30 Peppa Pig Quotes Filled With Fun, Sass, and Adventure

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Peppa Pig quotes so you can get a sense of her personality as a child, daughter, sister, and friend!

Peppa Pig is a British animated TV series created by Astley Baker Davies. It’s about Peppa, a little piggy who enjoys jumping in muddy puddles.

Together with her brother and parents, they explore the world around Peppa and learn something new every day.

Indeed, the show is watched worldwide and brings joy to young children. It provides educational topics such as counting numbers, singing the ABCs, and playing with friends that are very beneficial to children!

Although they’re intended to teach your children valuable life lessons, these Peppa Pig quotes are a master class in sass and humor.

So, make a list of the quotes that will make you laugh!

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Best Peppa Pig Quotes

1. “If you are jumping up and down in muddy puddles you must wear rain boots.” – Peppa

2. “Everything is on a hill around here. My house is on a hill, the supermarket is on a hill, Rebecca Rabbit lives inside a hill, it’s all hills, hills, hills!” – Peppa

3. “I’m sorry I said you cheated. Even though you did cheat.” – Peppa

4. “It’s hard to choose one talent; I am good at lots of things!” – Peppa

5. “If I were a fairy princess, I would live in a treehouse.” – Peppa

Memorable Peppa Pig Quotes That Show How Sassy She Can Be

6. Peppa: “What’s an attic?”

Grandpa Pig: “It’s where we keep all our old things.”

Peppa: “Like you, Grandpa?”

7. “Ooh, look at me, I’m Suzie Sheep, and you say this, ‘Micky, macky, boo, baa, boo.’” – Peppa

8. “You cheated! You look at the cards!” – Peppa

9. Peppa: “Blah, blah, blah. That’s how Daddies talk.”

Aunty Pig: “Alexander likes it when you talk, Peppa.”

Peppa: “That’s because I’m very interesting.”

10. Daddy Pig: “Wow, what a lot of candles!”

Peppa: “That’s because you’re very, very old, Daddy.”

11. “Suzy, you’re always telling people what to do!” – Peppa

12. Peppa: “I think I will win. I can run very fast.”

Suzy Sheep: “I’m faster than you!”

Peppa: “I would have won if you hadn’t been talking to me, Suzy!” 

13. Daddy Pig: “It’s not funny!”

Peppa: “It looks very funny, Daddy!”

14. Daddy Pig: “You only have to choose one toy.”

Mommy Pig: “Yes, and it will help pay for a new school roof.”

Peppa: “Okay, I’m going to give Mr. Dinosaur.”

15. Daddy Pig: “Don’t worry George, I’ll slide with you.”

Peppa: “But Daddy, you’re too big to go down the slide.”

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Funny Peppa Pig Quotes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

16. “Daddy, where’s your big tummy gone?” – Peppa

17. Teacher: “Each child needs to pick a parent to race with.”

Daddy Pig: “Peppa! Pick me! Pick me!”

Peppa: “But Daddy, you’re not very good at running.”

18. Teacher: “George has drawn a wonderful tomato. Peppa, what vegetable have you drawn?”

Peppa: “My Daddy, watching television!”

19. Daddy Pig: “You can watch me dive!”

Peppa: “Silly Daddy, your tummy’s too big!”

20. Peppa: “Mommy, now you’ve made the car all muddy again.”

Daddy Pig: “Haha, naughty Mommy.”

Peppa: “Naughty, messy Mommy.”

21. “I’m the best at jumping but Peppa is the best at jumping up and down in muddy puddles!” – Kylie Kangaroo

22. Mommy Pig: “Have room for any more visitors?”

Peppa: “Hmm, you have to say the secret words.”

Mommy Pig: “What are the secret words?”

Peppa: “The secret words are, ‘Daddy’s big tummy.’”

More Peppa Pig Quotes for Children Who Love This Show

23. “Well, I’m a fairy princess, and I can turn you into a frog!” – Peppa

24. “Ice cream! The best ice cream in the world!” – Peppa

25. “George, there are two kinds of balloons in this world: the ‘up’ balloon and the ‘down’ balloon. That is an ‘up’ balloon. If you let it go, it will go up, up, up, all the way to the moon.” – Peppa

26. “George, you’ve done it all wrong!” – Peppa

27. Daddy Pig: “It’s just a tiny crack. The picture will hide it.”

Peppa: “I can still see the crack, Daddy.”

28. Daddy Pig: “What have you got?”

Peppa: “A box with pots on it. No Daddy, it has to be good.”

29. “First, you have to twitch your nose and squeak like this. Squeak! Squeak!” – Rebecca Rabbit

30. Freddy Fox: “Mr. Pig, how do you always win?”

Daddy Pig: “A lot of hard training, and I follow a few simple rules.”

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Do You Wish You Could Have a Friend Like Peppa?

Peppa is a child who enjoys the small things in life. You can see the wonder in her eyes as she thinks about what she wants to try and discover. But, as children, we all know that they have different characteristics that can be both good and bad.

She has a lot of things to say to her mom and dad, which could be funny but borderline mean at times. However, her parents shake it off and try their best to understand and correct her behavior somehow. As a sister, she irritated her brother, George, but later cared for and loved him just as normal siblings do.

Whether children or adults, this show can teach us important life lessons. For one, it highlights the importance of genuine happiness in the little things in life. After all, life is too short not to have fun, right?

Another is to appreciate diversity and develop empathy for others, despite being strangers or friends with entirely different personalities and points of view. Peppa Pig reminds us that we must lend a helping hand regardless of differences!

Hopefully, this collection was able to make you smile and realize the joys of life. Don’t forget to share it with others so they can be as happy and carefree as Peppa!

Which quotes are your favorites? Please, leave a comment down below.

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