35 Pinky and the Brain Quotes on Taking Over the World

Revisit your favorite scenes from the series through this collection of Pinky and the Brain quotes!

Pinky and the Brain is an iconic animated television series based on two popular characters from Animaniacs. There was so much love for the two title characters that producers later decided to create a show just for them.

Brain couldn’t be more different from Pinky. Pinky is primarily good-natured, feeble-minded, and empathetic; conversely, Brain is a schemer who’s smart, manipulative, and very selfish.

Throughout the series, Brain only had one goal: to take over the world. Even though he has a lot of negative traits about him, he doesn’t want to conquer the world for the sake of being a dictator.

Brain was confident that he could do a much better job ruling the world than others. His goal and his and Pinky’s unique friendship make up for a hilarious plot we can all enjoy!

If you loved this series, check out all the Pinky and the Brain quotes we’ve gathered. We’re positive you’ll find all your favorites below.

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Best Pinky and the Brain Quotes

1. “Rise and shine, people of Earth. I am your new sun.” – Brain

2. Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?”

Brain: “The same thing we do every night: try to take over the world!”

3. “Go, Brain! Go find your smile!” – Pinky

4. “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” – Brain

5. “The irony of it all, Pinky. Years of trying to take over the world, and all I had to do was say, ‘Moo.’” – Brain

6. “There’s only one ride that interests me—the incredible thrill ride of taking over the world!” – Brain

7. Brain: “We’re going to a place where the sun never sets, the size of your wallet matters, and actors and actresses slave all day.”

Pinky: “We’re going to Denny’s?”

8. Brain: “It proved that radio was a powerful tool. And now, Pinky, the advance of technology has brought us an even more powerful tool. Do you know what that is?”

Pinky: “Um, the rubber band?”

Brain: “The workings of your mind are a mystery to me, Pinky.”

9. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “Woof, oh, I’d have to say the odds of that are terribly slim, Brain.”

Brain: “True.”

Pinky: “I mean, really, when have I ever been pondering what you’ve been pondering?”

Brain: “To my knowledge, never.”

Pinky: “Exactly. So, what are the chances that this time, I’m pondering what you’re pondering?”

Brain: “Next to nil.”

Pinky: “Well, that’s exactly what I’m thinking, too.”

Brain: “Therefore, you are pondering what I’m pondering.”

Pinky: “Poit, I guess I am.”

Pinky and the Brain Quotes to Ponder On

10. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “Don’t worry, Brain. Two simple words that will make it all better. Hakuna Matata.”

11. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “Wuh, I think so, Brain, but if we didn’t have ears, we’d look like weasels.”

12. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “Well, I think so, Brain, but I can’t memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.”

13. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp.”

14. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “Uh, I think so, Brain, but balancing a family and a career—oh, it’s all too much for me.”

15. Brain: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Pinky: “I think so, but where will we find an open tattoo parlor at this time of night?”

Iconic Quotes From Pinky and the Brain

16. “This is the Earth. And this is Pinky. You can tell the difference quite easily. One is a lump of inert matter hurtling blindly through the void. The other is the Earth.” – Brain

17. “Your associative powers belie your small cranium, my friend.” – Brain

18. “There are some days where I think I’d be better off with a pliant corn dog as my sidekick.” – Brain

19. “Pinky, once I take over the world, remind me to publicly snub you.” – Brain

20. “Sometimes you make my head hurt, Pinky.” – Brain

Pinky and the Brain Quotes and Catchphrases You Won’t Get Enough Of

21. “Come on, Pinky, be a man! Like Eleanor Roosevelt!” – Brain

22. “If I could reach you, I would hurt you!” – Brain

23. “Because with me in charge, it will be a better place.” – Brain

24. “We’ll reach Mars before I yell ‘Poit,’ Pinky.” – Brain

25. “I feel the need. I feel the need for expeditious velocity.” – Brain

Funny Pinky and the Brain Quotes to Make You Giggle

26. Pinky: “Hmmm. Let me think—.”

Brain: “Don’t hurt yourself, Pinky.”

27. “I derive my greatest pleasure from making Brain squirt milk out of his nose!” – Pinky

28. “I wish you were as smart as a tree stump, Pinky.” – Brain

29. “If we attached a tube to the vacuum that is your head, we could clean the whole city.” – Brain

30. “Stop it, Pinky! Stop it! Your influence is corrupting my prototype!” – Brain

Pinky and the Brain Quotes for All Its Fans

31. Pinky: “Yes, um, what is the password?”

Brain: “I can’t tell you. If you were to be captured, you might give it away.”

Pinky: “What, me? Never, no, Narf, never.”

Brain: “And if you were tortured?”

Pinky: “Oh, well, that’s different then, isn’t it?”

32. “Come, Pinky-o. We must catch the space shuttle back to our home planet of Acme and prepare for the next millennium.” – Brain

33. “Oh, don’t be silly, Brain. It would take all the fun out of life; I derive my greatest pleasure from making you squirm.” – Snowball

34. “As you know, people in today’s body-conscious society are obsessed with losing weight. My plan is to secretly replace all the artificial sweeteners in the world with real ones; thus rendering the world’s population fat, slow-moving, and completely toothless.” – Brain

35. Pinky: “What’s free-market capitalism?”

Brain: “Erm, cheating, lying, and backstabbing intrigue.”

Are You More Like Brain or Pinky?

Pinky and the Brain is a series with many contrasting ideas surrounding it. On the one hand, it talks about conquering the world, but on the other, it also zooms in on the one-of-a-kind friendship the title characters have.

Yes, it’s a comedy, and there are a lot of hilarious scenes. However, Pinky and the Brain still holds many messages about friendship, acceptance, and success. 

For one, we’ve all heard of the saying that birds of the same feather flock together. While this could apply to many aspects of life, we can see that it is not so for Pinky and Brain’s friendship.

They couldn’t be any more opposites. Even so, they accept each other for who they are and make up for each other’s flaws; that’s what true friendship is about!

Pinky and the Brain also teaches us about the perseverance we need to succeed. Throughout the series, Brain’s only goal is to take over the world; he never does, but that doesn’t mean he gives up and never tries again.

So, while Pinky and the Brain is undoubtedly a comedy, don’t forget that it also comes with meaningful lessons to learn from. Make sure you read this collection again whenever you need inspiration!

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