40 Pootie Tang Quotes on Wit & Doing the Right Thing

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Pootie Tang is one of the best comedies ever shown in America that will make you laugh out loud.

The character’s speech may be incomprehensible to the audience, but the other characters in the film completely understand him.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us as we learn about his life’s epic and hilarious journey!

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Best Pootie Tang Quotes

1. “You think that just ‘cause a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the corner next to some wh*r*s, that she’s hookin’?” – Biggie Shorty

2. “Dirty Dee, you’re a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!” – Pootie Tang

3. “Baby, I’m going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!” – Pootie Tang

4. “See, my damie, Pootie Tang don’t wa-da-tah to the shama cow, ’cause that’s a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?” – Pootie Tang

5. “I got to say na nay no.” – Pootie Tang

6. “Sepatown.” – Pootie Tang

7. “Kapa-Chow.” – Pootie Tang

8. “You can’t hurt a ho with a belt—they like that shit.” – Trucky

9. “Pootie Tang! I come to call you out, maggoty eatin’ bitch!” – Dirty Dee

10. “Pootie Tang will draw you a picture of how he gonna kick your *ss, then mail it to you 10 days in advance. The picture gets there right? You’re goin’, ‘What the hell is this?’ And then Pootie Tang knocks on your door, promptly kicks your *ss and you still won’t know what happened to you!” – J.B.

11. “He was rejuvenated. You hear that? Rejuvenated. He was rejuvenated before, lost it, and got rejuvenated again. Rejuvenated!” – Trucky

12. “It’s not even race; it’s a certain type of person that gets Pootie Tang.” – J.B.

13. “Yeah, hehehehe Cappatown my *ss!” – Pootie Tang

14. “Ain’t come one, but many tine tanies!” – Pootie Tang

15. “Sa da tay!” – Pootie Tang

Hilarious Pootie Tang Quotes That Will Make You Feel Silly

16. “Dirty Dee is still dirty—because he’s Dirty Dee dammit!” – Trucky

17. “You know, I’d like to also add that Pootie Tang can kick some *ss too, boy.” – Lacey

18. “Cole me on the panny sty.” – Pootie Tang

19. “Yeah! Hahahaha! Sepatown my *ss!” – Pootie Tang

20. “Don’t you talk dirty to your momma, boy! ” – J.B.

21. “And you know what else, it’s hard to get in too.” – Lacey

22. “Aw. Mommadee, there’s a sine tibbity in a taxy. She’s a cole tony.” – Young Pottie

23. “Ohhhh, cole me down on the panny sty! All right!” – Bob Costas

24. “Pootie, do you have any girlfriends at school?” – Pottie’s Mother

25. “Got that right. He is a kick-*ss artiste, know what I’m sayin’? He like the da Vinci of *ss-kickin’. What’s that gonna be, right? Pootie Tang—the da Vinci of *ss-kickin’!” – Trucky

26. “Aw, man, Pootie Tang whoop your *ss so bad that you could write it off on your taxes, that’s right. You got right here. *ss-whoopin’ number one, *ss-whoopin’ number two, this right here, you can’t write that off. That’s just gettin’ beat up.” – J.B.

27. “What the hell are you talking about?” – Bob Costas

28. “It was incredible. Only the third time a man had been mauled by a gorilla at that steel mill, that month!” – Trucky

29. “I hate you.” – J.B.

30. “Yo Man, a Biggie Shorty party is exclusive, man. They don’t let nobody in a Biggie Shorty party. They got a line around the block, ain’t nobody in man. You know what, nobody we know can get in this party, man. They don’t let no light in, they don’t let no electricity in, they don’t let no water in, they don’t let no air in! Air’s right now going, ‘Hey, man. I’m Air. I’m on the list, let me in.’ And they won’t let air in, and you know air gets in everywhere. That’s how exclusive a Biggie Shorty Party is.” – J.B.

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Unique Pootie Tang Quotes to Highlight the Uniqueness of His Vocabulary

31. “Roun on the crowny town.” – Pootie Tang

32. “Well, Bob, I’m a pone tony.” – Pootie Tang

33. “What’s the Dabble Dee?” – Pootie Tang

34. “Leepa tine on my clemmon dees. Penna tine on my damie kays; I’mma crighty pooster, I’mma crighty pooster!” – Pootie Tang

35. “Don’t bane the dillies!” – Pootie Tang

More Pootie Tang Quotes

36. “We didn’t always know what he was saying, but we always knew what he meant.” – Trucky

37. “As long as you’ve got right on your side, you could whoop anyone’s *ss with just that belt.” – Trucky

38. “Let me break it down to you like this—Pootie Tang is, was, and always will be too cool for words.” – Trucky

39. “As he grew, everyone noticed something funny about the way Pootie would talk. It baffled everyone—doctors, scientists.” – Trucky

40. “I know you loves the ladies, and Lord knows the ladies loves you. Don’t let the ladies come between you and the belt.” – Trucky

What Are Your Thoughts About Pootie Tang’s Sense of Humor?

Louis C.K. wrote and directed the 2001 comedy film, Pootie Tang. It was adapted from a comedy sketch originally broadcasted on The Chris Rock Show. 

Pootie Tang’s loving mother and strict father raised him always to do the right thing and treat women with tremendous respect. He is a man of cool words and a one-of-a-kind fashion sense.

His life was defined by the deaths of his mother and father. Pootie Tang rose to fame as a young adult and became well-known for a variety of reasons. He performed in nightclubs, appeared in children’s public service announcements, created top-of-the-charts music hits, and defeated wrongdoers with the power of his belt.

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