35 Regular Show Quotes That’ll Make You Laugh All Day

These Regular Show quotes will bring out the comedy enthusiast in you.

Regular Show is an animated American comedy sitcom focusing on the lives of two friends, Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai is a blue jay, while Rigby is a raccoon.

These 23-year-old friends work as groundkeepers at a local park under their boss, Benson, a gumball machine. However, much to his dismay, the two friends are the laziest employees ever, and they do just about anything to escape work!

This leads to some pretty hilarious but relatable scenes we’re sure you’ll enjoy. So, if you’re curious about their dynamics and what the show’s all about, check out this complete list of the best Regular Show quotes!

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Best Regular Show Quotes

1. “Don’t be silly! Some of the greatest adventures can be had on the dance floor.” – Desdemona

2. “Dude, you can’t run from the future!” – Mordecai

3. “You can’t touch music, but music can touch you.” – Mordecai

4. “No second chances.” – Ziggy

5. “You might be me, but you’re not the me I wanna be.” – Mordecai

6. “Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is dumb.” – Doom Ma Geddon

7. “Everyone only hangs out with you because you’re our boss.” – Mordecai

Iconic Regular Show Quotes

8. “Aw, how do you watch that? It’s like barfing rainbows in my eyes!” – Rigby

9. “Feeling weak? Looking pathetic? If you’re watching television, you probably are.” – Russian Video Host

10. “And Pops, what’s with the easy breezy? Speed it up a little; my pepperonis are roasting down here.” – Rigby

11. “Yeah, losers. It takes more than expired soda to have a party. It takes guests with breasts. And mine don’t count.” – Muscle Man

12. “What is this place, this magical field? It’s wide, and it’s open; nothing’s concealed. It’s scenic and peaceful for us to enjoy, why this is the park, good show old boy. A place of great beauty for plenty to use, it inspires us all to go spread the news to man, woman, child, or begging cowboy. This is the park, good show, old boy. The key to this place puts a smile on your face. It is the people that it does employ, why this is the park, good show old boy.” – Pops Maellard

Regular Show Quotes That Are Out-Of-This-World Funny

13. Mordecai: “We only have one chance at not getting fired.”

Rigby: “Okay. I’ll go get the shovel.”

14. Mordecai: “Why do you want to go so bad?”

Rigby: “Going to this concert could be the biggest moment of my life.”

Mordecai: “Wow, sounds like your life sucks.”

Rigby: “Shut up!”

15. Mordecai: “I knew you cheated, dude. I was just waiting for you to come clean to teach you a lesson.”

Rigby: “Oh, so these blondes are all just wearing wigs to teach me a lesson, too?”

Mordecai: “Uh, no. They’re actually an evil secret club. We should probably run for our lives now.”

16. Mordecai: “Dude, Benson would’ve snapped his crank if we’d just upped and left work. You gotta be responsible sometimes.”

Rigby: “And that’s why we don’t have tickets for wrestling because all you can think about is Benson’s crank.”

17. Mordecai: “Stop playing for a second! When I went upstairs, Pops was getting out of the shower.”

Rigby: “Yeah, so?”

Mordecai: “And he didn’t have a towel.”

Rigby: “Ew!”

Mordecai: “I tried not to look and just give him the magazine, but I saw his—.”

Rigby: “His junk mail? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Mordecai: “No, dude, I’m mentally scarred. It’s like the image is glued to the inside of my eyelids. Every saggy, wrinkled, shriveled, pasty—.”

Rigby: “Whoa, whoa! Don’t put it in my head!”

18. “If you morons are lying to me, you’ll be on dish duty for the next month!” – Benson Dunwoody

19. Mordecai: “Dude, you’ve gotta stop pulling stuff out of the trash. It’s unnatural!”

Rigby: “You’re unnatural!”

Regular Show Quotes and Captions for Instagram

20. “Good show! Jolly good show!” – Pops Maellard

21. “Good call is what I’m all about.” – Rigby

22. “Mustache cash-stash.” – Mordecai

23. “Do you want Skips to die on his birthday?” – Mordecai

24. “Let the merry-making commence!” – Pops Maellard

Regular Show Quotes About Life and Work

25. “Rigby, one day you’ll be old enough to understand the real reason that people go to concerts!” – Mordecai

26. “Well, yeah, but now there’s a big hole in the wall! Dude, we’re 23 years old. We shouldn’t be busting holes in walls. We’re gonna get fired for this!” – Mordecai

27. “Dude, seriously, though? My eyes won’t stay open anymore, and I think we’re almost out of coffee.” – Rigby

28. “What? Don’t call me not pure of heart! What about you, with your crappy mullet? You’re the one who’s not pure of heart!” – Rigby

29. “You’ve wasted my valuable time, your valuable time, and you really wasted the time of that guy you killed. He’s dead!” – Father Time

30. “Look, you’re bummed out about getting demoted, but if you give it a chance, you’ll see it’s not that bad.” – Mordecai

31. “It’s not slacking; we’re just taking a break. And besides, it’s not like you’re working that hard anyway.” – Mordecai

Regular Show Quotes for Fans

32. “Mordecai! Do you remember seeing Pops naked? Pops naked? Nude? In the buff? Naked Pops, naked Pops, naked Pops!” – Rigby

33. “Hamboning will save your life someday! You’ll be all like, ‘What? You tryin’ to mug me?’” – Rigby

34. “Benson’s gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs. He’s gonna be all like, ‘Oh no, my gumballs!’” – Rigby

35. Mordecai: “Don’t touch that cake.”

Rigby: “It’s a medical emergency!”

Mordecai: “You just ate a sandwich.”

Rigby: “Are you a doctor now? Did you go to medical school in the last five seconds?”

What Did You Learn From Mordecai and Rigby?

Regular Show is known for its funny and wacky scenes. However, let’s not look at it at face value and remember that it has some wonderful lessons embedded in it, too.

If there are two things we can take away from the show, they are that friendship is essential in life and that you can’t take everything in life too seriously. These two key messages are what make this sitcom extra special.

Friendship is one of its main anchors, and we can see it clearly through Mordecai and Rigby’s interactions and dynamics. They support each other, and they shine by making full use of their strengths and weaknesses.

As a comedy, Regular Show also highlights how important it is to not be too serious in life. If we fail to do that, we’ll take every failure or heartbreak to heart, hindering us from trying again until we reach what we dream of.

With that, we hope you were able to learn a thing or two from this list of Regular Show quotes. Make sure you keep this collection in your bookmarks so you can quickly get back to it when you need a daily dose of comedy!

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