50 Luck Quotes That’ll Bring You Prosperity & Success

If you have always considered yourself an unlucky person, these luck quotes can definitely help you change your mindset!

Whether you believe that luck is real or not, you cannot deny that there has been a point in your life where you felt happy because of a stroke of perceived good luck.

It may be because you won a prize in the claw machine or got the last copy of the book that you waited months for. Whatever the reason is, it’s totally normal to feel good due to lucky chances.

But, this also means that perceived bad luck can make us feel discouraged.

Because we tend to notice the bad more than the good, we are more likely to think that the universe is against us.

So, we’ve curated this collection to remind you that only you have the power to control your life.

Let’s begin.

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Best Luck Quotes

1. “Luck is what we make it, not what is thrust upon us. You’ve shown initiative and it has nothing to do with luck.” – George Bellairs

2. “Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” – Sally Koslow

3. “Luck is a goddess not to be coerced and forcibly wooed by those who seek her favors. From such masterful spirits, she turns away. But it happens sometimes that, if we put our hand in hers with the humble trust of a little child, she will have pity on us, and not fail us in our hour of need.” – P.G. Wodehouse

4. “True luck consists not in holding the best of the cards at the table. Luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home.” – John Hay

5. “Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.” – Hunter S. Thompson

6. “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” – Cormac McCarthy

7. “Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast. In the stream where you least expect it, there will be a fish.“ – Ovid

8. “I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” – Brian Tracy

9. “Luck is the savior for the few but a demon for the masses.” – Michael Titorenko

10. “The universe works in crazy ways. Your good luck will come in waves, and so does your bad, so you have to take the good with the bad and press forward.” – Nick Cummins

11. “We are all a great deal luckier than we realize, we usually get what we want, or near enough.” – Roald Dahl

12. “When it comes to luck, you make your own.” – Bruce Springsteen

13. “Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.“ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

14. “There are rules to luck, not everything is chance for the wise. Luck can be helped by skill.” – Balthasar Gracian

15. “Life is full of luck, like getting dealt a good hand, or simply by being in the right place at the right time. Some people get luck handed to them, a second chance, a save. It can happen heroically, or by a simple coincidence, but there are those who don’t get luck on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.” – Jessica Sorensen

Famous Quotes About Luck

16. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama XIV

17. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” – Ray Kroc

18. “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

19. “A great man’s greatest good luck is to die at the right time.” – Eric Hoffer

20. “Luck can only get you so far.” – J.K. Rowling

21. “Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.“ – John Dewey

22. “People always call it luck when you’ve acted more sensibly than they have.” – Anne Tyler

23. “It’s hard to detect good luck—it looks so much like something you’ve earned.“ – Frank A. Clark

24. “Good luck is the willing handmaid of an upright and energetic character and conscientious observance of duty.” – James Russell Lowell

25. “Luck is what you have leftover after you give 100%.” – Langston Coleman

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Luck Quotes to Understand the Value of Hard Work

26. “Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else—hard work, and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.” – Lucille Ball

27. “Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.” – Ed Bradley

28. “Luck is great, but most of life is hard work.” – Iain Duncan Smith

29. “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

30. “I have had lots of luck in my career but there has also been a lot of hard work.” – Maria Sharapova

31. “Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means work hard. Keep up the good work.” – Kevin Eubanks

32. “Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.” – E. B. White

33. “The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.” – Harry Golden

34. “When you get as lucky as I got, you have to work as hard as possible to earn that luck.” – Daniel Radcliffe

35. “The better your attitude and the harder you work, the luckier you get.” – Robert G. Allen

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Motivational Luck Quotes That’ll Convince You to Prepare for the Future

36. “Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.” – Eliyahu Goldratt

37. “You don’t get lucky while sitting on the sofa with arms crossed doing nothing. You can be lucky only when you are prepared.” – Nesta Jojoe Erskine

38. “I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.” – Jack Canfield

39. “There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe.” – Robert A. Heinlein

40. “Chance favors the prepared mind.“ – Louis Pasteur

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Luck Quotes for Those Who Only Depend on Chances

41. “The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.” – Barbara Sher

42. “Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don’t depend on it.“ – Anonymous

43. “Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it.” – Brandon Mull

44. “Being deeply learned and skilled, being well-trained and using well-spoken words—this is good luck.” – Buddha

45. “The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.“ – Wilson Mizner

46. “Luck never made a man wise.” – Seneca

47. “The world is like a reverse casino. In a casino, if you gamble long enough, you’re certainly going to lose. But in the real world, where the only thing you’re gambling is, say, your time or your embarrassment, then the more stuff you do, the more you give luck a chance to find you.” – Scott Adams

Other Luck Quotes That Will Encourage You to Be Brave

48. “Luck always favors the brave. And you must remember that brave are the people who follow their hearts—brave are the people who take chances in life. Which also means you have to say no sometimes. I believe the power of no is greater than yes.” – Preity Zinta

49. “To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his left and right hand. He uses both.” – St. Catherine of Siena

50. “If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – Bette Davis

Did These Quotes Inspire You to Use Luck to Your Advantage?

It is easy to blame luck, or the lack thereof, for the bad things happening to us. But, the real question is if we’re doing something to turn our lives around.

Having good luck is undoubtedly helpful for us to achieve incredible feats. Even so, we know that it’s not all there is to it. We have to keep in mind that our real fortune is in our hands.

Like what we’ve learned from the luck quotes above, we can always choose to work hard to reach our goals and not depend solely on luck. We should be prepared for the challenges that life throws at us. And, finally, we must be courageous enough to break free from our misfortunes.

With all that said, we hope that our favorite luck quotes were able to reassure you that you will do well, no matter what happens. Of course, that is as long as you actively choose to make your life better. May you always be grateful for your good luck and learn from your bad luck!

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