”

Jeff Spicoli: “Well, there’s like a full crowd scene at the food line.”

20. Brad Hamilton: “Hey, you guys had shirts on when you came in here.”

Jeff Spicoli: “Well, something must have happened to them.”

21. Curtis Spicoli: “Dad says you have to get up.”

Jeff Spicoli: “Leave me alone!”

Curtis Spicoli: “Dad says you’re gonna be late again, you butthole!”

Jeff Spicoli: “Leave me alone!”

Curtis Spicoli: “Dad says you’re gonna be late again, you booger!”

22. “You’re crazy! That light was red—it was yellow a minute ago. I’m sure.”

23. Jeff Spicoli: “No shirt, no shoes—.”

Jeff Spicoli and Stoner Buds: “No dice! Ohhhh.”

24. Jeff Spicoli: “I’ll tell you this. If he hassles me again, I can’t be responsible for what happens—you know why?”

Stoner Buddy: “Because he’s a fuckin’ dick!”

Jeff Spicoli: “You got it.”

25. Jeff Spicoli: “School is no problem. All you have to do is go to get the grades. And if you know something, all you have to do is go about half the time.”

Peter Griffin: “How often do you go?”

Jeff Spicoli: “I don’t go at all.”

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Jeff Spicoli Quotes to Help You Reminisce About Your Favorite Scenes

26. “I went to the Stones concert, remember? Anaheim Stones concert. I go backstage. Who do I see? It’s Mick! So I cruise on over, I’m going to meet the man, ya know. As I get over there. He says, ‘Hey bro! What’s your name?’ I go, ‘Jeff Spicoli dude, good to meet you.’ He goes, ‘Good to meet you, Jeff.’”

27. Mr. Vargas: “Are you in my class?”

Jeff Spicoli: “I am today.”

28. “Heading over to the Australian and Hawaiian internationals, and then me and Mick are going to wing on over to London and jam with the Stones.”

29. Jeff Spicoli: “Hey bud, what’s your problem?”

Mr. Hand: “No problem at all. I think you know where the front office is.”

Jeff Spicoli: “You dick!”

30. Mr. Hand: “Food will be eaten on your time. Why are you continuously late for this class, Mr. Spicoli? Why do you—shamelessly waste my time like this?”

Jeff Spicoli: “I don’t know.”

Mr. Hand: “I like that. ‘I don’t know.’ That’s nice.”

31. Mr. Hand: “Mr. Spicoli?”

Jeff Spicoli: “That’s the name they gave me!”

32. Brad Hamilton: “Why don’t you get a job Spicoli?”

Jeff Spicoli: “What for?”

33. Mr. Hand: “‘Mr. Hand, will I pass this class?’ Gee, Mr. Spicoli, I don’t know! That’s nice. I really like that! You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to leave your words on this board for all my classes to enjoy, giving you full credit, of course, Mr. Spicoli.”

Jeff Spicoli: “Alright.”

34. Jefferson’s Brother: “Have you seen the new Playboy?”

Jeff Spicoli: “Good?”

Jefferson’s Brother: “Bo Derek’s tits!”

Jeff Spicoli: “Alright.”

35. Peter Griffin: “I hear you brought a film clip with you. Do you want to set it up for us?”

Jeff Spicoli: “Well, it pretty much speaks for itself. Peter, you want to run with it?”

36. “Merv, I’m thinking—I’ve only got about four good hours of surfing left before these little clowns from junior high start showing up with their boogie boards.”

Short Jeff Spicoli Quotes That’ll We’ll Never Forget

37. “This is U.S. history, I see the globe right there.”

38. “People on ‘ludes should not drive.”

39. “Those guys are fags.”

40. “Awesome! Totally awesome!”

41. “Who’s got the beaucoup dolares today?”

42. “He’s the full hot orator.”

43. “Oh, gnarly!”

44. “Righteous bucks!”

45. “Outrageous, Merv. Nice to be here. I feel great.”

46. “This is a cop. He’s definitely cruising me at a busting distance.”

47. “It’s a bunch of Jocks in Granada!”

48. “You know the thing I love about Mustangs? The steering wheel.”

49. “I think we may have gotten away clean.”

50. “You better save some for me, you swine!”

What Did These Quotes Teach You About Ambition and Being True to Yourself?

Jeff Spicoli is an intriguing character that brings spectacular entertainment to the movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. His carefree demeanor and admirable confidence make his character shine.

Because of society’s standards, most people would call Jeff Spicoli a slacker and someone whose dreams are futile and useless. But, true fans of the movie know that he is anything but unambitious. He is someone who knows what he wants and does things that he knows he’s good at. 

Other people’s opinions do not matter to him because he recognizes that sticking to one’s passions is what would lead to true happiness. After all, it is only when we embrace our true selves and do what we love doing that we can say we’re living a fulfilled life.

Like Jeff Spicoli, let’s be honest with ourselves, face life with positivity, and strive for the things we love. With that, we hope that these quotes were able to give you the confidence to pursue what your heart truly wants to achieve! Don’t hold yourself back, and just live!

Which of these quotes is your favorite? Did you enjoy our collection? Please, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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